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by Agnost
Wed Feb 18, 2004 3:05 pm
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Topic: Fiath vs. Lack of faith
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Faith? You need faith when you are discomforted at this time to hold on to another time when it will be comfortable.
Faith comes forth out of not being happy.
Change your believe so that u are always happy, then u need no faith.

Bye the way believing u dont believe is also a believe........
by Agnost
Wed Feb 18, 2004 2:38 pm
Forum: Open Discussion
Topic: Is there non-relative knowledge?
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Is there non-relative knowledge?

Knowledge depends on other knowledge and so on. Where does it end? How come if all objects we percieve goes through the subject, that when there are a lot of subjects(all with relative knowledge) they make something objective(non-relative)? The only knowledge which is non-debateble is: I AM, every m...
by Agnost
Tue Feb 17, 2004 1:40 pm
Forum: Open Discussion
Topic: Is infinity equal to zero?
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INFINITY: No beginning, no end.
No outside, no inside. implies No shape

Zero: No beginning, no endblabla bla

sounds the same to me, both not manifested.

More than one infinity, this is a mathimatical illusion,
if there are more then they are not infinite.