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by J.E. Sawyer
Wed Apr 28, 2004 3:47 pm
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Topic: Deathclaw model from BIS
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Those models were all made for the original Fallout. Interplay has not used physical models for years.
by J.E. Sawyer
Sun Apr 25, 2004 7:42 am
Forum: Open Discussion
Topic: Mod split: ex BISers bond
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If it makes you happier, his (caen) personal assistant left. It sure made me happy. Some of the designers used to wonder why I held meetings in the corner of Interplay's executive row. There were three reasons: 1) It had direct sunlight coming through the windows and between the blinds, so sometime...
by J.E. Sawyer
Tue Apr 20, 2004 3:16 pm
Forum: Open Discussion
Topic: Fond Memories at BIS/Interplay Boards
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I've never thought that I've accomplished anything of merit at Black Isle. I don't think I've given the impression otherwise in the past. Icewind Dale, HoW, and IWD2 are average games, at best. I believe strongly in the things I push for. If I didn't, there would be little to no reason to argue for ...