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Cambodian Cinderella

Post by Fluffy17 » Thu Mar 03, 2005 3:25 am

Cambodian Cinderella: Stepmother knows worst

“Die you pompous annoying muffin snob!” Ursula yelled pulling at Isadora’s orange locks.

“You first you stupid overemotional underachieving twit!” Isadora shouted slicing Ursula’s Tie-dye shirt. They rolled off the side of a cliff and then landed in a ditch.

“Look let’s just stop this fight, I don’t want to get dirty plus Liz and Prissy might be in trouble.” Ursula asked. Isadora looked at her soiled hair and agreed. She then sheathed Trinity Edge, and then in frustration she kicked a rock… or what looked like one. Isadora then picked it up and saw it was a human skull.

“Ewwwwwwwwww!” Ursula shouted. “Let’s get out of here!” Ursula then jumped out of the ditch she suddenly saw in the distance and between the many trees men in red shirts and a flag that resembled the swastika. Her blood turned to ice as she was frozen in shock and fear. She then turned to her left and saw a woman she would never forget the face of: Lin Yao Shang the half-Cambodian half-Chinese daughter of a Khmer Rouge officer and a Chinese prostitute on January 1, 1975. She stood 5'7" with an athletic yet well proportioned, build. Her eyes are dark brown, while her long hair is a dark reddish-black. Proud of her figure, Lin Yao likes to show it off, and tends to dress provocatively, with a tendency for clothing that is low-cut, tight, transparent, and short that are red, white with gold trim and trailing sashes. In her hand was a fan with the Khmer Rouge symbol on it. Ursula fainted back into ditch… on top of Isadora. When she awakened she saw Isadora’s red sweater next to her and then moved her eyes to Isadora who was now wearing a sheer black bra-like halter-top and sweating as if she was in hell (which Ursula wanted her to be in very much so).

“I don’t believe it, my step mom is the member of the Khmer Rouge.” Isadora said frowning then sobbing mildly.

“Hey I thought you knew that.” Ursula pointed out. “In fact she’s actually the new leader.” Isadora’s eyes bugged out, then withdrew Trinity Edge from its scabbard.

“This is my fight, leave at one Ursula.” Isadora ordered. “She’s my evil stepmother and I will face her, you have no clue what that woman has put me through.”

“NO!” Ursula snapped. “I will kill her, for she is the one reason I’ve been training with So-Mei all my life… she killed my parents and I will kill her in retaliation.” Isadora hugged her compatriot.

“I know we haven’t gotten along in some time and the last time wasn’t so pleasant, but since we’re both driven to kill some 30 year old bitch let’s join forces.” Isadora proposed. Ursula shook her hand.

“Agreed.” She stated. “Now let’s go kick some Khmer Kiester!” Ursula shouted she then got out of the ditch and recklessly charged at Lin-Yao, Isadora followed however due to the noise Ursula made Lin-Yao saw them both.

“And who do I induce this dubious pleasure to?” She asked Ursula. “A child who admires me?”

“Rubbish!” Isadora snapped withdrawing Trinity Edge. “You know who I am.” Lin-Yao fanned herself.

“I wasn’t speaking to you daughter dearest.” She growled. “But your friend here.”

“I am Ursula Kauchin, and I am here to put you in your grave!” Ursula yelled as she rushed at Lin-Yao who artfully dodged her attack and then knocked her out.

“Pity, I now recall a whelp whose parents I slaughtered by that last name.” Lin-Yao purred. She then turned to her daughter.

“I’m nothing like her, I’ll be much harder.” Isadora growled. She circled around Lin-Yao trying to get behind her yet it just wasn’t possible.

“I’ve sliced through 88 swordsmen, what makes you think I’m not ready for anything you have up you sleeve daughter?” Lin-Yao asked.

“You will die now!” Isadora screeched as she rushed, Lin-Yao smirked, then threw her bladed fan into Isadora’s chest.

Khmer Rouge Headquarters

Ursula woke up and saw she was laying down, in a way a felon would be beheaded, she then looked to left and saw Isadora in the same position. “This is just a dream right?” She asked her friend.

“It’s no dream.” Isadora replied.

“So even when you rambled about Haagen Das, Denny’s and your Magic Knight Rayearth comics being stolen by Priscilla is real?” Ursula asked, Isadora began to twitch.

“THAT was a dream, and possibly a nightmare as well.” Isadora answered completely disturbed. Lin-Yao waltzed up to them.

“Any last words before I order you two beheaded?” She asked.

“Nope, just kill us.” Ursula said disturbingly casually.

“Fine.” Lin-Yao turned away and then the two prisoners closed their eyes, after a few seconds they opened them. They were alive… they began to move their arms that were bound, they were free. They looked up and saw their executioners’ faces, one was Ryujin and the other was a rotund old man with a very long white beard.

“Ryujin!” Isadora shouted as Ryujin handed her Trinity Edge.

“So-Mei!” Ursula screamed hugging her master.

“Let us teach these communists what for!” So-Mei said as he leapt down onto one of the soldiers snapping his neck. Ryujin joined the fray, somersaulting, spinning, bobbing and weaving bullets and slicing through many of the soldiers. Ursula and Isadora nodded and then joined in.

“I miss my coffee.” Ursula said.

“Well try to fight without it.” Isadora ordered as she stabbed a soldier through the chest. Ursula proved to be worthy of a fighting style as revered as the Caffeinated Secretary, although a form of kung fu it used the shins just like Muay Thai.

“We must flee!” So-Mei cried out as the four soon cut their way through the soldiers.


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