Shameless promotion for contest

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Shameless promotion for contest

Post by Gorth » Wed Feb 04, 2009 3:48 am

Normally, I don't advertise for "'that other place" that I hang out here, rather it's the other way around. This time, I'll make an exception though.

Obsidian is having a "fanfic" contest where the winner gets a t-shirt and his/her name in a future game release (with the associated "bragging rights" of being in a game).

If you feel like writing a small/short story (1000-2000 words) set in either the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Rebublic, Neverwinter Nights or a contemporary spy scenario (anything from Jason Bourne over Jack Bauer to James Bond), then check out how to enter in the stickies here:

For the less ambitious, there is also a "caption" contest, but you can "only" win a t-shirt there (being the lite version of a contest) ;)
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