HP Lovecraft and overrated writers

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Re: HP Lovecraft and overrated writers

Post by Fluffy17 » Sat Jun 22, 2013 4:35 am

choyrt wrote:I've enjoyed some of Lovecraft in the past. I've done so partly because of its place as the 'first' of its kind within horror and the genre
To be honest I don't follow that the "First is the best." Mantra, sometimes first is the worst.
, but I've also enjoyed it because I find Lovecraft's xenophobia and sexual malfunctions fascinating. They trickle into his work in such odd ways I find it compelling.
What about his overt racism? I found all three of them to be rather repugnant as I stated.
Besides, you've gotta give that atmosphere some mad props ... Innsmouth is an incredible place willed with the promise and whisperings of childhood nightmares made flesh.
I'll concede to that.
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