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Re: People, Romans and Fish! The new Survey is up!

Post by majestic » Tue Aug 06, 2013 1:01 pm

Joseph wrote:Sure, majestic, reply to a month old post from our resident troll. ;)
Oh what a turd, nonsense happened *again* and I fell for it. AGAIN.

I mean, something similar happend to me on a different phpBB. Sometimes it marks posts as new (or "unread" as the case may be) even though they are weeks old and I reply because, hey, who bothers to check the date when the board tells you the post is unread (thus new).

Stupid form software has been around for a decade now and still hasn't fixed all post tracking related bugs by now. *sigh*
Joseph wrote:On that subject though, the only people I know that use IE are... well, internet n00bs for lack of a better term or web developers and the latter only using for testing. Pretty much everyone else I know uses FF, Chrome, Opera, etc,. Very, very few people that I know use IE once they learn how simple it is to use other browsers.
I'm using IE9, which by the way has the same layout issue, as did FF in versions before 21 or so, right now. Granted, I'm at work now and at home I do use Firefox, but mostly out of habit. FF in particular has become an unstable and annoying resource hog, but it's the ONLY mainstream browser that doesn't use Microsoft's Cryptography API, which I really wouldn't trust... at all. Y'know. :look:
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