Hankellin's Revenge.... Character and Play discussion.

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Hankellin's Revenge.... Character and Play discussion.

Post by Hankellin » Mon Apr 26, 2004 7:13 am

Ok, As there seems to be a little interest in another game....

Here's the template for everybody's characters. Please PM me your Characters.

Use the Dice Roller Any numbers below 8 raise to 8
DaggerfordDice for your Stats.

If you do not wnat to use the below process, you can d/l PCGEN 5.60 Full PCGEN and use it to create your characters. Just limit yourselves to the races listed below.

Class/Race: (see the following section)
Level: (you'll all begin at level one)
Alignment: (your views on life. Choose from Law or Chaos and Good and Evil. A character can be neutral and not favor either side for both choices, making 9 total alignments)
Appearance: (Give a physical description, as well as general style of clothing)
Spells Known: (fighters, barbarians, monks, rogues, and low-level paladins or rangers do not have any and can leave this blank)
Inventory: (pick a normal, non-magical weapon and normal non-magical armor of no greater value than 50 gp apiece, keep the rest of the cash if not used. Also, everyone will start with an extra 100 gp in addition to the other stuff)


Strength: Determines attack accuracy and power
Dexterity: Natural grace and fluidity of motion
Constitution: Fortitude and HP
Intelligence: Gives more skill points. Also makes wizard spells more potent.
Wisdom: Willpower and natural senses. Makes divine spells more powerful
Charisma: A person's charm and personality, as well as good looks. Useful for most of paladin/bard abilities, and makes spells better for sorcerers and bards.

Use the Dice Roller Any numbers below 8 raise to 8

or the point buy below:

To determine you stat, begin everything at 8 with 30 extra. Allocate them however you wish (you can subtract from 8 if you wish.I do not reccomend it.). It takes 2 points instead of 1 to increase beyond fourteen, and it would take 3 for every increase after that (making a stat of 18 cost 16 points). This allows for jack-of-all-trades, or specialized in one area. REMEMBER, this is before you add in your racial stat bonuses. It would take a half-orc the same number of points to get 16 strength as if would a human to get 14 as it would a halfling to get 12. Okay?


Human (start it with an extra 4 skill points, gains an extra skill point per level, favored class: Any)

Moon Elf (+2 Dex, -2 Con; has martial weapon proficiency: Long sword and Longbow regardless of class, immunity to magical sleep and +2 bonus to saves against Enchantment spells, heightened Spot and Listen check [+2], favored class: Wizard)

Shield Dwarf (+2 Con, -2 Cha; extra fortitude against poisons, can detect oddities in stonework better than normal, favored class: Fighter)

Lightfoot Halfling (+2 Dex, -2 Str; +1 to attack with thrown weapons, +1 AC and to hit for being small, but can only carry 3/4ths the weight of a normal-sized character of same str, +2 to hide and move silent, favored class: Rogue)

Rock Gnome (+2 Con, -2 Str; same small bonuses as Halfling, gains +1 DC to spells from Illusion school of magic, can use Ghost Sound, Minor Image, and Prestidigitation (sp?) once a day regardless of class, favored class: Illusion Specialist wizard)

Half-Elf (+1 bonus to spot and listen, Immune to magic sleep, +1 saves vs. enchantment, favored class: Any)

Half-Orc (+2 Str, -2 Cha and Int; sees in the dark, favored class: Barbarian)


Fighter: d10 HP, best attack bonus, has good Fort. saving throws, gains extra feats at 1st, 2nd, and every two levels thereafter. Key stats: STR and CON
Class skills: Climb, Craft, Handle Animal, Jump, Ride, and Swim
Class Abilities: At first level and every even level, a Fighter gains a bonus feat from the following list provided they meet the requirements-
Ambidexterity, Blind-Fight, Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack, Exotic Weapon Proficiency, Expertise, Improved Disarm, Improved Trip, Whirlwind Attack, Improved Critical, Improved Initiative, Improved Unarm Strike, Deflect Arrows, Stunning Fist, Mounted Combat, Mounted Archery, Trample, Ride-By Attack, Spirited Charge, Point Blank Shot, Far Shot, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot, Shot-on-the-Run, Power Attack, Cleave, Improved Bull Rush, Sunder, Great-Cleave, Quick draw, Two-Weapon Fighting, Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization, Daylight Adaptation, Discipline, Foe Hunter, Horse Nomad, Militia, Saddleback, and Thug

Ranger: d10 HP, best attack bonus, good fort saves, gains attack and damage bonuses to creature type of choice every 5 levels, can use two weapons well as long as in medium or lighter armor, gains access to small number of divine spells through worship to a deity (must worship a god). Key Stats: STR, DEX, and CON. WIS of 10 + spell level required to cast spells.
Class Skills: Animal Empathy, Climb, Concentration, Craft, Handle Animal, Heal, Hide, Intuit Direction, Jump, Knowledge (geography), Listen, Move Silently, Profession, Ride, Search, Spot, Swim, Use Rope, and Wilderness Lore
Class Abilities: Beginning at fourth level, they gain access to a small number of divine spells. A ranger gains Track as a bonus feat. They act as though they had the feats Ambidexterity and Two-Weapon fighting while in light or no armor. Rangers choose a favored enemy (1 at 1st, and another at 5th, 10th, 15th, etc. while increasing the # to the previous f.e.'s) and gain +1 to attack/damage, CHA checks vs. said creature, etc. etc. Types to choose from (and an example for each) are:
Aberrations (Beholders), Animals (Bear), Beasts (Owlbears), Constructs (Golems), Dragons (you need an example?!), Elementals (Xorn), Fey (Satyr), Giants (Ogres), Humanoids (you must choose a specific kind, like dwarf, goblinoid, lizard kin, etc.), Magical Beasts (Displacer Beast), Oozes (Gelatinous Cube), Outsider type (you must choose specific kind, like devil, slaadi, celestial, etc.), Plants (Myconid), Shapshifters (Doppelgangers, Werewolves), Undead (Vampire), Vermin (Giant Spider)

Paladin: d10 HP, best attack bonus, good fort saves, immune to fear and disease, adds CHA bonus to ALL saving throws, gains the ability to Smite Evil, gains a magical horse mount at 5th level, has access to small number of divine spells. Key Stats: STR, CHA, and CON. WIS of spell level + 10 required to cast spell. Must be Lawful Good.
Class Skills: Concentration, Craft, Diplomacy, Handle Animal, Heal, Knowledge (history), Profession, and Ride
Class Abilities: A paladin adds their charisma modifier to all saving throws, is immune to disease, can detect evil at will, and can heal HP equal to CHA Mod x Paladin Level.
2nd level: Paladins become immune to fear (allies within 10 ft gain same bonus), gain the ability to smite evil (adds CHA Mod and 1 point per level to attack roll and damage to an evil creature. Must state your using it beforehand).
3rd level: A Paladin can remove disease (can use as many times per week as 1/3rd your paladin level). Can Turn Undead as a cleric two levels lower than him/herself
4th Level: Gains access to spells much like a Ranger does.
5th Level: Gains a supernatural intelligent mount

Barbarian: d12 HP, best attack bonus, can launch into a rage granting +4 STR and CON for a few turns with a -2 to AC, moves a little faster than normal, gains high level abilities (I'll tell you what if you ever get there). Key Stats: STR, CON, and DEX.
Class Skills: Climb, Craft, Handle Animal, Intimidate, Intuit Direction, Jump, Listen, Ride, Swim, and Wilderness Lore
Class Abilities: Gaining a use at first and another use at every 4th level (4, 8, 12, etc.), a barbarian can launch into a rage, temporarily gaining +4 STR and CON and +2 to will saves, while incurring a -2 AC penalty. It lasts for 3 + newly improved CON modifier. They are winded once this is over (-2 Str and Dex, cannot charge or run). Barbarians move faster than average members of their race.
2nd Level: Uncanny Dodge (always retain Dex bonus to AC, even if caught off-guard)
5th Level: Uncanny Dodge (can't be flanked)
10th Level: Uncanny Dodge (+1 saves vs. traps. This increases at 13th, 16th, 19th, etc.)
11th Level: A barbarian learns to shrug off the first point of damage inflicted from every attack (Damage Reduction 1/-). This increases every 3 levels hereafter
15th Level: A barbarian rage now grants +6 STR and CON, and +3 to will saves
20th Level: No longer winded after using Rage

Wizard: d4 HP, poor attack bonus, only proficient with the most basic of weapons, good will saves, has access to Arcane Spells through the use of a spellbook. Key stats: INT, DEX, and CON. Needs INT = 10 + level of spell (EX: 13 for third level spells)
Class Skills: Alchemy, Concentration, Craft, Knowledge (all), Profession, Scry, Spellcraft
Class Abilities: Prepares arcane spells through the use of a spell book (basically allowing a greater repertoire than a sorcerer but cannot cast as many a day). Wizards gain the use of a familiar (you may choose to not take one) that grants certain bonuses. As a Bonus feat, wizards begin with Scribe Scroll. Every 5th level, a wizard gains a bonus feat from the following provided they meet the requirements:
Any Metamagic or Item Creation Feat, Spell Mastery, Spell Focus, Spell Penetration, Ethran, Greater Spell Focus, Greater Spell Penetration, Improved Counterspell, Improved Familiar, Innate Spell, Shadow Weave Magic, Signature Spell, and Tattoo Focus
A Wizard may choose to specialize in a school of magic, adding +1 to the DC of spells from that school but having to completely sacrifice the use of another school(s)' spells. You also may cast one more spell a day than normal (although at least one must be from your specialized school). To specialize in a specific school, choose from the specified opposed schools:
Abjuration (spells that protect, block, or banish): 1) either Conjuration, Enchantment, Evocation, Illusion, or Transmutation; 2) or you may choose both Divination and Necromancy
Conjuration (spells that summon): 1) Evocation or Transmutation; 2) any two of the following: Abjuration, Enchantment, Illusion; 3) Any Three schools
Divination (spells that reveal information): 1) Any single School
Enchantment (spells that imbue properties or grant power over another being): 1)either Abjuration, Conjuration, Evocation, Illusion, or Transmutation; or 2) both divination and necromancy
Evocation (spells that manipulate energy or create from nothing): 2) either Conjuration or Transmutation; 2) any two out of Abjuration, Enchantment, and Illusion; 3) Any three schools
Illusion (spells that alter perception or create false images): 1) either Conjuration, Enchantment, Evocation, Abjuration, or Transmutation; or 2) both divination and necromancy
Necromancy (spells that manipulate life forces): 1) Any single other school
Transmutation (spells that transform): 1)either Conjuration or Evocation; 2)any two out of Abjuration, Enchantment, and Illusion; or 3) any three schools

Sorcerer: d4 HP, poor attack bonus. Good will saves. Has Access to a limited number of spells per level, but can cast more spells per day than Wizard. Key Stats: CHA, Dex, and Con. Needs CHA of 10 + spell level to cast spells.
Class Skills: Alchemy, Concentration, Craft, Knowledge (arcana), Profession, Scry, Spellcraft
Class Abilities: They can cast many spells per day but are limited to a certain few and can never learn more through scrolls, etc. Like Wizards, they too can summon a familiar (you may choose to not take one).

Bard: d6, average attack bonus. Has access to limited number of spells as per Sorcerer, but cannot cast many, nor do they get as powerful. Has many rogue abilities, although not as good as rogue. Can choose to sing to grant bonuses to itself and allies, or can sing to hinder enemies. Key Stats: CHA, Dex, and Con. Needs CHA of 10 + level of spell to cast spells. Must have "Neutral" in alignment.
Class Skills: Alchemy, Appraise, Balance, Bluff, Climb, Concentration, Craft, Decipher Script, Diplomacy, Disguise, Escape Artist, Gather Information, Hide, Intuit Direction, Jump, Knowledge (all), Listen, Move Silently, Perform, Pick Pocket, Profession, Scry, Sense Motive, Speak Language, Spellcraft, Swim, Tumble, and Use Magic Device
Class Abilities: Bards cast spells similarly to Sorcerers, except they do not get as high spell levels as fast. They must be able to sing to cast their spells. Bardic Music: A bard can, once per day, use a song to produce magical effects on those around him/her (the effect lasts as long as the bard sings, up until 5 round after the bard stops singing or they can no longer hear him, making this able to last for long periods of time). The bard may fight, but cannot cast spells or activate magical items through magic words (wands, scrolls, etc.) while singing. You have more choices as your Perform skill increases:
Inspire Courage: With 3 or more ranks in Perform -- allies gain +2 bonus to saves against charm and fear and +1 bonus to attack and damage
Countersong: 3 ranks in perform -- Any creature within 30 feet must make a check versus the bard's Perform skill or have all magical effects that rely on sound be countered
Fascinate: 3 ranks in Perform -- as long as there is nothing serious to distract the target creature (such as battle), a creature is under the effects of fascination (-4 spot and listen). Obvious threats break the song and the bard must concentrate the whole song to maintain the effects.
Inspire Competence: 6 ranks in perform -- grants +2 competence bonus to a creature to a specific skill. This may last long enough for the creature to simply take a 20 on their roll check.
Suggestion: 9 perform ranks -- A bard can make suggestions to a creature under fascination. They must save vs. will (13 + your CHA mod)
Inspire Greatness: 12 ranks in Perform -- a targeted creature gains +2d10 + Con modifier temporary HP, +2 bonus to attacks and damage, and +1 to all saving throws
Bardic Knowledge: Bards pick up lots of stray information during their performances, so they tend to know local rumors or great stories from all local areas. (Use this skill to determine if you overhear rumors of a grand underground castle full of gold, etc.)
Bards are proficient with all simple weapons and one out of Long sword, short sword, longbow or short bow, Composite Long-or-short bow, rapier, sap, or whip.

Cleric: d8 HP, average attack bonus, good Will and Fort throws, has access to divine spells through prayer to a god (must worship a god, else cannot cast spells), can Turn/Rebuke Undead, has access to two Domains (more info on this once I get the enormous deities section up) Key Stats: WIS, STR, and CON. CHA helps with turning undead, as well. WIS of spell level + 10 required to cast spells. Must be within one step of deity’s alignment. (EX: To worship the NG deity Mystra, must be LG, NG, CG, or True N.)
Class Skills: Concentration, Craft, Diplomacy, Heal, Knowledge (arcana & history), Profession, Scry, Spellcraft
Class Abilities: Good and Neutral clerics can Turn undead (sending them away with holy power, or possibly outright destroying them) while evil clerics (and some select neutral ones) can control them. They gain access to two domains as dictated by the god of their choosing, granting certain special abilities and Domain spells (you always have 1 domains spell per spell level and it cannot be substituted for a normal one). Info on this will be in the miscellaneous section.

Druid: d8 HP, average attack bonus. Has access to divine spells as per cleric. Immunity to poisons at certain level (I'll look it up later). Gains the ability to shapeshift into animals at later levels. Key Stats: WIS, CON. Needs WIS of 10 + spell level to cast spells.
Class Skills: Animal Empathy, Concentration, Craft, Diplomacy, Handle Animal, Heal, Intuit Direction, Knowledge (geography), Profession, Scry, Spellcraft, Swim, Wilderness Lore
Class Abilities: A druid cannot cast spells of an alignment opposite of his/her own (Lawful Neutral cannot cast Chaos, Neutral Evil cannot cast good, etc.) All druids, and only druids, know a secret language. They gain an animal companion as though it were under the spell animal friendship. Your animal companion may change throughout the game or you can gain multiple ones. Their total HD (hit dice) cannot exceed twice your level, rounded up. This does not count against your HD total of animals that can be gained through the actual spell animal friendship.
2nd Level: Druids can travel through natural thorns, briars, etc without slowing down or suffering from any kind of impairment associated therein.
3rd Level: a druid no longer leaves any kind of trail (unless it wants to)
4th Level: Druids gain a +4 bonus to saving throws against spell-like abilities of Feys (dryads, nymphs, sprites, etc.)
5th Level: the Druid gains the spell-like ability Wild Self to polymorph self into a small or medium (but not a dire) animal and back again, once per day. They gain extra uses of this at 6th, 7th, 10th, and every 4 levels thereafter.
8th Level: Druids can now use Wild Self to become a large animal
9th Level: Druids gain immunity to all organic poisons
11th Level: Can now use Wild Self to become a tiny animal
12th Level: Can now use Wild Self to become a Dire animal
13th Level: a Druid gains the supernatural ability to change his/her appearance at will as per the spell alter self
15th Level: Can now use Wild Self to become a Huge animal. Also, the druid no longer suffers the effects of aging (although they will still die of old age when the time comes)
16th Level: Gains the ability to change into a small, medium, or Large Elemental, once per day. He/She can do this three times per day at 18th Level

Rogue: d6 HP, average attack bonus. Gains most skill points of any class. Has access to many abilities such as Pick Lock and Disarm Trap. If undetected, deals an extra +1d6 damage every other rogue level starting at first with +1d6. Key Stats: Dex, Con. INT is helpful for larger skill point selection.
Class Skills: Appraise, Balance, Bluff, Climb, Craft, Decipher Script, Diplomacy, Disable Device, Disguise, Escape Artist, Forgery, Gather Information, Hide, Innuendo, Intimidate, Intuit Direction, Jump, Listen, Move Silently, Open Lock, Perform, Pick Pocket, Profession, Read Lips, Search, Sense Motive, Spot, Swim, Tumble, Use Magic Device, and Use Rope.
Class Abilities: When an opponent is caught off-guard or flanked, a rogue deals more damage when they hit (Sneak Attack). This begins at +1d6 at first level and increases every two thereafter (+2d6 at third, +3d6 at 5th, on and on). Also, rogues are the only class that can disarm magical traps and are the only ones that can locate traps with DC 20+
2nd Level: Evasion -- If a rogue makes a save for something that would normally allow half-damage (saving vs. a fireball makes it do half damage, for example), the rogue takes no damage instead.
3rd Level: Uncanny Dodge -- Retain you Dex bonus to AC even if caught off guard.
6th Level: Uncanny Dodge -- Can't be Flanked
10th Level: Rogue Special Ability -- At tenth level and every 3 levels after that, Choose from the following special abilities:
Crippling Strike = When a rogue succeeds at sneak attack, that character takes a temporary 1 point of strength damage (this can stack, if you sneak attack someone twice)
Defensive Roll = Once per day, if an attack would reduce a rogue to 0 or lower HP in combat, the rogue can attempt to "roll" with the damage (reflex Throw vs. Damage Dealt). If successful, the rogue only takes half damage.
Improved Evasion = Just like Evasion gained a 2nd level, except you take half damage even on a failed save
Opportunist = a rogue can now make their attack of opportunity against someone just struck in melee combat. (This is another thing that is really fun to write!)
Skill Mastery = Select a # of skills equal to 3 + your INT modifier. A rogue may now "take ten" (I just give you a ten on the skill check instead of rolling to find the number) even in stressful situations.
Slippery Mind = If a rogue with this ability is affected by an enchantment and fails the saving throw, they have a chance to shrug off the effect with an additional throw next round (you may only get that one extra chance)
Extra Feat = a rogue can pick up any feat they meet the requirements for instead of taking a rogue-only special ability
11th Level: Uncanny Dodge -- +1 saves vs traps. This increases every 3 levels after that.

Monk: d8 HP, average attack bonus. Gets a favorable number of attacks a round while using fists or specific monk weapons, deals more damage with fists as you level up, gains a new ability basically every level (such as Stunning attack or Slow Fall, etc.) Best saves for all. gains an AC bonus of 1/5 their total monk level and gain their Wis modifier to AC. All their abilities are lost while wearing armor. Key Stats: Wis, Str, Dex
Class Skills: Balance, Climb, Concentration, Craft, Diplomacy, Escape Artist, Hide, Jump, Knowledge (arcana), Listen, Move Silently, Perform, Profession, Swim, and Tumble
Class Abilities: You deal actual damage with your fists, as well as being able to make a stunning attack, as well as being able to add an extra attack by making every attack slightly less accurate. They also begin with the Rogue ability Evasion. Medium characters deal the first amount, while short characters deal the second.
*Level 1-3 = 1d6/1d4, level 4-7 = 1d8/1d6, level 9-11 = 1d10/1d8, level 12-15 = 1d12/1d10, beyond = 1d20/2d6
Monks move more quickly than average members of their race. This increases as levels go on (A lvl 20 Monk moves slightly more than x2 as fast as normal)
2nd Level = automatically gain the Deflect Arrows feat
3rd Level = +2 bonus to saves vs enchantment
4th Level = a monk within arm's reach of a wall can slow his/her decent, taking the damage as if the fall were actually twenty less feet than it actually was. This increases with level until 18th, when the monk no longer takes falling damage while near a wall.
5th Level = immunity to all diseases except for magical disease, such as lycanthropy or mummy rot
6th Level = A monk automatically gains the Improved Trip feat, even if prerequisites aren't met
7th Level = you no longer need a running start to jump your maximum distance
9th Level = Improved Evasion, as the rogue ability
10th Level = Ki Strike -- A monk's fists now count as a +1 magical weapon. This increases every 3 levels after that.
11th Level = Immunity to poisons
12th Level = Once per day, a monk can magically slip between space (as the spell Dimension Door). Your effective casting level is 1/2 your monk level, rounded down.
13th Level = Spell Resistance equal to 10 + Monk Level. If a character is a race with natural spell resistance, just start counting your monk level into your SR
15th Level = once per week, strike an enemy that must save vs. fortitude or die
17th Level = A monk no longer suffers the ravages of age, although they will still die when their time is up. Also, they gain the ability to speak with any living creature.
19th Level = a monk can become ethereal for one round per level per day.
20th Level = For all accounts and purposes, a monk is now considered a native outsider. Spells such as Magic Circle vs. Law will hold them at bay, but they gain damage reduction 20/+1.
Monks are proficient with the exotic weapons kama, nunchaku, shuriken, and siangham.

Skills (you start with (* + INT mod) x 4 for first level:
*Fighters, paladins, clerics, sorcerers, and wizards get a 2 for *, barbarians, bards, druids, monks, and rangers get 4, and rogues get 8.)
It takes only one point to raise a class skill while it takes two to raise a cross-class skill by one point. See classes in the above post for class skill info. Also, some skills get a synergy bonus if another skill is trained high enough (Those will be listed below). You can only take up to 4 ranks in a skill at first level and only one more per level after (5 max at second, 6 max at third, etc.) This means your cross-class skills can only achieve half that (2 at first, 2.5 at second, 3 at third, etc.)

NOTE! If any of you do not want to take the time to figure out what you want exactly, give me a brief description of your character and I will give you my suggestions.

Skill (Key Ability) - what it does
Alchemy (Int; Trained ONLY) - ability to make alchemical items (such as potions) and identify such substances. Must have access to alchemy equipment and pay for materials required.
Animal Empathy (Cha; Trained only, Druid and Ranger only) - improve the attitude of an animal with a successful check (calm a horse, get a guard dog to go away, etc.)
Appraise (Int) - use to identify objects (ex: Determine the difference between an expensive diamond versus a dirt-cheap zircon)
Balance (Dex; Armor Check penalty) - keep your balance while treading on a precarious surface (ice, tightrope, etc.). A character with 5 or more ranks in Tumble receives a +2 synergy bonus to Balance
Bluff (Cha) - ability to fabricate lies and confuse with body language. Rangers gain their favored enemy bonus to Bluff checks on their favored enemies (duh!)
Climb (Str or Dex) - ability to advance across steep inclines. 5 ranks in Use Rope gives a +2 synergy bonus for climbing with a rope
Concentration (Con) - stay focused on spell casting even while being attacked or having been wounded (a must for spellcasters!)
Craft (Int) - ability to craft items (Each type of thing counts as a separate skill, such as armor smithing vs. weapon smithing.)
Decipher Script (Int; Trained only; Bard and Rogue only) - identify ancient scripts and writings even if you don't fully comprehend the language or syntax. A Wis check (DC 5) is made on a failed Decipher Script check to see if you draw a false conclusion {This is made in secret. You have no way of Knowing}
Diplomacy (Cha) - ability to schmooze. You receive a +2 to diplomacy checks if you have 5 or more ranks in either Bluff or Sense Motive (or +4 if you have both at 5 or higher)
Disable Device (Int, Trained only) - ability to disarm trapped chests, doors, etc. NOTE: ONLY rogues can disarm magic traps through this skill
Disguise (Cha) - ability to mimic appearance. 5 ranks in Bluff adds a +2 synergy bonus when trying to act in character
Escape Artist (Dex, Armor Check Penalty) - escape from ropes, being tangled, manacles, etc. (Houdini-type stuff). 5 ranks in Use Rope grant a +2 synergy bonus when escaping from ropes
Forgery (Int) - ability to forge writing. Barbarians cannot take this until they become literate.
Gather Information (Cha or Int) - your skill at finding contacts, obtaining odd information, or general rumoring.
Handle Animal (Cha; trained only) - use this skill to drive a team of horses, train a guard dog, etc. A character with 5 ranks in Animal empathy gains a +2 synergy bonus to this skill with normal animals (need 9 to gain the same bonus with beasts)
Heal (Wis) - stem a flowing wound, treat poison, etc. +2 synergy is granted if you have 5 ranks in Profession (DM's Discretion; such as Herbalist)
Hide (Dex, Armor Check Penalty) - ability to remain out of sight
Innuendo (Wis, trained only) - knowledge of how to give and understand secret messages while appearing to speak about other things. A +2 synergy bonus to send a message is given when 5 ranks of bluff are gained. The same bonus applies to receiving a message if you have 5 ranks in Sense Motive
Intimidate (Cha, Str) - get others to back down, force a prisoner to divulge information, frighten people, etc. 5 or more ranks in bluff grants a +2 synergy bonus
Intuit Direction (Wis, trained only) - innate sense of direction (hard to get lost, even while underground). Underground dwellers (dwarves, gnomes) gain a bonus to determining true north while underground. Forest dwellers gain the same bonus while in the thick of forests.
Jump (Str, Armor Check Penalty) - use this to leap across large chasms or over a foe's head. 5 ranks in tumble grant the +2 synergy bonus. Halflings gain a +2 racial bonus to Jump
Knowledge (Int; trained in area only) - your knowledge of a subject. I break it into 3 areas: Geography (lay of land), History (also includes religions), and Arcana (all things magical)
Listen (Wis) - skill used to hear a sneaky enemy approach or eavesdrop on a whispering pair, etc. (Rangers gain favored enemy bonuses to listen)
Move Silent (Dex, Armor Check Penalty) - move without making any noise
Open Lock (Dex, Trained Only) - open a lock (I really can't put it any simpler!)
Perform (Cha, Dex on instruments) - use to impress an audience with talent and skill. This is split into three categories: Singing, Acting, and Instrumental Talent (Bards NEED this skill to perform songs!)
Pick Pocket (Dex; trained only; armor check penalty) - steal objects without being noticed. +2 synergy bonus if 5 ranks of Bluff are attained
Profession (Wis or Int depending on job; trained only) - trained in a professional role. A role is made to determine your weekly income based on your skill level
Read Lips (Int; trained only; Rogue only) - as long as you can see someone's face while talking, you can understand them
Ride (Dex) - skill of riding on whatever animal you choose. +2 synergy bonus if you have 5 ranks in Handle Animal
Scry (Int; Bard, Cleric, Druid, Wizard, Sorcerer only) - use this skill to spy on someone with a scrying spell or a crystal ball or specified divination spells
Search (Int) - ability to find hidden doors, to detect traps, etc. (Whereas spot is being able to catch something out of the corner of your eye, Search is finding something through active effort)
Sense Motive (Wis) - ability to determine lies from truth, etc. (Rangers gain favored enemy bonus to this skill)
Spellcraft (Int; Trained only) - use this to identify spells as they are cast or spells already in place. +2 synergy is granted toward deciphering spells on scrolls with 5 ranks in Use Magic Device
Spot (Wis) - catch movement out of the corner of your eye, or other general feats of simply noticing something not readily apparent (Rangers gain their favored enemy bonus to this skill)
Swim (Str; Armor Check Penalty) - using this skill, a land based creature can swim, dive, navigate through currents, etc.
Tumble (Dex, Trained Only; Armor Check Penalty) - you can dive, roll, flip, somersault, etc. Not usable with medium or heavy armor. Can be used to lessen falling damage. Can also be used in coordination with Perform. A character with 5 or more ranks gains +3 instead of +2 AC when executing the Fight Defensively action in battle, or +6 instead of +4 when fighting purely defensively. 5 ranks in Jump grants +2 synergy bonus to this skill.
Use Magic Device (Int, trained only, bard/rogue only) - use this skill to activate items such as wands or scrolls as if you were the class that could normally use it. +2 synergy to scrolls if 5 ranks in Decipher Script or Spellcraft (these can stack)
Use Rope (Dex) - ability to make firm knots, bind prisoners, or loosen knots, etc. +2 synergy to bind someone if you have 5 ranks in Escape Artist
Wilderness Lore (Wis) - keep yourself and others fed and safe while traveling in the wilds. 5 ranks in Intuit Direction grants +2 synergy bonus to avoid getting lost

Feats You gain one of these every level that is a multiple of three, beginning at level one with one (or two, for humans). You absolutely MUST meet the requirements for a feat to take it! NO EXCEPTIONS UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED!

Alertness = +2 bonus to listen and spot checks *special: masters of a familiar gain this when their familiar is within arm's reach
Ambidexterity = No longer have an off-hand (therefore suffering an attack accuracy loss when using that hand) Pretty much a necessity for two-weapon users (like Drizzt). Requisite: DEX of 15 or more *Special: Rangers automatically gain the use of this feat when wearing light or no armor
Armor Proficiency: Heavy/Medium/Light and Shield = Choose one. You must have the armor proficiencies under it to gain the next level (Shield is separate). Allows use of an armor type.
Blind-Fight = If you miss because of concealment (attacking a guy behind a wall that covers up to his torso, for example), you can reroll to see if you actually hit. Also, invisible attackers make melee attacks against you as if you knew they were there (no loss of Dex AC bonus for you, no attack bonus for it, etc.) You only suffer half the speed penalty for not being able to see
Cleave = Allows you to make an extra attack against another enemy if you just struck a killing blow to one. Usable one per round (you'll notice when I make use of this skill while writing about it :wink:) Requisite: Strength 13+, Power Attack feat
Combat Casting = +4 bonus to concentration while casting spells (incredibly useful for all spellcasters)
Combat Reflexes = you can make an additional number of attacks of opportunity as per your Dex modifier. (again, it's another thing you'll notice when I write it!)
Deflect Arrows = if you have at least one hand free (not holding anything), you can make a reflex save against a ranged attack which would normally hit you vs DC20 (+ for every magical enhancement) to negate the damage by deflecting the arrow. Requisites: Dex 13+, Improved Unarmed Strike *Special: Monks gain this automatically at level 2
Dodge = Gain a +1 AC bonus against one foe for an entire battle. Can be shifted to another foe at the beginning of your turn. Requisite: Dex 13+
Endurance = it takes more to tire you (DM's call) (Don't worry, I make this a huge benefit for those that decide to take it, party because I don't find it that useful)
Exotic Weapon Proficiency = you can now use a certain (only one!) exotic weapon without taking the -4 penalty to attack rolls. Requisite: BAB of +1 or higher (and 13+ STR if you take it for Bastard Sword or Dwarven Axe)
Expertise = you can take up to a -5 penalty on your attack rolls and add the same number to your AC. Req: Int 13+
Far Shot = increase the distance of ranged attacks by one-half (multiply the base distance by 1.5) Req: Point-Blank Shot
Greater Cleave = just like cleave except there is no limit on the number of times it can be used(if you strike down an enemy and then cleave and kill an enemy, you can keep going on and on!) Req: Cleave, BAB +4 or higher
Great Fortitude = +2 bonus to Fortitude checks (ex: Save vs. poison)
Improved Bullrush = enemies do not get to take attacks of opportunity against you if you charge around (ie: to tackle them, to make a wild run hack, etc.)
Improved Critical = Choose a weapon. Increase the critical threat range by 2 numbers Req: proficient with weapon, BAB +8 or more
Improved Disarm = the enemy doesn’t get the chance to strike you when you attempt to knock their weapon from their hands, nor do they get the chance to take your weapon should you fail Req: Expertise
Improved Initiative = increase your chances of attacking before your opponent greatly
Improved Trip = you can make an immediate attack after tripping an opponent without it counting as an attack (ie: Tripping normally takes one attack, and then you'd have to do another to make the actual attack. This combines the two) Req: Expertise
Improved Two-Weapon Fighting = You make two attacks with your off-hand weapon while fighting with two weapons instead of just one, albeit with a -5 penalty Req: Two-Weapon Fighting, Ambidexterity, BAB +9 or more
Improved Unarmed Strike = opponents do not gain an automatic attack against you if you attack them with your fists *Special: Monks have this at level 1
Iron Will = +2 to will saves (ie: Save vs. charm spell)
Lightning Reflexes = +2 to Reflex saves (ie: save to dodge a spike trap that suddenly springs up)
Martial Weapon Proficiency = Choose a single martial weapon. You no longer suffer the -4 penalty to attack rolls while using that kind of weapon. *Special: Fighters, paladins, barbarians, and rangers are already proficient in every martial weapon
Mobility = +4 AC bonus against attacks of opportunity Req: Dodge
Mounted Archery = The penalties from firing from moving horseback are halved (-2 for double move, -4 for full out run) Reqs: Mounted Combat
Mounted Combat = Once per round, you can hake a ride check to negate a hit on your mount (Basically, the ride skill becomes the AC, opposing the attack roll made) Reqs: at least 4 ranks in Ride
Point Blank Shot = +1 bonus to ranged weaponry while close to the opponent
Power Attack = You can take up to a -5 penalty on attack rolls and add the same number to damage given Reqs: 13+ Str
Precise Shot = you can shoot an arrow without worrying about hitting your friends engaging it in melee
Quick Draw = instantly sheath/unsheathe weapon (normally takes one half-round to do so) Reqs: BAB +1 or higher
Rapid Shot = you can take an extra attack a round with arranged weaponry, but all attacks are made with -2 penalty. (Think Vorgoth from Vampire Hunter D :wink:) Reqs: Point Blank Shot, Dex 13+
Ride-By Attack = you can make a move and attack action while riding simultaneously, freeing another action to move again. Reqs: Mounted Combat
Quickness = You run at x5 your normal speed and move an extra 10 ft per round faster. (I use this to replace the Run feat.) Reqs: Dex 15+
Shot on the Run = you can fire projectiles accurately while moving (ie: You could run quickly across a room and fire the whole way) Reqs: Point Blank Shot, Dodge, Mobility
Skill Focus = Gain a +2 bonus to a skill of your choice
Spell Focus = Add +2 DC to all spells cast from a certain school of magic
Spell Mastery: WIZARDS only; Choose a # of spells equal to your INT modifier. From then on, you no longer need a spellbook to prepare those spells.
Spell Penetration = you have a greater ability to defeat a creature's spell resistance
Spirited Charge = while mounted, do double (or triple with a lance) damage with a charge action. Reqs: Mounted Combat, Ride-By Attack
Spring Attack = can make an attack with a melee weapon while running past an enemy. Reqs: Dodge, Mobility, BAB +4 or more
Stunning Fist = if the opponent fails a saving throw (10 + half your level + Wis modifier) vs. an unarmed attack, it gets stunned for one round. You also deal normal damage with the attack, either way. (you guys will have to say out loud you want to use it, because you only get to use it once a day for every four levels) Reqs: Improved Unarmed Strike, Wis 13+, BAB +8 or higher
Sunder = you can make attacks against an opponent's weapon (to destroy it, you see). Req: Power Attack
Toughness = +3 HP permanently. If it is more beneficial to do so, add your current Con modifier again to your HP
Track = follow the trail of something over long distances with a Wilderness Lore check *Special: Rangers already have this feat.
Trample = the enemy doesn't even stand a chance to move out of the way when you charge them down on horseback. Req: Mounted Combat
Two-Weapon Fighting = dual-weapon fighting penalties are reduced by two. *Special: Rangers act as if they had this feat while wearing light or no armor.
Weapon Focus = add +1 to attack rolls made with a type of weapon. If you wish, you can take Weapon Focus: Ray to add accuracy to ray spells. Req: +1 BAB, proficient with weapon
Weapon Finesse = Choose a weapon. Instead of using your strength bonus to attack rolls, use your dexterity bonus. Can only be used for light weapons (short sword and smaller), rapier, or spike chain only. Req: proficient with weapon, BAB +1 or higher
Weapon Specialization = Fighters at fourth+ level only. Choose a weapon you have Weapon Focus in. You now do +2 damage with said weapon.
Whirlwind Attack = attacks all enemies near you within reach of your weapon at your highest attack bonus. Reqs: Expertise, Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack, BAB +4 or higher
Arcane Preparation: Req- Bard/Sorcerer. Allows you to prepare one or more spells as a Wizard does, making it so you can prepare metamagic feats well ahead of time and not having to make them full-round actions, then casting them next round.
Arcane Schooling: Choose an arcane spellcasting class and make it your favored class in addition to your normal favored class
Artist: +2 bonus to perform and craft checks that involve art (ie: calligraphy, painting, sculpture, weaving, etc.)
Blooded: +2 initiative, +2 to spot checks
Bloodline of Fire: +4 bonus against fire effects. Also adds +2 DC to sorcery spells with the fire descriptor (stacks with spell focus)
Bullheaded: +1 to will saves, +2 to intimidate *Dwarves and Humans only
Cosmopolitan: Choose a non-exclusive skill and make that a class skill, as well as giving a +2 bonus to it
Courteous Magocracy: +2 to Diplomacy and Spellcraft
Daylight Adaptation: If you are a creature that suffers circumstance penalties to bright light/daylight (drow, full orc, or duergar), you no longer suffer those penalties
Discipline: +1 will and +2 concentration
Education: All knowledge skills are now class skills. You gain a +2 bonus to any two knowledge skills of your choice
Foe Hunter: Depending on your homeland, you gain a +1 competence bonus to attack/damage rolls while fighting members of a certain race and act as though you had Improved Critical. (Just choose goblinoids, lizardfolk/yuan-ti, or orcs/half-orcs. Wood Elves train against gnolls)
Forester: +2 on all heal and wilderness lore checks
Greater Spell Focus: add +4 to the DC of all spells in a certain school. This takes precedence over Spell Focus (does not stack). Req: Spell Focus in school you are taking G. Spell focus in
Greater Spell Penetration: you gain +4 to checks to see if you beat an enemy's spell resistance. This overlaps (does not stack) with Spell Penetration. Req: Spell penetration
Horse Nomad: gain Martial Weapon Proficiency (composite shot bow) and +2 to all ride checks
Improved Counterspell: When counterspelling, you may use a spell of the same school that is one or more levels higher than the target spell instead of just using that exact spell
Improved Familiar: You may only take this is you are able to acquire another familiar. When choosing a new one, you may choose from more powerful creatures (Eyeball Beholderkin, tressym cat, Imp, Pseudodragon, Quasit, Night Hunter bat, Formian worker, Shocker Lizard, Stirge, or other small creatures that must be approved by DM)
Innate Spell: You have mastered a spell so thoroughly, you can now cast it as a spell-like ability. One spell slot 8 levels higher than the spell must be permanently given up (note: higher spell levels than 9 are possible with Epic Levels) Reqs: Quicken Spell, Silent Spell, Still Spell
Luck of Heroes: +1 to all saving throws
Magical Artisan: Choose one item creation feat you know. When determining XP and material costs, reduce the cost by 1/4 (multiply by 0.75)
Magical Training: If you have at least 10 INT and are from Halruaa, you may cast the cantrips dancing lights, daze, and mage hand once per day each. You may only take this at first level
Mercantile Background: +2 bonus of appraise and on a craft or profession skill of your choice
Militia: Gain Martial Weapon Proficiency with either Longbow/long spear or shortbow/shortsword
Mind Over Body: At first level, you gain your INT instead of CON to HP (only for first level). Gain 1 HP with every Meta-magic feat taken.
Resist Poison: +4 on saves vs. poison *Only duergar and half-orc, can only be taken at first level
Saddleback: +3 to ride checks
Signature Spell: Choose a spell you have mastered with Spell Mastery. You may now convert prepared arcane spells of that spell level or higher into your signature spell (much as a cleric can do with healing)
Silver Palm: +2 on Appraise and Bluff
Smooth Talk: +2 on diplomacy and Sense Motive
Snake Blood: +2 on saves vs poison and +1 to all reflex throws.
Spellcasting Prodigy: For the purpose of determining bonus spells and saving throw DCs, treat as if you have 2 more of your primary spellcasting stat than you actually do *First-level characters only
Stealthy: +2 to hide and move silent checks
Street Smart: +2 to Bluff and Gather Information checks
Strong Soul: +1 to fortitude and will saves and +1 bonus against energy drain and death effects
Survivor: +1 on fortitude saves and +2 to Wilderness Lore checks
Thug: +2 to initiative and +2 to intimidate
Treetopper: +2 to climb checks. You don't lose your dex to AC bonus, nor give your attacker a +2 attack bonus, while climbing
Twin Sword Style: When fighting with two swords (they must be dagger, long sword, rapier, scimitar, or short sword), you can designate an opponent and receive a +2 armor bonus vs. that opponent. This stacks with armor bonus and shield bonus (if you have on a buckler). You also must be proficient with the weapons being used. Item Creation Feats This are skills to either make items and the like. They all cost gold and can often be very expensive. But, sometimes its better to make your own +5 Vorpal Greatsword than trying to take it out of the hands of an angry Solar, ya know?
Brew Potion: Req- Spellcaster level 3. Create a potion of any spell of 3rd level or below that targets a creature/creatures.
Craft Magic Arms/Armor: Req- Spellcaster level 5. You can enhance weapons and armor.
Craft Staff: Spellcaster 12+ level. You can charge a staff with spells or create a specific magical type of staff (ie: Staff of the Magi), provided you meet the requirements to make it
Craft Wand: Spellcaster 5th+ level. You can craft wands which can be triggered for a spell effect.
Craft Wondrous Item: Spellcaster 3rd+ level. Create miscellaneous magical items (ie: ioun stones, belt of strength, tomes and manuals of stat-boosting, etc.) provided you meet the requirements to make it. (I threw Craft Rod into this, but you must be at least 9th level to make any of them)
Forge Ring: Spellcaster 12th level. Create magical rings (ring of protection, ring of three wishes, etc.)
Scribe Scroll: Spellcaster 1st+ level. Create a scroll of any spell you can cast, effectively making it so you can cast more spells a day
Create Portal: Req: Craft Wondrous Item. You can create magical portals as long as you meet certain requirements and can meet the extremely steep cost
Inscribe Rune: Int 13+, Craft skill in medium being used (wood, stone, etc.), DIVINE spellcaster 3rd+ level; You may cast any divine spell you have prepared into a rune

Meta-Magic Feats By preparing a spell as though it were of a higher level, you can add special effects to it (to make it more effective, more powerful, last longer, etc) You can put two Meta-magic feats together, but must be able to pay BOTH requirements for spell slot (ie: Empower (2 slots higher) and enlarge (one slot higher) would take 3 slots higher) unless otherwise noted.
Delay Spell: Req- Any other metamagic feat; a delayed spell doesn't activate until up to five rounds after you finish casting it. This must be stated during the casting and cannot be changed afterward. Only Area, personal, and touch spells can be affected. This takes up a spell slot three levels higher.
Empower Spell: All variable numeric values of an empowered spell are increased by one-half (ie: An empowered magic missile would score 6 instead of 4). An empowered spell uses a spell slot of two levels higher
Enlarge Spell: An enlarged spell has double the range and area of effect and takes one slot higher to prepare
Extend Spell: An extended spell lasts twice as long as normal (ie: you could make a protection from elements: fire last double the standard length). It takes up one spell slot higher.
Persistent Spell: Req- Extend Spell. A persistent spell lasts 24 hours. It must have personal range or a fixed range. This uses up a slot 4 levels higher.
Heighten Spell: You can cast a spell as though it were of a higher level (increasing the DC, making it harder to SR, penetrate globe of invulnerability, etc.). It is as difficult to prepare as the level you would like it to "count" as. (No, you cannot make a 9th level spell an effective 1st level spell. You can only increase the spell effectiveness)
Maximize Spell: All variable numerical damage is maximized (your standard 6d10 fireball will do, no matter what, 60 damage). Prepare as though the spell was 3 levels higher
Quicken Spell: Casting a quickened spell is a free action. You may only cast one quickened spell per round, but can still start another spellcasting. Any spell whose casting time is more than 1 full round cannot be quickened. Prepare it as though it were 4 levels higher
Silent Spell: A spell can be cast without verbal components (the enemy won't hear you're chanting that is about to rain fire on their camp, or you can still cast while silenced, etc.) It is prepared in a slot one level higher than the actual spell. *SPECIAL: Bard spells cannot be enhanced in this way
Still Spell: A still spell is cast without any somatic components (this effectively negates all Arcane Failure from armor, as well as letting you cast with bound hands, etc.) It counts as though the spell were one level higher.
Twin Spell: Req- Any other Metamagic feat. casting a twin spell causes the spell to take effect twice on the target. It uses a slot four levels up.
Insidious Magic: Req- Shadow Weave Magic; when a normal Weave user deploys something that may detect one of your spells, the weave user must make a level check (11 + your level) to find it. (This does not count for Evocation or Transmutation spells). Your ability to detect weave spells become hampered (you must make a level check of 9 + caster level). (although, that is only for spells outside the Enchantment, Illusion, and Necromancy spells)
Pernicious Magic: Req- Shadow Weave Magic; your spells resist counterspell attempts by Weave users, but they resist yours (the same schools-are-exempt as above are taken into consideration)
Tenacious Magic: Req- Shadow Weave Magic; your spells resist being dispelled by weave users, but you ability to dispel weave magic is similarly impaired. (see above for school exemption)[/quote]

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Post by Hankellin » Mon Apr 26, 2004 7:14 am

I am still editing the creation process....

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Post by D. Sauzi » Mon Apr 26, 2004 12:16 pm

/\ that list is pretty useful ;), this way i wont have to open books or ebooks all the time anymore ;)
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Post by Ewen Brown » Mon Apr 26, 2004 9:49 pm

if you want to roll stats in the link for your character

str [1d6][1d6][1d6][1d6]
dex [1d6][1d6][1d6][1d6]
con [1d6][1d6][1d6][1d6]
int [1d6][1d6][1d6][1d6]
wis [1d6][1d6][1d6][1d6]
cha [1d6][1d6][1d6][1d6]
stupidity causes violence

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Post by Hankellin » Mon Apr 26, 2004 10:16 pm

Ewen Brown wrote:if you want to roll stats in the link for your character

str [1d6][1d6][1d6][1d6]
dex [1d6][1d6][1d6][1d6]
con [1d6][1d6][1d6][1d6]
int [1d6][1d6][1d6][1d6]
wis [1d6][1d6][1d6][1d6]
cha [1d6][1d6][1d6][1d6]
try this format:


rolls 4 d6 and drops the lowest from the final score. You can then place the stats where you want them.

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Post by Sofaking » Mon Apr 26, 2004 10:35 pm

Ok I got...


I think I'll be playing a mage, most likely a conjurer

Conjuration (spells that summon): 1) Evocation or Transmutation; 2) any two of the following: Abjuration, Enchantment, Illusion; 3) Any Three schools

So what exactly do you mean by this?

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Post by MERLANCE » Mon Apr 26, 2004 10:56 pm

Um, I dont think it is legal to post all those feats. At the very least, cite the SRD so you dont get blindsided by WotC.

Edit: You should really look at the 3.5 SRD. Some of those skills are out of date for 3.5 (like Innuendo)

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Post by Sofaking » Mon Apr 26, 2004 11:04 pm

MERLANCE wrote:Um, I dont think it is legal to post all those feats. At the very least, cite the SRD so you dont get blindsided by WotC.

Edit: You should really look at the 3.5 SRD. Some of those skills are out of date for 3.5 (like Innuendo)
I thought it was ok under the open gaming license?

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Post by Hankellin » Tue Apr 27, 2004 12:41 am

Sofaking wrote:Ok I got...


I think I'll be playing a mage, most likely a conjurer

Conjuration (spells that summon): 1) Evocation or Transmutation; 2) any two of the following: Abjuration, Enchantment, Illusion; 3) Any Three schools

So what exactly do you mean by this?
This deals with the prohibited schools: If you do not want to be restricted from the school listed this allows different combinations....

Sofaking wrote:
MERLANCE wrote:Um, I dont think it is legal to post all those feats. At the very least, cite the SRD so you dont get blindsided by WotC.

Edit: You should really look at the 3.5 SRD. Some of those skills are out of date for 3.5 (like Innuendo)
I thought it was ok under the open gaming license?
I did say it was modified. I went through the list, as posted on a different message board by someone else, and kept those I wanted.

I could have had you d/l PCGEN 5.60 Full PCGEN and use it to create your characters... just limit yourselves to the races listed....

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Post by Hankellin » Tue Apr 27, 2004 6:30 am

Use either the PC Generator or the template listed. When I get 2-3 characters, I will post a game thread. I am going to try my hand at a more open game than I had running before. If there are inconsistancies... live with it. :twisted: :P :twisted:

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Post by Ewen Brown » Tue Apr 27, 2004 10:53 am

ooh it's a clever dice roller, maybe i should have looked into it more

i'll pm you a character
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Post by Hankellin » Tue Apr 27, 2004 12:17 pm

Ewen Brown wrote:ooh it's a clever dice roller, maybe i should have looked into it more

i'll pm you a character
Yes it is...

I await your entrant.

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Post by Ewen Brown » Tue Apr 27, 2004 8:28 pm

anything i should know about deities, such as which i can/can't use or any special ones you've made for the campaign setting
stupidity causes violence

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Post by Sofaking » Tue Apr 27, 2004 8:43 pm

*Steals Hanks long post for his own...*

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Post by ImOnWagner » Tue Apr 27, 2004 9:47 pm

Name: Kurgetal Stormstroller
race: human (boring, but what-the-hey)
Strength: 10
Constitution: 9
Dexterity: 11
Wisdom: 15
charisma: 14
Intelligence: 18
Class: Wizard
HP: 3
Focus: none
Skills: (2+4+4)X4=24
Alchemy: 4
Concentration: 4
Spellcraft: 4
Knowledge: History 4
Knowledge: Arcana 4
Knowledge: Geography 4

Feats: (1 Level+ 1 Race)=2
Endurence (could this be used for long periods of spellcasting for group rituals and such? if not, i will probably change it before the game starts)
Combat Casting

Description: Kurgetal is a normal wizard, or at least it would seem. he is smart and calm, and trys to avoid getting in trouble through his mouth. some would say its not that he is necessarly gifted in the mind, but that he observes everything around him and keeps his mind as orderly as his bag (really orderly). Although he is not chaotic in any way he enjoys the company of less-sane individuals. He can be told apart in a croud from his bright eyes and white long thick hair. he also has a large seemingly gnollish tatoo on his back, where or when he got this tatoo is a mystery.
A dark red soft robe with a large gnollish insignia stitched onto the back (he has two)
A pair of dark shoes. (two pairs)
a large ring with a huge ruby (all jewlers will say its fake) on top
a sythe
Clothes (see above)
A Sack (which is used instead of a backpack)
4 pounds of salted rice


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