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Re: Qui'Hamor Online Campaign Reference Thread

Post by Joseph » Sun May 23, 2010 2:34 pm

The Party's House

First Floor

The property has a wall around its perimeter. At the front is a small fountain with a path leading around either side to the front door. A path also leads along one side of the house, to the kitchen's "service" entrance and around to the back door.

In the back yard there is a small wadding pool and a patio for relaxing. There is a garden for growing both food and various herbs for potions, spells, etc.

Inside, on the main floor there is a fairly large foyer, a kitchen, a dining room, a common room, a large hall closet and the room shared by Trake and Ruald.


Second Floor

On the second floor there is a water closet (containing a bath, basins and a proper toilet with plumbing), the armoury/treasury room where the party keeps some of its items, equipment and treasure, as well as being a place for the warriors to workout.

Hadija and Mabon share one room while Bactar has the other. Off the main hall is a small shared balcony and each bedroom has its own larger balcony.


Third Floor

The third floor contains a water closet (the same as the second floor) and a library/study/den. It also has the same balcony layout as the second floor.

Erisael and Darzen's rooms are on this floor.

Erisael's room is furnished with: a canopy bed, with silk sheets, numerous pillows, and curtains. She has curtains over the window, and balcony door. There is decorative art, a dresser, mirrors, a small chest and comfy chair. Her private balcony has a small table and two chairs.


Attic & cellar... not mapped yet (do we need to?). The cellar will be small, basically used a cool storage for food, but maybe for other purposes. The attic will perhaps be a bit larger (but the angled roof takes away some space. Perhaps we'll also use this as storage, or in time, Darzen could have a lab there (instead of in the library) or, if ever needed, perhaps it could be converted to another bedroom.

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Re: Qui'Hamor Online Campaign Reference Thread

Post by D. Sauzi » Wed Jun 02, 2010 12:01 pm

a little info on the noble district in Madira, where the party's house is located:


Above you see a map of Madira, located on the east side of the city is the Noble district. The noble district is protected by a shallow moat/river of several meters and a 2 meters high wall on the city side. On the outside it is protected by a 5 meters high palisade which is continually patrolled.
The whole district is lit up by night with lantern posts that are lit up by the guards from 22h onwards. The noble district has a northern and southern entrance by bridge, which are continually guarded by two of the city watch, in six hour shifts. Only residents are allowed in, or people that can show papers that they are invited or have business there.
Your house is located just past the corner of the first street on your left when you enter from the north. In terms of services the Nobles quarter contains a guardpost, a church and a city hall, there are no taverns inside the district.
(The two green slashed lines are the entrances to the quarter, not pointing to your house/noble quarters location)
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