Adventure in Middle Earth

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Re: Adventure in Middle Earth

Post by Runenklinge » Mon Jul 18, 2011 2:18 pm

It's set in the great Mirkwood, which should be familiar to anyone who's read the Hobbit or LotR. The system is reduced in complexity (for Rolemaster), using D100 and percentile scores, six stats, six core classes. Lots of races though (if you count the human subraces). Core classes are:

Animist (druid type healer/ nature summoner)

I'll also allow for the optional classes from the core book, namely Barbarian, Burglar, Rogue, Shapechanger, Sage, Explorer, Conjuror, Civilian. No monks though (get that newfag shit out of my high fantasy!).
Races are Dwarves, High-, Grey- and Wood Elves, some human races, the overpowered Dunedain (like Aragorn) and of course Hobbits.

Rolemaster is famous for its critical hit tables, which means you can kill a bear with a stick if you're lucky, while the bear can kill you with a mean stare. Rolling for crits is fun though.
There's also a level cap of 10 should we ever get that far.


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