Happy Belated Birthday Winterwind!

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Happy Belated Birthday Winterwind!

Post by MERLANCE » Wed Dec 21, 2005 9:36 am

The topic says it all. forgive me if this was already posted somewhere.

Today, the 21st, is 2 years at winterwind for me, and Ive done almost no spamming. Yay!

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Post by Joseph » Wed Dec 21, 2005 11:34 pm


Actually, the birthday is somewhere between the 19th & 21st. I was 3 day labour.

Elder asked me to ask Val for help setting up Eldar's server. Val simply set the forums up on his domain. Silvar was registered on Val's old boards, happened to pop by the next day, register on the new and the day after that Val told me "they're up".

I consider it the 21st for two reasons: it was the day I registered and it is the winter solstice, the longest night of the year.

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Post by Gorth » Thu Dec 22, 2005 9:00 am

Happy birthday old boy. The powers that be knows, things usually don't grow old in the world of computers. Where are the animated gifs of ghosts and cobwebs :)
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Post by Barren » Fri Dec 23, 2005 3:32 am


... Oh, right. Rhetorical question.
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Post by D. Sauzi » Fri Dec 23, 2005 3:35 am

which one?
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