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letrdefr 07

Post by D. Sauzi » Fri Jul 06, 2007 8:32 pm

heh we nearly let it start without notice,

tomorrow has the prologue of the 07 edition of the tour de narcotique, with this year once again a totally different field of drivers, the likes of Basso and Ullrich have been cast out while we see Vino return from doping amongst many many others.

anyway, here are the competing teams and coureurs:

* for names i deem interesting
CAISSE D'EPARGNE: Oscar Pereiro Sio*, David Arroyo, Vicente Garcia Acosta, Ivan Gutierrez, Vladimir Karpets*, Francisco Perez, Nicolas Portal, Alejandro Valverde*, Xavier Zandio
T-MOBILE: Michael Rogers*, Marcus Burghardt, Mark Cavendish, Bernard Eisel, Linus Gerdemann, Bert Grabsch, Kim Kirchen, Axel Merckx, Patrick Sinkewitz*
TEAM CSC: Carlos Sastre*, Kurt-Asle Arvesen, Fabian Cancellara,Inigo Cuesta, Stuart O'Grady, Frank Schleck, Christian Vandervelde, Jens Voigt*, David Zabriskie*
RABOBANK: Denis Mentsjov*, Michael Boogerd* Thomas Dekker*,Juan Antonio Flecha, Óscar Freire, Bram de Groot, Grischa Niermann, Michael Rasmussen*, Pieter Weening
ASTANA:Aleksandr Vinokoerov*, Antonio Colom, Maksim Iglinski,Sergej Ivanov, Andrej Kasjetsjkin, Andreas Klöden*, Daniel Navarro, Gregory Rast, Paolo Savoldelli
DISCOVERY: Levi Leipheimer*, Alberto Contador, Vladimir Goesev,George Hincapie*, Egoi Martinez, Benjamin Noval, Sergio Paulinho, Jaroslav Popovitsj*, Tomas Vaitkus
LOTTO:Mario Aerts, Cadel Evans*, Dario CioniIta, Chris Horner, Leif Hoste, Robbie McEwen, Fred Rodriguez, Wim Vansevenant, Johan Vansummeren
AG2R:Christophe Moreau*, Jose Luis Arrieta, Sylvain Calzati, Cyril Dessel, Martin Elmiger, John Gadret, Simon Gerrans, Stephane Goubert, Ludovic Turpin
EUSKALTEL:Haimar Zubeldia*, Igor Antón, Mikel Astarloza, Jorge Azanza, Iñaki Isasi*, Iñigo Landaluze*, Rubén Pérez, Amets Txurruka, Gorka Verdugo
LAMPRE: Alessandro Ballan, Daniele Bennati, Paolo Bossoni, Marzio Bruseghin, Claudio Corioni, Danilo Napolitano, Daniele Righi, Tadej Valjavec, Patxi Vila
GEROLSTEINER:Stefan Schumacher, Robert Förster, Markus Fothen, Heinrich Haussler, Bernhard Kohl, Sven Krauss, Ronny Scholz, Fabian Wegmann, Peter Wrolich
CREDIT AGRICOLE:Thor Hushovd*, William Bonnet, Aleksandr Botsjarov, Anthony Charteau, Julian Dean, Dmitri Fofonov, Patrice Halgand, Sébastien Hinault, Christophe Le Mevel
BOUYGUES:, Pierrick Fedrigo, Stef Clement, Xavier Florencio, Anthony Geslin, Laurent Lefèvre, Jérôme Pineau, Matthieu Sprick, Johann Tschopp, Thomas Voeckler*
AGRITUBEL: Juan-Miguel Mercado, Freddy Bichot, Moises Duenas, Romain Feillu, Eduardo Gonzalo, Cédric Hervé, Nicolas Jalabert, Benoit Salmon, Nicolas Vogondy
COFIDIS: Sylvain Chavanel, Stéphane Augé, Geoffrey Lequatre, Cristian Moreni, Nick Nuyens, Ivan Parra, Staf Scheirlinckx, Rik Verbrugghe, Bradley Wiggins
LIQUIGAS:F ilippo Pozzato, Michael Albasini, Manuel Beltran, Kjell Carlström, Murilo Fischer, Aleksandr Koetsjinski, Manuel Quinziato, Charles Wegelius, Frederik Willems
FRANCAISES DES JEUX: Sandy Casar*, Sébastien Chavanel, Mickael Delage, Remy di Gregorio, Philippe Gilbert, Lilian Jegou, Matthieu Ladagnous, Thomas Lövkvist, Benoit Vaugrenard
QUICK STEP:, Tom Boonen*, Carlos Barredo, Steven de Jongh, Juan Manuel Garate, Sebastien Rosseler, Gert Steegmans, Bram Tankink, Matteo Tossato, Cédric Vasseur
MILRAM: Erik Zabel*, Alessandro Cortinovis, Ralf Grabsch, Andrei Grivko, Christian Knees, Brett Lancaster, Alberto Ongarato, Enrico Poitschke, Marcel Sieberg
SAUNIER DUVAL PRODIR: David Millar, Iker Camano, David Cañada, Juan José Cobo, David de la Fuente, Ruben Lobato, Iban Mayo*,Christophe Rinero, Francisco Ventoso
BARLOWORLD: Alexander Jefimkin, Felix Cardenas, Gianpaolo Cheula, Enrico Degano, Thomas Geraint, Robert Hunter*, Kanstantsin Sijoetsoe, Paolo Longho Borghini, Mauricio Soler

favourites to win, its hard of course this year, which might make it a good race, i would say Vinokourov, though for consequence i will again pick Valverde. I think also Leipheimer and Menchov can give another shot. If not those it becomes hard maybe a Hincapie, Pereiro Sio, Kloden, Moreau or Sastre comes into the picture.
I'll watch some warming up thing tonight to make me fill in the blanks for that.

As for the race, it is a 21 stage route this year starting in London, on day three trough Belgium, south trough the Alps to around Marseille and then from east to west trough the Pyrenees, continuing north to Paris. that's the other way around as last year, good.
As far as i can see however the team time trial has been ditched, that is something i always really enjoy, damn them. Ah well. There is a very nice teaser of the route of www.letour.fr that gives a good idea of this race.
In stage 7 they get towards something looking like mountains, finishing downhill from the Colombiere, followed by a spectacular stage 8 and 9 with the first three times 1st cat. ending on the top of the de Tignes, while the enxt day has two HC giants including the Galibier. alas the 9th ends quite flat and is after a resting day, so i expect 8 to be the Alps Queen, on 15 july.
stage 13 is the first timetrial, which is for the first half on 'false flat' and has a 4th category blotch, which is okay but nothing real interesting, where are the times of time trials uphill 1st categories.
Hmm, that appetite seems soothed by a gruesome and spectacular three Pyrenees trials though again a rest day before the third. The first one (stage 14) ends on top of the plateau de Beille, a HC, and theres another one straight before it. while the 22nd on july has the pyrenese monster with 5 big ones including d'Aspet and the Peyresourde, ending downhill. The third one 24th july is also a real aberration, ending uphill the Aubisque, as always made warm by the Marieblanque and has another few nice steep rockformations in the way.
After that its a few days waiting for the 19th stage, the second time trial, traditionally almost totally flat but also only 55 km (same length as the bobbly one), It would be nice to see some mountaineer get so much time during those Pyrrhenees that he can outlast them here, but that is prolly false hope.

end of thoughts.
"anyway, smoke orcs if so take eyes if right points left xy."

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Post by Gorth » Sat Jul 07, 2007 2:18 am

May the best drugs win! :D

Ummm... watching too many spam threads recently :?

For good or for evil, I guess I have to support team CSC, being the danish contribution :)
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Post by Gorth » Sun Jul 08, 2007 3:55 am

And on that note, team CSC started out with winning the Prologue in London, getting the yellow shirt, which went to Fabian Cancellara :cool:

It can only go downhill from here...
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Post by D. Sauzi » Sun Jul 08, 2007 3:53 pm

Hmmyes, havent really been able to see much yet, our future star Thomas Dekker took an 8th place in the prologue, quite nice for a debutant. He'll probably be riding for the white jersey.
Its nice to see Kloden doing this good, might he finally be grown up enough..? I suppose he'll still ride for Vino, but this might be nice.

Today had the first stage, with as expected a mass sprint, which was taken by Robbie McEwen (australian ;)) who also had just fallen and ridden back to the peloton, nice haul from what i read.

Cancellara of course still in yellow:
1 Cancellara (CSC)
2 Kloden (Astana) 13
3 Millar (saunier duval) 21
4 Hincapie (discovery) 23
5 Wiggins (cofidis) 23
6 Gusev (discovery) 25
7 Karpets (caisse d'epargne) 26
8 Hushovd (credit agricole) 29
9 Vinokoerov (astana) 30
10 Dekker (rabo) 31
Mcewen went up to 55 due to his bonus seconds, as it seems some more guys had some, including Hushovd.
big guns:
Evans@36, Rogers&Pereiro Sio @ 37, Leipheimer & Menchov @ 40, Valverde@43, Popovych@48, Moreau@49, Sastre@56, Zubeldia@57, Rasmussen@1.16 ;), Zabriskie@2.59

Which are quite large gaps for a prologue i must say, probably Cancellara will go down in time, but Kloden had only 13 secs on him, and thus already half a minute over many of the winning candidates. Zabriskie probably fell somewhere and will have lots of making up to do..

[edit]hehe, automatic mail addresses for anyone who lost over a minute...
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Post by D. Sauzi » Tue Jul 10, 2007 9:10 pm

wow another big result for Cancellara, in a very silent and long stage 4 guys escaped, and were only taken in during the last km.
The sprinterteams however were totally exhausted in hauling them in, and Cancellara sprinted away the moment the four were taken.
With a small prologue over that km he beat all the big sprinters.
Also gives him a lead of 33 second, so he might keep the yellow jersey until the mountains, or at least the first real escape.
(I dont think Boonen or any other will take three sprints)

Yesterday did have sprint, strangely won by the last QuickStep guy pulling the sprint for Boonen, the Belgian couldnt overtake him and had driven off all other candidates, although there had been a spectacular crash at 3 km which blocked to road fully, of the twentysome that escaped this sprint happened, with most of the big guys for sprints in that group, probably only Hushovd was missing.

1 Cancellara CSC
2 Kloden Astana 33
3 Millar Saunier Duval 41
4 Hincapie Discovery 43
5 Wiggins Cofidis 43
6 Gusev Discovery 45 white
7 Boonen Quickstep 46 green
8 Karpets Caisse d'Espargne 46
9 Hushovd Credit Agricole 49
10 Astarloza Euskaltel 49
11 Vinokoerov Astana 50 12 Dekker Rabo 51 20 Evans Lotto 56
Pereiro Sio@57, Leipheimer, Menchov 1.00, Valverde 1.03 voigt, popovich 1.08, moreau 1.09, sastre 1.16, zubeldia 1.17 151 Rasmussen 1.36

btw Teams (first three riders per stage):
1. Astana
2. CSC 2
3. Discovery 5
4. Caisse d'espargne 18
5. Cofidis 20
6 T Mobile 45
7 Rabobank 47
8 Francaises des Jeux 48
9 Liquigas 51
10 Quickstep,m Gerolsteiner & Credit Agricole 54
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Post by D. Sauzi » Thu Jul 12, 2007 4:04 pm

Wow, the stuff has started, yesterday another mass sprint, won by Hushovd this time, but today was very good.
A 2nd cat already mixed things up, and during the flat towards the final climb Vino fell burning his ass, He tried incredibly to come back, bbut the head drivers of the other teams (with very nice work from Rabo) tried to ride him into smithereens, with quite some success as Vino loses 1.20 on the finish.
The guys up front were going nicely too, numbering down the peloton to about 30 people, with the one after the other trying to escape, most notably Popovych and yellow jersey Cancellara, who, when they were a metre or 5 lose missed a turn in the downhill finale, and hauled in by that. On the finish there were three sprinters left who made it trough both mountains, Zabel, Freire and Pozzato, the last one just winning it before Freire, while Zabel takes over the green. (sevral peoples of course came back during the downhill final, but around 70 in the peloton is way less than i expected)
There was of course also an excape, with for the second day ina row Chavanel, the two were taken in during the last climb.
Yay, the tour has started.
Tomorrow will be more silent than today, but saturday its really into the mountains, and I wonder how Vino will try to make up that fat minute, and I must admit Cancellara seems very good, i wonder how he'll do the large mountains.

stage 5:
1. Pozzato(liquigas), 2. Freire(rabo), 3. Bennati(lampre), 4. Kirchen(t-mobile), 5. Zabel(milram)
large fellows in the first group:
6. Hincapie(disc), 11 Evans(lotto), 12. Cancellara(csc), 13 Valverde(Caisse), 19 Rogers(tmobile), 23 Moreau(ag2r), 24 Mayo(saunierduval), 26 Contador(discovery), 27 Menchov(rabo), 29 Popovych(discovery), 31 Zubeldia(euskaltel), 36 Voigt(csc), 39 Pereiro Sio(caisse), 40 Dekker(rabo), 42 Gusev(discovery), 44 Sinkewitz(tmobile), 46 Karpets (discovery), 50 Sastre (csc), 52 Rasmussen(rabo), 63 Leipheimer(discovery), 65 Kloden(astana)
83 Vinokoerov +1.20
(so practically all big guns earn 1.20 on Vino..., plus all the sprinters apart from Pozzato, Zabel and Freire are removed from the top 20)

1. Cancellara (CSC)
2. Kloden (Astana) 33
3. Pozzato (Liquigas) 35
4. Millar (Saunier Duval) 41
5. Hincapie (Discovery) 43
6. Gusev (Discovery) 45
7. Karpets (Caisse) 46
8. Astarloza (Euskaltel) 49
9. Dekker (Rabo) 51
10. Vaugrenard (FDJ) 52
12. Contador (discovery), 55, 15. Evans (lotto) 56, 17 Rogers(tmobile), Pereiro Sio(Caisse) 57.
22/23 Leipheimer, Menchov 1.00, 25 Valverde 1.03, 32 Popovych, Voigt 1.08, 36 Moreau 1.09, 43 Sinkewitz 1.14, 47, Sastre, Zubeldia 1.17, 53 Mayo 1.20, 68 Rasmussen 1.36, xx. Vinokoerov 2.10 (stage just finished, only first 75 are known as of yet)
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Post by D. Sauzi » Sun Jul 15, 2007 4:15 pm

Great stuff from the tour today, yesterday was quite ok already (two days ago Boonen won the last sprint btw) with German Gerdemann standing up and taking Cancellara's jersey on the first real mountain of this year.

Today was the queens stage of the Alps, and both we can rejoice, because Rabo's Rasmussen went off on the second last mountain and drove like crazy for a 4-5 minute win over all the candidates, resulting in the mountain jersey and the yellow jersey.
With his way of rushing up those mountains i was even thinking of Pantani, i sure hope he's good enough to do this twice more this tour and maybe win it it then :)
The normal winning candidates (who can do time trials) waited very long until starting their fight, only halway the last mountain it was Moreau that went off. Valverde could follow but didnt want do anyhting while Evans could just hold on.
Behind them it was Kloden for a long time, until the last six km or so, in which Sastre went off, followed by Menchov, this jump was the last drop for Vinokourov, who couldnt follow and needed Kloden to push him past the finishline, Leipheimer and Zubeldia also didnt live trough this attack, old yellow jersey Gerdemann was already off by then. Seeing Mayo stand up was nice too, Contador seems in okay form too.
One guy was very unlucky today, T-Mobiles candidate Rogers was in the escape and one of the few able to cling onto Rasmussen, but fell in the downhill in such a way that he had to abandon the race.

Stage 8
1. Rasmussen (Rabobank)
2. Mayo (Saunier Duval) 2.47
3. Valverde (Caisse) 3.12
4. Moreau (AG2R) 3.13
5. Schleck (CSC) 3.13
6. Evans (Lotto) 3.13
7. Kaschechkin (Astana) 3.13
8. Contador (Discovery) 3.31
9. Menchov (Rabobank) 3.35
10. Sastre (CSC) 3.35
11. Zubeldia 3.59, 12 Leipheimer 3.59, 15 Pereiro Sio 4.13, 18 Kloden 4.29, 19 Vinokourov 4.29, 20 Gerdemann 5.05 21 Valjavec 5.05 26. Boogerd 6.32 28. Karpets 6.39 29. Popovych 7.40
Rogers abandons (as does Hushovd btw)

1. Rasmussen (Rabo)
2. Gerdemann (TMobile) 0.43
3. Mayo (Saunier Duval) 2.39
4. Valverde (Caisse) 2.51
5. Kaschechkin (Astana) 2.52
6. Evans (lotto) 2.53
7. Moreau (AG2R) 3.06
8. Contador (Discovery) 3.10
9. Schleck (CSC) 3.14
10. Menchov (Rabo) 3.19
11. Sastre (CSC) 3.35
12. Kloden (Astana) 3.46
13. Leipheimer (Discovery) 3.53
14. Pereiro Sio (Caisse) 3.54
15. Zubeldia (Euskaltel) 4.00
20. Valjavec (Lampre) 5.03
22. Vinokourov (astana) 5.23
23. Karpets (Caisse) 6.09
26. Boogerd (Rabo) 6.38
28. Popovych (Discovery) 7.32
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Post by Gorth » Mon Jul 16, 2007 10:15 am

D. Sauzi wrote: Total:
1. Rasmussen (Rabo)
Well, if we can't have a danish team in front, this will have to do :haksthumbsup:
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Post by D. Sauzi » Thu Jul 19, 2007 8:14 pm

Hehe i thopugh we'd agree on the only dane and the only dutch team.

Rasmussen is still in the lead (or was yesterday)
The third alps stage wasnt that very special, though it might have been if i watched it. However, Soler put in a good race and the favourites stayed mainly close too each other, this day Valverde seeming the strongest.
There's only two fellows we can write off, Vinokourov again lost a couple of minutes, and i think we can say he's lost his title chances by now. The other is Rabo's former head-man Menchov, who missed the head group quite astonishingly, though it might have to do with riding for Rasmussen.

yesterday was mainly flat with a group of ten low placed escapees, veteran Vasseur took the win.

Furthermore the first narcotic fellow has been spotted, Patrick Sinkewitz from (again) T-Mobile, and sadly for the fellow right after he crashed into a fan during stage 8, so hard he's now in the hospital. German broadcasters ZDF and ARD promptly stopped their coverage because of this, however, the Germans have moved to viewing Eurosport en masse.
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Post by Jan » Fri Jul 20, 2007 1:46 am

Watching guys riding bikes?! Hm... I think I'll go up my fishing skill.

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Post by Gorth » Fri Jul 20, 2007 3:56 am

I am tempted to buy a bike...

I can't watch the race on TV here. I know it is shown on some channels though, just not those on the hotels I stay on. Heck, I almost watched an entire season of Oernen (The Eagle, danish crime series) on Australian TV here :lol:
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Post by D. Sauzi » Fri Jul 20, 2007 12:59 pm

No Eurosport like channel in the hotels? thats too bad, those Pyrenees will be nice, believe me Jan, mountain trials are way better than formula 1 or most football games. They should make a good game out of the sport actually.

The tour is coughing up strange stuffs again, The Danish league has been moaning about Rasmussen, who apparently several months ago didnt tell them where he was, this is officially needed for unexpected controls, but he wasn't able to do so during training stages in Mexico. (riders have to let them know where they will be two months away.. ) They have stated he cant ride in the WC and Olympics, and they also wanted to get him out of the Tour (the danes want so :S ?!)
However this happened months ago, and he was allowed to ride in the Danish championship, but now hes in tour and in yellow they start moaning. Tour-direction decided because of this that he can start normally, so i hope i dont have to talk about this nonsense anymore.

The flat stage yesterday was apparently still quite intereesting, heavy wind and an incredibly hard riding Astana team, who prolly havent given up on Vino. And with some result, due to the speed the peloton splitted and the other half got two minutes, including one big gun, Moreau. Stuff that doesnt happen often i think, Moreau now also has probably too much minutes too catch up.
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Post by Gorth » Fri Jul 20, 2007 2:09 pm

D. Sauzi wrote:No Eurosport like channel in the hotels? thats too bad, those Pyrenees will be nice, believe me Jan, mountain trials are way better than formula 1 or most football games. They should make a good game out of the sport actually.
Mostly Fox channels. Not surpring when most of the standard packages are provided by something called FoxTel :roll:

That means local sport, AFL, Rugby and Cricket :?
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Post by D. Sauzi » Sun Jul 22, 2007 12:48 pm

Wow nice time trial.

flat stage from friday won by Boonen (second win) quite astonishing that they managed a mass sprint btw.

Time trial was very interesting, everybody expected Rasmussen to lose his yellow, but the chicken got special powers from his maillot jaune, finishing 11th in the time trial, only losing about a minute to the top contenders.
Also Vinokourov stood up, winning the stage with more than a minute on number 2 and about 2 1/2 on Rasmussen. He comes back in the top 10 on 5 minutes something, which again gives him small chances if he attacks succesfully in the Pyrenees.
Some contenders also toppled, number 3 Mayo who cannot ride time trials lost heavily and dropped to 12, more astonishingly Valverde had an extreme bad day, Rasmussen even passing him in the time trial, he goes down to 11th, and we can write my favourite off (well favourite favourite ;)).
Moreau also lost a lot more time and is definitely gone.
It was the first raining day, and with the uphill going (which saved rasmussen) the downhill parts were very wet, many people crashed, including numbers 3, 6 and 12 from the time trial ..)

Time trial results:
1. Vinokourov (Astana)
2. Evans (lotto) 1.14
3. Kloden (astana) 1.39
4. Kaschechkin (astana) 1.44
5. Wiggins (cofidis) 2.14
6. Popovych (discovery) 2.16
7. Contador (discovery) 2.18
8. Chavanel (cofidis) 2.38
9. Leipheimer (discovery) 2.39
10. Astarloza (euskaltel) 2.42
11. Rasmussen (rabo) 2.55
12. Gusev (discovery) 2.56 (17 Karpets, )
18. Kirchen (t-mobile) 3.18
19. Pereiro Sio (caisse) 3.23 (21 Menchov,)
26. Sastre (csc) 4.01
32. Zubeldia (euskaltel) 4.31
34. Schleck (csc) 4.48
46. Mayo (saunier duval) 6.04
47. Valverde (caisse) 6.08
125. Moreau (ag2r) 9.26

1. Rasmussen (rabo)
2. Evans (lotto) 1.00
3. Contador (discovery) 2.31
4. Kloden (astana) 2.34
5. Leipheimer (discovery) 3.37
6. Kaschechkin (astana) 4.23
7. Sastre (csc) 4.45
8. Astarloza (csc) 5.07
9. Vinokourov (astana) 5.10
10. Kirchen (tmobile) 5.29
11 Valverde (caisse) 5.48, 12 Mayo (saunierduval) 5.48, 14 Pereiro Sio (caisse) 7.04, 15. Popovych (discovery) 7.37, 16 Menchov (rabo) 7.45 17. Schleck(tmob) 7.49 18. Zubeldia (euskaltel) 8.18, 19 Karpets (discovery) 9.13 23. Moreau (ag2r) 13.09
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Post by D. Sauzi » Mon Jul 23, 2007 3:40 pm

The fight between Contador and Rasmussen is really becoming something :)

yesterday and today Rabo drove up the mountains like crazy, yesterday Boogerd forcing more than 1.5 minutes into Evans, Leipi and Kloden for Rasmussen, Contador being the only one to follow.
Contador wanted the win for his good work, so Rasmussen could keep his yellow, but he disagreed, considering with that 1.5 minute Contador was now the main enemy and couldnt be given 20 bonus seconds for the win. A pissed Contador took them anyway.
Vino goes down once more, dropping to over 34 minutes in the overall.
Nice to see was the deal between Soler (who has the mountain jersey as he's second there) and Rasmussen, Soler appears to be allowed to gain that jersey as long as he works for Rasmussen, which he did perfectly, seems Rabo got another teammate ;)

Today he corrects stuff again, Vino takes what people call the queen of the Pyrenees (i disagree, thats wednesday) with a win a 5.5 minutes on the big guns, though of course that is only nice for him. The head ghroup was good with also Zubeldia and Kirchen in the group, who get into the first 10.
Contador showed how pissed he was and attacked Rasmussen about six times, once with Popovych, but he was taken back by the Rabo teammates, once with Hincapie in the downhill before the finish, but Rasmussen held on, and four times alone, the last time Rasmussen really cringed to hold on, but was saved by the crazy spaniards on the mountain, who were so much on the road that motors and cars couldn't drive trough and Contador couldnt ride on, this also made the downhill trick with Hincapie not work.
Hincapie however drove home hard to put more time in the time trial specialists, and the two succeeded in taking another 40 seconds on Evans Kloden and Leipi.

This makes the difference between Rasmussen and the time trial specialists 4 minutes to Evans, and ~5.30 on Kloden and Leipheimer, which might very well be enough for the time-trial.
Contador is still at ~2.30 but is less of a timetrialler, winning only 40 secs in the last one, and definitely needing his time over Evans to at least consolidate his place. He seems pissed enough to try again wednesday.

1. Rasmussen Rabo
2. Contador Disc 2.23
3. Evans Lotto 4.00
4. Leipheimer Disc 5.25
5. Kloden Astana 5.34
6. Sastre CSC 6.46
7. Zubeldia Eusk 7.27
8. Kaschechkin Astana 7.54
9. Kirchen TMob 8.24
10. Astarloza Eusk 9.21
11. Valverde, 12 Popovych, 13 Pereiro Sio, 14 Soler, 15 Arroyo, 16 Karpets, 17 Horner, 18 Mayo, 19 Boogerd , 20 Beltran
21 Menchov, 22 Schleck, 23 Vinokourov

teams: (without today, prolly alike considering the ones finishing esp. with Vino and Hincapie assisting their teams for a change, btween () riders with some assistance to the score)
1. Discovery (Contador, Leipheimer, Popovych, Hincapie, Gusev)
2. Astana (Kloden, Kaschechkin, Vinokourov, Colom) @ 1.58
3. Rabobank (Rasmussen, Boogerd, Menchov, Dekker) @7.58
4. Caisse d'Epargne (Valverde, Pereiro Sio, Karpets, Arroyo, Gutierrez)@ 11.24
5. CSC (Sastre, Schleck, Cancellara, Voigt) @ 11.40
6. Euskaltel 25.26 7. Lotto 49.13 8. Saunier Duval 1.05.30 9. Credit Agricole 1.11.09 10. AG2R 1.18.37
"anyway, smoke orcs if so take eyes if right points left xy."


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