MERLANCE's non D&D campaign log (Zombies!)

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MERLANCE's non D&D campaign log (Zombies!)

Post by MERLANCE » Sun Nov 04, 2007 11:14 am

This game will probably only last a few sessions, but...

Dramatis Personae

Ethan McGregor (or some similar Irish last name) played by Jeff Scott. He is a rough and tumble Irish exchange student attending the local university, and on the rugby team. He has a short fuse, and can be a bit hard drinking at times. His specialty is that he knows a martial arts form that involves tripping and throws. He is 18 years old.

Dave (or something) Russel (some Australian dude) played by Jeff Gathergood. Also a college exchange student, he is a largely good natured, rough and tumble rugby team captain. He has basic firearms training. He is somewhat impatient, but will generally let cooler heads prevail. His specialty is dodging. He is 21 years old.

Dr Michael Knight, played by ME! He is a biochemist, as well as an MD specialized in pathology. He has moderate security clearance, and is a senior researcher in the facility. He has a significant quantity of wealth, represented by his high end laptop computer, iPhone, fancy car (a Jaguar or something) and access to most things he would need. He would be comparably wealthy as to upper middle class, like a successful lawyer or minor executive. He goes to the underground shooting range weekly, and is moderately skilled in small arms. He is 31 years old.

Anyways, the game uses a modified World of Darkness system, with the game taking place in our city. It is a Resident Evil campaign, where we must survive a zombie horde. I have never played the games or watched the movies, so my knowledge of what happens is severely hampered, but supposedly there is something called a "T Virus" and its a bad, bad thing. My scientist character worked for something called "Umbrella corp" and was doing research on a cure for the virus on animals in a subterranean research complex. Something happened elsewhere, in a place called Raccoon City, where there was an outbreak, and it has since spread through the rest of the US.

Things have been bad for a while, but recently, random attacks have stepped up. Nobody knows really whats going on, Dr Knight didn't know there was human testing or anything.

Anyways, the campaign began like so...

Working in the lab, one Saturday afternoon, Dr Knight had just finished a day of research on the T virus. He left the underground compound, which was located beneath a local university, and went out to get dinner. He drove his expensive car, and got directions to a well recieved eating establishment from On Star. He ate a modest meal, then began the drive home to his underground complex, where he maintained a dormitory (so as to save money on living expenses).

During the drive, he glanced down an alley at what appeared to be a rape or an attack of some sort, some sort of man on top of a woman with the woman screaming. He used the On Star system in his vehicle to report the crime to the police, and was told to stay on the scene, and not leave his car. He tried flashing his headlights on them, to stop the attack (he hypothesized that if someone is attacking someone in an alley, they will stop if someone happens along). This only makes the woman scream for help all the more, until her cries are ended with a sickening tearing noise.

As this occurs, the police arrive on the scene, and tell the attacker to step away from the woman. He does so, and runs towards the police, covered in blood. They tell him to freeze, he keeps running, so they start shooting. The first ten bullets hardly even faze the creature, and the police start to panic. The eleventh bullet is a headshot that removes the head from said entity. Dr Knight, being a doctor after, checks the bodies to be sure they are completely dead. He notices that the blood in the male is extremely thick and coagulated. Also, the female has had her throat torn out.

Dr Knight stays on scene and makes a statement, gives up his information, tells them his (fake) address (which was provided by the Corporation for such occasions). He then proceeds back to the compound, shaken by his ordeal. Upon arriving, he makes an appointment to speak to a counselor or psychologist about his ordeal, and given the infinite resources of the company, it is schedule for that very night.


Two Rugby players have just finished up a match. These being Australian exchange student played by Jeff 1 (whose name, again, I THINK is Dave or something like it) and Irish exchange student Ethan, played by Jeff 2. After winning their match, they head off to the Student Union to get a late lunch. While their, another student seems to go into a seizure, and is carted off to a hospital (presumably). They leave and head back to their dorm room. They try to make plans for later that night with some of their rugby buddies, and out of the 20 or so they call, 7 are ill. They do however locate a party at one of their friends houses and head off to that.

First, though, they stop at a liquor store and get some whiskey or something for the party. Upon arriving at the party, they find themselves among the first to show up. They occupy an hour or two playing X box or something, then start "chillaxing" with their posse. After a few hours, they hear a fight break out outside. Dave pushes his way to the front of the crowd gathered around them, and see two normal looking people fighting two ghoulishly pale people. They figure that they must have had too much to drink, so Dave and Ethan each take one of them.

Ethan is skilled in some form of martial arts that involves throws and stuff, while also being skilled in the basic brawling needed by a drunken Irishman. Dave is more of a grapple type fighter.

Anyways, the fight progresses with them starting out with punches and kicks. That doesn't seem to be going well for them, and someone calls out that the police had been called. Ethan tries to kick and trip the guy he is fighting, while Dave tries to tackle and pin his guy. Ethan has no luck, so he gets A STEEL CHAIR! He whacks the guy hes fighting to no effect besides denting the chair, while Dave manages to pin the guy with the help of the second guy that was helping fight the entity they were engaged in combat with. At some point during the fight, Ethan is bitten by the one he is fighting.

Just then, the police arrive (2 minute response time! they must have been patrolling for underaged drinking or something.) They tell them all to get down on the ground, and the guy Ethan was fighting charges them. They use a taser... to no effect! Then one of the cops kneecaps the one that charged them (2 shots from his pistol) and he continues to try to charge them, crawling. The police manage to subdue him, but some are bitten in the process. Thus, they rough him up a bit extra as they put him in the cruiser.

The other one, which Dave had pinned, continues to try to wriggle free. In doing so, it made some critical failures, causing its arm to be badly broken to the point where the bone sticks out of the flesh, and its ribs, break, and dislocates its ankle and such. The police subdue him too, take some statements from the party goers, then leave.

The party wraps up after that, and the two return to their dorm.


Dr Knight finally gets to his appointment, after witnessing a brutal murder and subsequent police killing of someone whose head explodes, considerably shaken. The session takes an hour and a half, but after telling the whole story to the counselor he feels a bit better and the penalties he would have taken are negated. As the counselor is an employee of Umbrella Corp, this is relayed to the higher ups. After a while, he is asked by some guards in the facility to accompany them, and seeing no reason not to, he does so.

He is taken to the executive area in the lower levels, where he meets with one of the heads of the company, whose name I do not recall, that is some guy that wears sunglasses and a suit all the time. He gives Dr Knight a warrant of some sort, and instructs him to go to the morgue and get a blood sample of the attacker and the victim. Dr Knight is apprehensive, but feels he must confront what has happened to him so he complies. He is also instructed to run a blood test and immediately report his findings.

First, however, he stops at his living area and grabs his laptop and 9mm pistol. He DID just witness a grisly murder after all, and feels rather vulnerable and helpless. If he had his gun during the last encounter, maybe he could have done something... He also gets a lab tech to assist in the mission (OOC: I figured that I would need a red shirt for this mission).

Dr Knight arrives at the morgue, presents his warrant, and is waved in. He takes the blood samples, leaves, and returns to the lab. He runs the tests he was instructed to, and discovers that the attacker had a 100% T virus infection, and the victim had a 30% (and rising) infection rate. He reports to the boss guy, who then informs him that the situation has been upgraded to (I believe) a stage 3 disaster. Apparently, that means that a total lockdown and quarantine would be in effect. He is also told to keep this quiet. Then, the hologram of the boss man vanishes (didn't know it was a holo until this point).

Knowing that the facility would go into full lockdown within the hour, Dr Knight grabs his laptop, a change of clothes, his extra ammo, and heads to the lab to get the 7 doses of virus cure stored there. He gets out of the building. During the drive away, he hears on the radio about the state of emergency. Several times he is stopped by the troops, but his security clearance is high enough that he is allowed outside, though urged to get indoors for his own safety. He checks into a hotel, and expecting the worst, barricades the door. Praying his defenses would hold against any incursions, he enters an uneasy sleep...


Back at the dorm, Ethan and Dave are watching the news. The violence is worsening, and the city is in a state of emergency with a 9pm curfew and such. Glancing out the window, they see Tanks, Armored personel carries, national guard troops, and also soldiers of Umbrella corporation's private army. They hear helicopters overhead. Dave gets his baseball bat out of the closet, and they leave the TV on overnight, getting a restless sleep...

BEEEEEEEEEEEEEP BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP THIS IS THE EMERGENCY BROADCAST SYSTEM, PLEASE STAY TUNED FOR IMPORTANT INFORMATON (or something to that effect) is how all three characters are awoken. People in different parts of the city are instructed to go to different evacuation points throughout the city. For example, if you live in one suburb, go to the bus station. Another, go to the local high school to be bussed out. Others, to the airport, and so on. This occurs at 7:30 AM, Sunday morning.

Dr Knight's iPhone starts ringing and he is instructed to get to the airport to be airlifted out of there, along with other senior researches and such. He has until 5:30 PM before the final chopper leaves. He is about 10 miles away from the airport.

In the Dorm, the studens are awoken by this. The rugby players all plan to meet up and walk to the airport, as the roads are likely clogged up. Of all the ones they call, 18 arrive, as the others are in the hospital or otherwise... unresponsive. 7 of those that arrive look kind of sickly. Despite it being suggested they go to the hospital, they all travel together. They get two or three miles along their 10 or so mile journey, after which one of the team collapses. During the whole walk ( which is mostly through parts of downtown) they see lots of police and soldiers, and see many attacks and gun battles. Mostly they hustle, but during the few times they see small groups of the Infected attacking people, the gang beat them and continue on.

After a while, one of the team collapses, and goes into convulsions, being sick. The team is swarmed by several armed soldiers and police, and those that look sick are separated from them. The "healthy" members of the team are told to get into the back of an armored personnel carrier, along with an older white collar looking man, and a teenage boy. They comply, Dave hands over his baseball bat, which is put into the front section, and are told they are to be taken to be tested for infection...


Dr Knight exits his hotel and heads towards his car, with his stuff. He notices the traffic jam and decides against such a course of action, and instead approaches a company soldier and asks for an escort to the airport. Though lesser scientists and techs are turned away by various guards, given his semi VIP status Dr Knight's request is granted, and waits several minutes for an APC to arrive and take him to the airport. He gets into the front, and meets another soldier, who is armed with an AK-47, a sidearm, several grenades, and is wearing body armor. His name is Corporal Thompson, and he has been instructed to escort Dr Knight to Field Station 2 or something, which is located in a nearby high school. Dr Knight's expertise is needed here to run tests on people, before he can be evacuated from the city. Later in the day, a helicopter would arrive to airlift him and other personnel out of there.


The APC the players are riding in stops momentarily, then begins moving again...


Riding in the front of the APC, Dr Knight takes a look around the cab to see what is around. He makes note of a weapons locker and a baseball bat. He asks Corporal Thompson what weapons they have in reserve, and learns of an extra pistol and ammo, a shotgun and ammo, and some grenades.

The drive to the field station is tedious at best. After a while, taking the freeway, they come across a multi car accident which would be impossible to go around. Corporal Thompson grabs the weapons and they get out on foot. Dr Knight takes the extra pistol and ammo. Corporal Thompson then goes to the back of the APC and instructs those inside to emerge. He also hands one of them a baseball bat. Then, a trek through a field and into a suburban area begins...

Midway through the field, Corporal Thompson notices a leg laying in an area of high grass. He instructs those with him to stand back. Dr Knight secures the perimeter, keeping an eye out for any of the infected. Upon closer inspection, Corporal Thompson checks the body, and it appears to have been ripped apart and eaten, a rather gruesome sight. Knowing what has transpired, Dr Knight asks those assembled if any among them knows how to fire a gun. One does indeed, a rugby player named Dave. He gives Dave the extra pistol and ammo, and tells him to bring up the rear.

The rest of the journey to Field Station 2 is uneventful. Corporal Thompson takes the extra pistol back and stores it with the other weapons, and escorts Dr Knight to the back lab to perform blood tests and stuff. The various rugby players and middle aged man are processed and are eventually taken on a bus away from the facility, presumably out of the city. Dave is tested last, and finishes after the bus left, so he decides to wait on his friend, Ethan.

Ethan, on the otherhand, is in an examination room and given a full checkup. He has tested positive for the T-Virus, however he has no symptoms or even any noticeable trace of the virus in his system. More blood is taken from him, and his temper is beginning to manifest itself. However, given the presence of two armed guards in the room with him, he decides best to stay still. He hears what sounds like popcorn popping in the distance... outside at least.

Dave, on the other hand, hears what sounds like people having their assault rifles on full auto. Looking out through the glass front door of the high school that makes up field station 2, he sees about 30 Infected attacking the makeshift barricades of desks and chairs set up by the soldiers. The soldiers do not seem to be doing to well, and are being overrun. Several of the Infected tear a soldier apart, and the other soldiers fall back to a more defensive position inside the front doors.

SITE TWO COMPROMISED! SITE TWO COMPROMISED! went out the call on the various walkie talkies of the soldiers guarding the place. Everyone knew this was a bad thing. Perhaps only Dr Knight knew exactly *how* bad this was.

Dave runs to the school cafeteria, and grabs as much non perishable food and water as he can and sticks it in some bags or crates he finds. He finds a few days worth of food, only some of it perishable. One of the guards tells him to fall back to the gymnasium, so he does, with his supplies. Other guards get Ethan to the gym, and Corporal Thompson gets Dr Knight, the lab techs, the teenager, and the other doctor to the gym. They the soldiers left in order to hopefully hold off the Infected until the evac choppers would arrive.

Preparing for the worst, the other doctor present went to the gym's back room and get whatever could possibly be used as a weapon. Basketballs, dodge balls, kickballs, baseball bats, balls, shotputs, bowling balls, hockey sticks, and hockey pucks all offered a variety of armament to hold off a threat.

Dr Knight, Dave, and Ethan all hoped it would be enough...

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Post by Joseph » Mon Nov 05, 2007 12:10 am

I do miss rping. I definitely miss those days. :(

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Post by MERLANCE » Sun Nov 11, 2007 9:47 am

When last we left our heroes, they were preparing to fortify a high school against a zombie incursion...

Anyways, the first order of business was to secure the rest of the gym complex. Ethan and Dave (who is actually named Andy I now know, but will continue to refer to him as Dave for now) went through the back door of the gym. What they find is a hallway, with three doors. Dave goes to one door, and discovers its the girls locker room. He does a quick check, and finds that there is nothing of interest there. Ethan, on the other hand, goes to the coaches room. The door is locked, so he tries kicking it down, and fails horribly, ending up on his back. He gets back up and shoulders through it, splintering the wood. He enters the coach's room. It is a small room with a window that is ten feet off of the ground, a desk, and a computer.

He searches the room, taking note of the computer. He tries to access the internet through it, but it is not connected to the internet. He fools around with what programs are on it, like the grade book, and alters a few grades, then checks the room some more. He finds some keys, and due to a sudden flash of insight, uses them on the locked desk drawer. On the inside of it is a laptop and a bottle of rum. He checks the laptop, and discovers videos taken from a hidden webcam in the girls locker room. Later, he takes the webcam.

A check of the boys locker room reveals nothing.

Dave and Ethan then return to the main gymnasium area. The zombies continue to pound on the gym door, largely ineffectually.

In the gym, Corporal Taylor, Dr Knight, Ethan, and Dave devise a plan for escape. It is still the first day, and there is still hope for escape at this point. The plan is to first get to an APC parked out front, then get to the local Defense Supply Center, which is essentially a military supply depot located a few miles away. They figure that if they can't get a helicopter there, they can at least get a tank, and failiing that heavy weapons and rocket launchers and stuff. After that, we would try to get to police headquarters as that is where the SWAT team equipment is. MP5's and combat shotguns would greatly expand their arsenal of weapons. After that stop, they would either try to fight our way out of town, or get to the secret underground research facility.

There was a slight hitch in the plan, however: all the zombies between there and the APC. The first order of business was to get to the roof, as that would provide the easiest means to get across the school. This was in the far rear of the school, and it was decided that Corporal Taylor and one of the army guys, as well as the three party members would go. The first order of business was to actually get up onto the roof. There was a ladder in the gym, so they took it through the back of the schoo, out through the coach's window. There were two zombies in the back, so Dave climbed out of the window, then had the ladder lowered to him, then set it up. One of the zombies saw him, so one of the soldiers shot it in the head, with a silencer on the gun. Then everyone climbed up to the roof.

It was fairly easy going across the roof. Once they made it to the front of the school however, they were horrified by the large quantity of zombies. A quick count by Ethan indicated that there were 46 zombies. Dave devised a plan where he would throw rocks from the roof of the school at the zombies, and lure them away while the rest made a run for the APC. Thus, he started throwing rocks at zombies. It took an hour and a half of throwing, but he managed to lure 20 of them off to the side. Even though there were still zombies there, having 20 fewer made it easier.

Corporal Taylor, Ethan, Dr Knight, and a second soldier made a dash for the APC and got in. One zombie came towards them, but it was quickly shot and killed by one of the soldiers. Fortunately, they all make it into the APC. Corporal Taylor drives it around back to the window where they all came out, and they load up the food and supplies and people into the back of the APC, and set off down the road.

The drive is uneventful for a while. Eventually they all come across a fortified building where about 15l US soldiers and Umbrella soldiers, and a SWAT team are hunkered in. They are fighting a horde of zombies that are trying to get past their barricade of cars, two city SWAT vans, and other vehicles. The party asks if they would like to tag along to the Defense Supply Center, but the soldiers say that the place has already been cleared out of all useful equipment. They also mention that there is one of those big two propeller helicopters coming to evacuate them, and the fifty civilians inside. They invite the group to join them, and after a short deliberation, they accept. They discovered that Lt Franklin was in charge here.

The civilians go inside, while the four soldiers get to the barricade an do what they can to repel the attack. Inside, there are about fifty non combatants. There are also several wounded people hooked up to IVs. Dr Knight checks them for bite marks, and checks to see if anyone else in there has bite marks. Fortunately, they already killed everyone who had been bitten.

During the first hour, one of the soldiers is critically wounded, and another bitten. Dave goes outside, picks up the fallen soldier's weapon, and helps with the defense as best as he is able.

After stabilizing the wounded soldier for the time being, Dr Knight decides that this would be a good point to begin conducting research on Ethan, so he takes the soldier and Ethan aside, and informs the soldier that he will die and become a zombie, unless he undergoes a blood transfusion with Ethan. Ethan and the soldier both accept, and Dr Knight is able to draw blood from Ethan and put it into the soldier relatively easily.

During this period, outside the soldiers see what appears to be a giant brown recluse spider, the size of a Volkswagen bug. They kill it. Then, they keep killing zombies for another half hour.

At this time, the helicopter arrives, and the soldiers begin to fall back to the building, telling the people inside to load the wounded first. There are five or so injured people, and they are brought up the stairs to the twefth floor, and onto the roof. Some of the people and wounded make it onto the chopper. Ethan, Dr Knight, and Dave are all on the roof at this point. Dr Knight sees something out of the corner of his eye. Ethan sees a flash as something fast goes towards the helicopter. After a second, there is a splash of blood covering the window of the cockpit and the sound of people screaming stuff such as "Oh no! I am being eaten".

Dr Knight decides that this is a very bad thing, and runs back into the building, with Ethan and Dave right behind. The helicopter begins to take off, but is unlevelled, lands on its side, chops the other people on the roof up with its blades, then explodes. The force of the explosion, or the jump back into the building knocks the three characters flat, and they all are slightly injured.

They head back downstairs. Unfortunately, the soldiers thinking that evac was there, abandoned their post and barricaded the front doors. Therefore, the APC could be seen outside with a swarm of hundreds of zombies around the building. Thus, there was difficulty coming up with a plan. Fortunately, Dave elected to sacrifice himself to save us all.

The plan was simple. He would put some SWAT armor on from one of the dead SWAT guys, then run as fast as he could down the street, luring as many of the zombies away that he could. He would remain in constant radio contact, and when he got to a predesignated spot a few blocks away, we would pick him up in the APC.

He went out the side window where there were only a few zombies. One of the zombies saw him and he shot it with his pistol. It died. Then, he went to the front of the building, and tried to get the attention of the zombies. Then, he started running down the road. Then he stopped when a giant spider attacked him. Fortunately, this one wasn't as big as the other one.

It tried to bite him but failed, then he shot it. Then it bit him, and he felt ill. Then he shot it again. Ethan was watching from the second floor window, and called two of the soldiers over. They shot the spider and killed it. The zombies stayed away during the combat, perhaps out of fear of the spider.

Their slight withdrawal from the battle formed an opening which Dave surely was lucky to have: They had moved away from the APC enough that Dave was able to alter the plan which surely would cause him to die, and instead live! He dove into the APC, and as fate would have it, the keys were in it!. With his new found status, he spent a few minutes running over zombies, then backed the APC up to the door of the building. Some civilians loaded up into it, and the rest trailed as the APC covered them and the soldiers provided covering fire as they loaded into the SWAT vans and other armored vehicles. Dave led the makeshift convoy to where Dr Knight told him to go, the University.

On the way, a woman in the fourth floor of a building screamed for help, that zombies were in the building. Dave radio'd it in and stopped while a team of four soldiers stormed the building. One of them died during the fight, and four civilians were found in the building. They loaded up into one of the vehicles.

The rest of the drive was uneventful, and the convoy came to a deserted campus. No zombies around here. The convoy unloaded into the building after the soldiers checked and cleared the first floor.

Dr Knight, Corporal Taylor, Lt Franklin, and one of the other soldiers went into the underground portion of the science lab (which is not the secret Umbrella base beneath it). Dr Knight tried using his keycard to open the door to the secret area. It failed. Fortunately, Lt Franklin had the override codes, and it opened. Once the door was open, they heard the voice of the AI on the speakers, which sounded like a young British girl. "Warning, Biohazard Detected, Lockdown Engaged" was repeated over and over again. The soldiers put on their gas masks, and Dr Knight got out of there.

Meanwhile, Ethan and Dave were trying to make sure the aboveground portion of the building was secure. The two of them and two soldiers went room by room, checking the building. They also left teams of two at each of the two staircases, to make sure nothing came down through where they had been. The first floor was secure. They moved onto the second floor and it was secure. They got partway through the third floor when they heard something in the ceiling tiles coming towards them, a rapid clicking sound. Something reached down and grabbed one of the soldiers and pulled him up into the ceiling, and they heard him scream. The soldier, Ethan, and Dave all fired into the ceiling with their guns (M4A1's) but it was too late. They radio'd in their loss and beat a hasty retreat back down to the first floor. Then, because the basement area was essentially a bunker with a seperate system of air ducts, they moved all the people down their despite the biohazard warning.

They locked the door. and posted guards at it. It was about 10pm now, and it had been a long day. All the people settled in for an uneasy sleep...

(There is still more to write for this section, ill just do it later. As usual, any comments or advice on our continued survival is welcome)

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Post by MERLANCE » Sat Nov 24, 2007 1:41 pm

I could have sworn that I posted this, I finished writing it a week ago...

Before going to sleep, all the characters tried making phone calls to their loved ones. Dave managed to get his cousin in Australia on the phone, and told him to take the rest of the family, supplies, and weapons, and head for the mountains. Neither of the others manage to get any answer.

During the night, Dr Knight used his laptop to analyze the blood of the soldier with whom Ethan had the transfusion. The virus was present, but did not seem to be increasing. The transfusion seemed to have worked! This certainly would be an important first step towards advancing the research on the disease. Wouldn't it?

When everyone awoke, they had a breakfast of the food that was brought from the school. Then Dr Knight, Ethan, and Dave, accompanied by all but two of the guards, took the elevator down to the underground bunker portion of the facility. Sub-level 1, of 15 sub levels, was their goal. This is where Dr Knight's lab was located.

It took about 5 hours, but they stuck together and searched the level, clearing it room by room. 100 dormitories, a kitchen stocked with six weeks of food, Dr Knight's lab, and a lounge area with working TV's, computers, and satellite radio all were deemed fit for use. The lab, however, with all samples of the T virus, had been cleared out. There were only basic lab supplies. Furthermore, the computers had been wiped. Fortunately, Dr Knight had all of his research backed up on his laptop, so there was no major setback from that.

Corporal Taylor and Dave took the elevator back up and began to load people into it. It could hold about 10 people at a time, 15 if it was crammed full, but figured that ten would be safer. When they started going back down... the elevator cord broke, and it plummeted to the bottom of the shaft killing all occupants... except Dave, who was horribly wounded and had a broken left arm. He lived by sheer luck: Corporal Taylor broke his fall.

It was hard work, but the soldiers managed to get Dave up to the lab, where Dr Knight was able to at least treat the wound.

Over the next 24 hours, the 50 or so surviving civilians climbed the emergency ladder in the elevator shaft down a mile, and made it into sub level 1. The area was secure, and people settled in as best they were able.

Over the next three days, people settled into routines, watching TV (what channels were still on) for news of the outside world. It was a worldwide outbreak, except for Japan. It turns out that the United States was evacuating down to Mexico, where the outbreak was far less severe (Kind of like that Day After Tomorrow movie). In the group of civilians there were people with various skills, like an emergency room doctor, three nurses, some computer tech guys, and one of the army guys was a surgeon/combat medic. Dr Knight also started a blood bank, so that in case anyone was terribly wounded there would be at least a small supply on hand, and also so that he could test the T Virus some more.

After about three days of preparation, Dr Knight finally had done everything he could to prepare his research that involved not having a sample of the T Virus. Therefore, they had to go down to level 3 where some of the virus was stored. Incidentally, Dr Knight also had clearance to know that on the third level they were researching nano technology and cellular regeneration, something that could help Dave.

So, on that day, two of the soldiers, Lt Franklin, Dr Knight, and Ethan headed down. Ethan had the SWAT armor that Dave was wearing on, and an M4A1, while Dr Knight had no Armor, and an M4A1. The two soldiers also had M4A1's, but the Lt had a modified MP5. The exploration of the third level was brief, as after a few minutes down there, when a door was opened to the lab area, 4 zombies, called "Lickers". In a brief but tense firefight, by sheer good luck only one of the soldiers was killed, and all the lickers died.

The nano tech was recovered, as was a sample of the T Virus from the lickers. The corpses of the lickers and the soldier were tossed to the bottom of the elevator shaft, where the bodies of those that died in the elevator crash still were.

Over the next two weeks, Dr Knight did what research he could to try to develop a cure. Dave recovered completely after being given the nano treatments, and he and began an exercise program with all the people so that in the event that they had to encounter zombies again, they would be in a little bit better shape so as to out run them. Dr Knight also sent out tons of e mails to Umbrella requesting T virus research and stuff, and had the civilians work at emailing people as well.


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