In Issue 15 of the Doctor Who fan magazine Whotopia (Fall 2008) I wrote about the difficulty of collecting the Character Options Doctor Who figures in Canada. Six months later they're still not readily available here.

No shops that I've visited carry the current Series 4 or Classic waves and that's a common complaint from other Canadian fans I've met. Especially since they've been available since August 2008 in the UK and US.

In my city all of the comic/hobby shops deal only with Diamond Comic Distributors, not Underground Toys. So while they have some stock, they're all Series 1, 2 & 3 peg warmers.

But how many Gelth Grannies and Damaged Dalek Thays do you need?

For fans wanting to collect various show related products but having no local retailers carrying it, ordering online is often the only option.

This review, focusing on customer service, not price comparisons, takes a brief look at the online stores I've had both the pleasure and pain of dealing with.

It's a straightforward rating system of Positive, Neutral or Negative with an Order Again? - Yes or No and to be fair, retailers are listed alphabetically.

I've spent most of my working life in sales and customer service and the management thereof. As a result, my expectations may be a bit biased. But I believe I've been objective so now, on with the review.