Welcome to the Summer 2009 issue of the Winterwind Papers.

Would you believe that it was three years ago this month that we produced the first issue?

I do. But then I've had both the pleasure and pain of trying to keep it all together these years.

A few people commented that the tone of the last issue's editorial was quite positive. Well, I do try. You have to take the good with the bad, and smile through it. This issue saw some of each.

First off, after five years with varying degrees of reliability, Mattias is no longer involved. Holding us back as often as moving us forward, I finally agreed with some of the others

invloved and cut ties. His contributions will be missed. His conduct won't.

So, with Bad Thing #1 out of the way, it's time for Good Thing #1.

Jez Strickley, a friend of mine from the Doctor Who fan magazine, Whotopia, has contributed an excellent article about the themes of author/activist, Nabil Shaban.

Jez is an intelligent, thought provoking writer. He may submit more articles in the future and we're certainly hoping that's the case. They're well worth the read.

Bad Thing #2... A local artist that was supposed to appear this issue, despite several handshakes, smiles and assurances, failed to deliver.

Good Thing #2... At literally the last minute, talented artist Leisanne Sylvester-Jarvis, (a good friend of my flatmate's actually) agreed to be our profiled artist in this issue. Again, we're quite fortunate and she deserves a special thanks.

So you take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and then you have The Facts of Life... uh... no... I mean they balance out.

Rounding out this issue's content:

An article by Joe Cousineau on BMX biking and the cycling lifestyle. Joe is an old friend who's done some graphic work for Winterwind in the past (the forum logo for example).

Lina Broström continues to be a blessing. She's contributed another excellent short story and as it stands now, the team is just Lina and myself... so let's hope that's not too much pressure for her.

My own article is a semi-humourous look at unchanneled anger.

One final note: We're definitely looking for contributors of all kinds. And I could use a hand editing (no-one should edit their own work), soliciting content, getting back to interviews, etc. So if you're interested in helping out, please drop us a line.