Welcome to the 16th issue of
the Winterwind Papers.

Yes, it's been a few months since the last issue. In fact, there was no spring or summer issue released. But these things happen. People change jobs, go on vacations, get sick, move, go back to school...

We have plans to make up for that in quick succession with a Halloween issue and then again one for Christmas. But I don't want to get too far ahead. You know what they say about plans...

So, just dealing with one issue at a time, welcome to the Spring 2010 issue, released on the first day of autumn, 2010.

And a fantastic issue it is. Jez Strickley brings us another installment of his column, Camera Obscura, which might make you look at life, and the things around you, a bit differently.

Joe Cousineau has contributed a look at the resurgence of vinyl records, those big black things once thought vanquished by CDs and MP3s.

Introduced to Winterwind by Jez, Michael S. Collins has contributed a intriguing and detailed look at the rise of the supernatural in fiction. His examination will appear in three parts, with part one, covering Dickens and Le Fanu, contained within this issue.

Lina Broström deserves a very large round of applause. Not only does she continue in her role as something of a "writer in residence" by penning another short story for our pages but she's responsible for the lion's share of the visuals in this issue.

I've contributed a piece that takes a look at some of the absurdities I've encountered in the work place, and the seeming rise in the sheer wrongness of it all.

All that and no-one has said a thing about that little oil spill.

We're happy to be back. We're hopeful. We feel good about this issue. We've already got the irons in the fire for the future.

To be completely honest, I think part of the reason we had a six month hiatus, aside from life catching everyone from time to time, was that after almost seven years of running Winterwind, yours truly really, really needed a break. Well, that and the oil spill really depressed me...

But, like I said, we're back. And happy to be here. Putting this issue together was fun again.