Welcome to the 17th issue of
the Winterwind Papers.

Once upon a time, in a previous editorial, I wished for the issue where I wouldn't have to write an article, where I could simply function as the editor (WW trade secret... a few of my articles were last minute additions written with 1 part inspiration and 5 parts sense of obligation).

This is that issue. And despite the fact that it's a month or two later than intended (but these things happen with volunteer labours of love) it's an excellent issue, easily one of our best.

First and foremost, it features our first interview in three years, with highly regarded author, astronmer and folk artist, Duncan Lunan.

A special thanks goes out to contributor Michael Collins, without whom, we wouldn't be bringing you the interview. Michael and Duncan are friends and when Michael asked if we'd be interested in an interview, I quite naturally said "Yes".

Michael's hand is in three of this issue's five pieces. The second part of his article on the supernatural in fiction is presented and guest columnist, Thomas Jordan, who tells us about his play, "The Hob-Men", is also a friend of Michael's.

Jez Strickley contributes the other two pieces in this issue with one being a look at the selfish aspect of morality and the other exams an increasing social trend in older parents.

This is also notable for being the first issue in three years in which Lina didn't contribute a short story. Instead, she contributed by doing all the graphic work, from front to back. And her work is fantastic, giving us an excellent visual appeal.

Our next issue, slated for the summer, will include the second part of the Duncan Lunan interview, the concluding third part of Michael's article and our first Doctor Who webcomic in two years, a story with the Eighth Doctor and the beginnings of The Time War.

Best Wishes,

Joseph and the Winterwind staff