It's pretty gnarly when someone new is introduced to this circle and one can tell that they want to be apart of it.

There's no hazing. There's no ridiculous limitations. It's as simple as being a genuine person and reciprocating the friendship and treatment you receive. We have a skateboarder/snowboarder that's healing up from back surgery. He was suffering from some intense depression as financial woes. We have been and are taking care of him. We have another friend who's suffering from intense depression and alcoholism and we're doing what we can to take care of him as well.

In return, these guys offer what they can. It's not weighted out for them. It's not 'this has to be give and take by this set criteria'. It's very special and we're all happy to have it.

It wasn't until a couple of weeks ago that I realized what I and we have. I noticed I was significantly happier. I was entirely content on who and where I was in life. We have a family. We're also not hooligans vandalizing, dealing drugs and taking part in any other criminal activity.

We're going on road trips to Minneapolis, Chicago, Portland. We visit new friends, go to open mic nights as well as museums.

We're educating ourselves and each other. Whether it be more tolerance or acceptance of different cultures or forms of art or whatever else you can think of, we're making our world a better place for one another.

We're open to whoever puts in the effort it takes to give a shit about another person and not be a self-absorbed asshole.

All in all, I feel a lot happier. I feel a lot more compassionate. I feel significantly less pessimistic. When we disagree, we discuss it and at the very least we agree to disagree.

We challenge one another and in turn we progress to the purest of people that we can be. We're open to change and closed to discrimination. As one of friends puts it; it's metaphysical.

Happiness and home is what it is. If you do not have something like this and you find yourself not feeling up to par I suggest you put down your mobile electronics and get off your computer. Call some people you know and meet up for some coffee or tea. Don't text. Give these people genuine attention. Road trip if you have to.

Give someone face to face attention and see where it gets you. If enough people step up, perhaps we can take a step to put all forms of discrimination into a permanent recession and progress as humans.

As 'It Ties Today' vocalized in their song 'The Depravity Waltz'; “There is nothing pure in this world that the human race would do.” While I strongly believe that, I'm taking steps into attempting to prove myself wrong. I encourage you to do the same and keep this wheel rolling.

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