Welcome to Issue 2.

The "Lite" version.

The Autumn Issue.

Since Issue 1, everyone involved has either moved, started a new job, gone back to school or a done some combination of the three. Except for Yian mapping the links in the cover image and Magnus' graphics for Damien's column, this whole thing was done by yours truly. (My graphics for Damien's column weren't bad... but Magnus' were better. Much better.)

I had no time to research and write a feature article or arrange and conduct any new interviews. I cursed a lot, managed to pull the issue together and offer absolutely no apologies.

To make it easier on the primary people, I decided to switch from bi-monthly to seasonally. This issue should have been out on the Autumn Equinox. It wasn't. We were still late.

Will Winterwind make the Winter Solstice on time?

With Issue 1, we didn't have a clear idea of where to promote it considering the change in focus. It actually received less exposure than we used to get with a single computer gaming interview.

The biggest surprise was how little attention the Larry Elmore interview received. We expected far more response but it was only picked up by the the folks at the Dragonlance Nexus and our old friends at Sorcerer's. (Sorcerer's even plugged Puuk's column though political opinion is not what Damien is known for, nor what they cover. Thanks guys!)

Speaking of old friends, I used to be friends with some of the guys at NMA, especially Odin, the owner, and Roshambo. Not so much the others. Odin and Roshambo are mostly MIA at NMA now but the others certainly enjoyed our first issue though. Though refusing to promote it on either the NMA site or forums they sure as hell linked to it a lot in their admin forum.

Turns out they hope to launch their own ezine sometime around Christmas. They were looking at ours as an example. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery they say.

I'm so flattered.

We also had a guy who submitted a short story. It was about vampyres on the police force in LA or something. It wasn't really memorable. The guy who submitted it has a habit of posting about his anal fetishes/prison fantsies on other forums so we're really rather glad he didn't stick around.

But Damien's here and Dragos is here and I'm here and Yian has submitted some of his art.

Never fear. We'll save you from those vampyre ass freaks in uniform.

Wow. I'm pretty pissy today. Must be my complete failure to quit smoking and all those cold showers I've been taking while subjecting myself to a most cruel and unusual punishment.

Well, that's the editorial for this issue.

Joseph Avery-North