Joseph "Josan" Avery-North
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Joseph has recently taken to pondering deep philosophical questions and taking lots of cold showers. Far, far too many cold showers. He needs love.

Damien "Puuk" Foletto
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Though they share a common enemy and now, the same home state, Damien still doesn't like the Dixie Chicks. He still doesn't do perky either.

Magnus Mørkøre "CatBoris" Johannesen
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Magnus' snazzy graphics skills and short attention span remain intact. Unfortunately the internet connection at his student residence doesn't so the world is denied his strange and special Fish given gift.

Janis "Yian" Voyias
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Yiannis has managed to escape from Cyprus, at least temporarily. Convincing the military he is somewhat insane, his mandatory service has been postponed. He plans to attend school in England.

Will anyone in Cyprus ever see Yian again?


Joseph Avery-North

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Joseph Avery-North
Damien Foletto
Dragos Manea

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Janis Voyias


Joseph Avery-North
Magnus Mørkøre Johannesen

Joseph Avery-North
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Joseph Avery-North

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Joseph Avery-North
Janis Voyias

Special thanks to Lorien, the gorgeous young woman that lives a couple doors down the street and was willing to throw caution to the wind in posing with me for this issue... against the wall... in my bed... under the sheets...

I have her phone number and all you cyber geek losers living in your parent's basements, sniffing model glue, playing Dungeons and Dragons and wanking don't!

The Winterwind Papers
Volume 1, Issue 2, Copyright © 2006.

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