My eyes were slowly closing, my mind drifting away, when my eye caught something that made me shy into my blankets, trembling with fear. "Daaad!" My dad entered my bedroom, and calmly approached my bedside. "What is it,Yiannis?"

I knew I would sound stupid if I told him again about things moving in the dark. And indeed, this was the last time I did so, causing me to sleep with a blanket over my eyes for most of my early childhood... "Dad, there's a giant steam train by the wardrobe!"

What goes on in the mind is like another dimension - but when one's imagination is let loose, it often becomes hard to remain in a dream state, or reality. You tend to live somewhere in between.

When the mind is free, ideas come spilling out from all directions. Daydreaming, I used to drink them all in, explore them in silence, often in the middle of greek lessons at school, or while trying to focus on some troublesome math at home. For that reason, I was forced to kill off my imagination, stifle the visions.

Most of them, that is.

'Voyias', my surname, is a corruption of the greek word for painter, 'Boyiatzis'. I've been told it's because my great grandfather, used to paint clothes. It's therefore through some strange coincidence that my gran was an artist here in Cyprus - she got the surname after marrying. So perhaps it was written all along that I'd end up making art in some way. Welcome to my digital art gallery, a way to syphon out my remaining rampant fantasies.