Now, saying that someone sucks cock on the internet isn't really very nice.

And it can cause some confusion.

Does the pharse "on the internet" refer to your act of using the internet as a medium to communicate your knowledge/opinion/fantasy?

Or does "on the internet" mean that during your innocent travels online, you have seen footage of them engaged in this often misunderstood and poorly performed act?

Or is there perhaps a third, even more disturbing, possibility? IT Geek orgies involving midgets, monkeys, modems, routers and ethernet cables.

Still, it's not a nice thing to say about someone. Especially when you have no proof. So we won't mention it again. Except to say that if you want to read then entire sorrowful saga, you can do so here.

What we're trying to say is that we miss Janmanden, we love him and we're sorry and we want him back. We're extending the official non-greek olive branch of peace.

(Note: At this time it is only right that, in the spirit of peace on earth and goodwill towards all of Our Lord Fish's creatures, we call your attention to a very special Christmas message. Contained within the haikus are the Hidden Prophecies of Esoteric Esther.

If you wish to ascend from the Skillet to the Aquarium and Swim with the Sacred School, study them wisely and unlock the ancient arcane secrets. The Dawning of the Age of Aquariums is almost upon us.

The Hidden Prophecies speak of the Spreading of the Gospels of Fish and contain the signs that will be seen in the Holy Conquests of the Final Days of the Angler before the Fish Blessed rise of Winterwind World Domination.

And Lo, didst not Esoteric Esther, with the fish bones in her long white tangles of armpit hair and the Angler's barbs in her beard, not sayeth unto the masses of unwashed children in her damp, musty, smelly old cave:

"If your parents really loved you, there'd be Fish Feces on your figgy pudding.")

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