The fifth issue.

The Winterwind Papers are one year old this month

And there was much rejoicing. Actually, no, there wasn't. In fact, there's very little fanfare at all.

Issue One seemed to start off beautifully. We had two columns, a lit selection, a feature article and an interview with artist Larry Elmore.

We hoped to build on that but no issue since has had the intended format of two columns, a lit selection, and arts piece and a feauture.

You've Been Puuk'd!, Damien's column, is absent. After making the first two issues, it's missed the last three. Damien says he won't have time to contribute until October so...

To fill that gap, a friend offered to write a guest column. At last word, they were apparently still trying to pin down a topic.

After just missing the spring issue, Magnus and Michael resurrected the Zombie Communist Party.

Our lit selection is the second part of Mattias' story, Choices, with third part coming in the autumn issue. It's a story he wrote several years ago.

At first there was going to be a Latrine article. Then there wasn't. Now, obviously, there is.

With a small team and an absence of time, the ezine is almost on autopilot. All we know about the next issue is that it will have the conclusion of Choices, an editorial and a staff page.

It's a catch 22.

To get more content, we need to grow. To grow, we need to promote. To promote... we need content.

Such is Winterwind's legacy thus far; the ideas exceeding the grasp time and commitment allow.

Although it makes the editing relatively easy.

The editing we do is minimal. There are the obvious typos and grammatical errors, occasionally a minor re-working of an awkward sentence, but other than that, it's mostly spacing out columns and creating or arranging any images.

Since no one is paid for this, we don't do extensive editing of our contributors' works.

On the subject of money, thanks to Michael (aka Gorth). For the second year in a row he clicked the PayPal button and covered Winterwind's hosting costs.