Born in Canada in the 1970s, growing up, I watched Doctor Who on TV Ontario. I don't think I watched much past Tom Baker's era but, almost 20 years later in 2002, when I saw some Doctor Who dvds in a Sunrise Records store, I rediscovered the show.

That fall, a strange idea took me. I found a website, bought some yarn, found a kindly old lady to make it and so, for my birthday in 2003, I had my scarf.

A couple of years later along came Eccleston. Then Tennant. Barrowman. Doctor Who and Torchwood. Fantastic. Brilliant.

It's great seeing the resurgence in Doctor Who; the classic series, the new series, old fans, new fans and here in Canada, seeing it get into the mainstream, out of the geek's closet.

And Sunrise, good show. They also sell collectibles from movies, TV, rock groups etc and are the only Canadian retailer I've found, outside of the comic shops, selling Doctor Who merchandise.

Oh, and girls, collectibles and toys are OK. On behalf of all men, allow us these harmless expressions of childhood memories and imagination. Don't mind the Doctors and Daleks, dragons and elves or Kirks and Khans, gathering dust on our shelves. It's better than football, beer, poker and porn don't you agree?