My paintings are reflections. Reflections of the many distant worlds I have visited in my mind and pen and paper RPG:s (Role Playing Games) over the years. I am fascinated by the dark corners of the human mind, and that is often visible in my work. I guess the dark Swedish winters have affected my mind growing up.

I'm 28 and I have been painting digitally for about two years. My main tools of the trade are Photoshop 7, my tablet and plain pen and paper. I paint to express my thoughts and emotions, and I smile a big happy smile whenever I manage to evoke some emotion in the viewer as well.

Dark secret: As much as I like the twisted and dark elements in art, I have a secret addiction to sweet, fluffy and cuddly Bukowski teddy bears…

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Child of Winter

The Child of Winter is a silent but playful spirit of ice and snow.