Welcome to the Literature section of Winterwind.

Here you will find original poetry and short story fiction by a variety of writers. Submissions are welcome and encouraged as always.

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Winterwind Anthology

The Other Side by Michael S. Collins - added December, 2013

The Flowers by Bernard Barnes - added August, 2013

The Usefulness of a Three-Legged Dog by William L. J. Galaini - added July, 2013

Coming Home by Lina Broström - added September, 2010

Irreversibly Lost by Lina Broström - added January, 2010

Singular Perfection by Lina Broström - added October, 2009

Mattering Dream by Lina Broström - added July, 2009

Forever Mine by Lina Broström - added April, 2009

The Perfect Gift by Lina Broström - added December, 2008

Winter Solstice by Mattias Våglin - added December, 2008

Tapping by Lina Broström - added October, 2008

Blazing Zion by Dragos Manea - added April, 2008

Choices - Part Three by Mattias Våglin - added October, 2007

Choices - Part Two by Mattias Våglin - added July, 2007

Choices - Part One by Mattias Våglin - added March, 2007

Frankie Malone by Dragos Manea - added October, 2006

Walkabout - A Short Story by Dragos Manea - added July, 2006

Bloodworks by Joseph Avery-North - added October, 2005

One Winged Swan by Tim Freerksen - added May, 2005

Majestic by Tim Freerksen - added May, 2005

Brethren's March and Homecoming by Dan J. Kuisma - added February 2005

The Plea by Dan J. Kuisma - added February, 2005

Interlude – Dementia by Winterfox - added November, 2004

Five Objects by William L.J. Galaini - added November, 2004

Ally & Oz

Winterwind Productions is proud to present The Completed Ally & Oz Stories. From the talented pen of William L. J. Galaini comes this absolutely fascinating tale of a pig, an alligator and their adventures together.

Leaving the Bad Place (first)

Oz and the Gone Strawberries (second)

The Undiscovered Truffle (third)

The Importance of Being Ally (fourth)

Two Buckets and a Conversation (fifth)

Silent Men of the Tea (sixth)

Christmas Morning (seventh)

Second Star to the Right (eighth)

The Once and Future Alligator (standalone)