Random Thoughts

An Introduction

by Mattias Våglin

I guess I could start this in any number of ways. I could try to do something funny, like pretending my keyboard to be a microphone and do the whole testing routine. I could, but I won’t.

I could also start with going on about how much I hate the word blog, although this for all intents and purposes is one. I just wish it wasn’t, and when I started doing Random Thoughts I’d never heard of the word. I’m not even sure it existed back then. You see, Random Thoughts has been around in one way or another since 1999. So I started doing this way before blogs were trendy. Yeah, I’m so cool and all that. Whatever. I just don’t like the word blog. It just sounds bad. But I’m not going to start with that either.

I could start with a history lesson and go on about how this column came to be in the first place. But the story is really not that interesting. Besides, I’ve already done it once before and I don’t like repeating myself.

What I am going to do though is to start by telling you what the hell you’re reading. I have, of course, done that before as well so I’ll be repeating myself none the less. I guess I’ll just have to keep it short. Let’s get to it then.

Hi and welcome to Random Thoughts. This is a regular column that has been on hiatus for some time. It’s a column (I am not going to call this a blog ever) that I started more or less to have a place to vent stuff. Any kind of stuff really. I write about practically anything that comes into mind, hence the name.

So, who am I then? And why should you be interested in anything I write? The first question is easy. Sort of easy anyway. I’m a person that likes to write. In fact, I am determined that someday I will make a living of writing. Right now I’m even doing something about it since I am also a journalism student (which is news for this incarnation of Random Thoughts). Which in part answers the other question. You should be reading this because I have some kind of talent and on occasion what I have to say will be interesting. Hopefully more often than not, but I’m not making any promises. But most of all you should be reading this because you find it interesting and/or entertaining.

Okay, so the whole introduction gig may not be the most interesting story to tell. I know this and I promise it’ll get better in the future. The first column is always the hardest one to write. Maybe the whole introductionary thing is a little passé and maybe I should have just skipped it. But I still wanted to do this to somehow lay down the ground rules before getting fired up for real. That and I just couldn’t figure what else to write about.

Regardless, now you know a little more what to expect in the future. There’s just one other thing you need to know. This whole thing is supposed to be a weekly gig, which means that in about a week you’ll see something new and fresh here. So feel free to check back later.

Special bonus section:

I decided that the introduction felt a little lame after all so as compensation here is a piece I wrote when I still had a site of my own, but that has never been published before for various reasons. It’s written in early 2003 and some I no longer have the job described in it (I’m a journalist student remember). But here you are:

Writing in airports

I’m tired. I’m so tired. Getting up at three in the morning after one hour of sleep tends to do that to you. So why did I get up so early? To catch a plane of course. Flying to Brussels in little over an hour. So now I’m sitting at the airport just waiting until I can board my flight.

It’s times like these I really wish I drank coffee. Drank coffee and smoked. I don’t know why, but it just feels like something is wrong when I’m sitting here with a bottle of juice instead of a cup of coffee. It’s an image thing I guess. That’s where the smoking comes in. An image thing. Not that it would have helped if I smoked since I’m sitting in a non-smoking area. But still.

I guess I’ll just have to cope though, since I don’t smoke (never have) nor drink coffee (how can something that smells so good taste so bad?). Besides, the juice is good so why am I complaining?

I have to admit that it’s really hard to think of things to write about at six in the morning. I’ve been up for three hours already and it’s still an hour until my flight leaves. There just has to be something criminal about that.

So why am I going to Brussels? Work of course. I write that as if it’s something I get to do every now and then, but to be honest it’s only the second time I get to go abroad due to work. And I think it’s cool as hell. I’m going to something as fanciful as an Organized Play Convention. How cool isn’t that? Just say it out loud to yourself and you’ll get it. Organized Play Convention. Unfortunately it’s not going to be as cool as it sounds. I’m not going to sit around playing in an organized fashion for a couple of days, I’m just going to listen to people talk about the upcoming year for the card-game Magic the Gathering focusing on the tournament scene. Yeah, I know it sounds a bit geeky (and I guess it is) but that’s what I do for a living. Am I living the dream or what?

The fact that I have a fun job doesn’t make waiting at an airport any less boring though. Airports are what they’ve always been. Especially at six in the morning. It’s a lot of waiting. And waiting. Now I don’t actually mind the waiting all that much. Honestly. I tend to just relax with a little music and then it’s mostly fine. Maybe even read a book occasionally. I’ve waited at enough airports in my day to have learned how to deal with them (even without coffee). You could even say airports have a soothing effect on me. It still doesn’t make them any less boring.

The only really good part about airports is that you can buy tax-free stuff at a really good price. Or at least you can if you’re flying to somewhere outside of the European Union, which I’m not this time. So I don’t even have that, which makes the airport an awfully boring place. At least it would be if I didn’t have any music nor a computer to write on. Or a book even. I of course have both music and a computer to write on. I even have a book and some comics in case I need them. But I think I’m too tired to read them.

I could even watch a movie if I wanted. Or an episode of my favourite TV-show that I’ve downloaded. Even though I’ve only had this laptop for a few days, I really can’t imagine travelling without it anymore. I’ve no idea how I managed before. What was that? What is my favourite TV-show? I’ll tell you, but don’t give me anything about it being a girl show. It’s called Gilmore Girls and it currently has the best scripted dialogue in any show. It’s so sharp and crisp that I really can’t find enough words to praise it with. I wish I could write dialogue like that. I don’t know who deserves the most praise though – the scriptwriters for coming up with the dialogue or the actors for being able to actually make it sound real. I’d probably go with the scriptwriters though for no other reason that actors tend to get enough praise anyway. Oh, I also like the show because the mother in it (that’s Lorelai) really reminds me of someone I know. The resemblance is so strong it’s scary.

Either way, I think I’m quite done for now. Maybe there’ll be more to this on my way home (when I’ll once again be waiting at an airport) or maybe this’ll be it. I really don’t know, time will tell I guess.