Suspended Disbelief

Lyrical selections from the 1990s

The 1990's were the best time for me musically. My writing was inspired and prolific. I was maturing as a writer and musician (hard not to when you've been doing it for ten years) and for a few years, from 1994 until 1997, I made a living at my craft and had a fantastic time.

My writing became largely inspired by my personal relationships and in particular, in 1995 through 1997, one "affair to remember". Twenty-three songs are presented here, roughly one third of the songs I composed in the decade.

Some Fairy Tale

Song of Autumn Twilight

Song of Winter Night

Song of Spring Dawning

Today (You Would be Gone)

Victor's Song

Carry the Cross

Entering the Dream


King Street

Faithful to a Memory

Nothing to Forgive

One Small Stone

Through your Tears



Ed's Song (the Bigger Man)

the Well Intended Lie

No Pretty Words


Two Skies

Anniversary Diamonds

Dear Dark Passion

All songs, Lyrics & Music, by Joseph Avery-North except:

Song of Winter Night, Lyrics & Music by Joseph Avery-North & Joel Parkins

Carry the Cross, Lyrics by Joseph Avery-North, Music by Joseph Avery-North & Steve Pike

Ed's Song (the Bigger Man), Lyrics & Music by Joseph Avery-North & Phil Lantz