Suspended Disbelief

Lyrical selections from the 2000s

From 2001 until 2004, I didn't write a single song. I was in a strange yet comfortable stage of my life and I've always needed passion and pain to write music.

In 2004, I forced out six or seven new songs but only one that I felt any good. After that, another year passed and then in early 2005, I wrote ten new songs but still more forced than inspired although a few are amongst my all-time favourites.

From the summer of 2005 until the autumn of 2006 were the twenty-three songs from Church Benches and Rain, inspired by one woman, my perfect muse, my audience of one.

During a trip to Budapest in late 2006, I tried to find inspiration again and forced two new songs in December 2006 and January 2007 (neither presented here) but life's changes, from my 20's to my 30's, has made music (sadly) something I did when I was younger. Of the twenty or so songs I wrote from 2000 - 2007 (separate from Church Benches and Rain of course) only eight are presented here.

Still Sometimes

And in the Darkness

Over Time

Never Enough (Time)

Your Laundry (the Ballad of Thursday Afternoon)

3AM Blues


Oh, Girl

All songs, Lyrics & Music, by Joseph Avery-North