Suspended Disbelief

Selections from Church Benches and Rain 2005 - 2006

From August 2005 throught September 2006 I composed twenty-three songs. All for one woman, one achingly beautiful muse, my audience of one.

Of those songs, some I consider to be amongst the best, most honest, I've ever written. The rest were cathartic excercises, representing thoughts and feelings that, while honest, barely qualify as lyrics. Twelve of those twenty-three songs are presented here and range from ballads to blues to rock.

Three of the songs, Humbled, Castles in the Air and Perëndeshë were recorded as very rough demos in December of 2006 and MP3s were placed on the site.

Slow Burn


Castles in the Air



Brave Enough

Zili e Keqardhje

All My Life

Wishing (Doesn't Make it So)

Your Own Time

If I... Would You...


All songs, Lyrics & Music, by Joseph Avery-North