Suspended Disbelief

Songs for Blerina - Rough draft MP3s from Church Benches and Rain


Castles in the Air


These MP3s aren't wholly representative of my style. Fundamentally, I am/was a rock n roller who could shred old standards on par with my childhood hero, John Lennon. These MP3s represent my softer side. They're ballads, trying as best as words can, to convey a depth of emotion I never thought myself capable of.

A secret about song writers; in our quest for the truth, we sometimes tell a lot of lies. Not to others, but to ourselves. We force a feeling or a pain that will serve as an inspiration, just to write something, while knowing that those emotions aren't real.

These songs, the emotions behind them, were truths.

The songs were recorded in one or two takes each and they are rough drafts only, recorded and placed on the site as a Christmas promise to someone very dear to me. I apologise for the roughness. I'd essentially stopped being a serious musician several years before these were done.

When I wrote Humbled, I was trying to describe that feeling, hence the title. Lyrically, I wanted to capture the honesty, vulnerability and depth of intimacy I'd found in a few fleeting yet seemingly perfect moments.

Castles in the Air came from a walk along the river, alone, longing to walk through autumn's bold and vibrant colours with... someone. With the string score, I tried to capture the feel of an adagio and think I succeeded.

Perëndeshë is the Albanian word for goddess. It is a simpler song, only vox and acoustic. Through that simple, sparse arrangement, I was trying to express that sense of complete and utter reverence true love inspires.

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