What is Winterwind?

Besides something that burns your cheeks in cold blustery weather?

Winterwind came from the ashes of a gaming company’s message boards, the late Interplay (IPLY) and Black Isle Studios (BIS), where several artists, who just happened to also like gaming, met. Most of us were also members of their moderator team. If the Interplay slogan was “By Gamers, For Gamers” than Winterwind’s was “By Artists, For Artists“.

I started Winterwind Productions in 2003 as a business based in London, Ontario. Its original focus was a variety of entertainment projects, primarily focusing on music and humour. When Interplay, Black Isle’s parent company, began to shut down the company’s community forums Winterwind launched its own forums, with a website following shortly after.

The initial focus of Winterwind’s online presence, aside from a new online community for former BIS forum members, was an original crpg project called “1888” which was intended as a proposal for Black Isle. When Interplay closed Black Isle the project was abandoned and the focus shifted to encouraging and promoting artists in a variety of genres. I asked online and “real life” friends if they wanted to contribute and we grew from there.

We conducted interviews with people of note in different fields while featuring original content from writers and artists, and published The Winterwind Papers ezine for a six year period, in an effort to showcase new talent.

I hope this has cleared up any questions. Thank you for your patience. Tea and biscuits will be served shortly,

Joseph Avery-North