An E3 2005 Report from Katie Postma

An E3 2005 Report from Katie Postma

E3 2005 Part 1

Day 1 at E3 has just ended and it’s as loud, flashy and exciting as ever! Today I got to take some time going to a few of the booths and meeting some of the people the Mods requested. Here’s a rundown on what I got you guys today:

1. Obsidian – there is nothing showing for Neverwinter Nights 2, but the dev team from Obsidian are almost all here to see the show during at least one of the three days. Today I met Michael Chu (also a Myst fan) and he and I talked about Winterwind (he knows you guys!) and about NWN2. He’s optimistic that it will be released sometime in 2006 and hopes you guys will love what they are doing with it!

2. Midway – I missed Josh Sawyer by only moments but have arranged to meet up with him sometime tomorrow to pass along all your best wishes. Gauntlet looks GREAT! I only saw the Xbox version (is that all there is?) and what I saw was really tight; crisp gameplay and graphics and looks like there’s tons to keep you busy.

3. Bioware – Dragon Age is at E3… as a poster! In fact, Bioware themselves have a minuscule presence here this year with a tiny closed booth open only to media and buyers by appointment only. I saw a “Making of Jade Empire” video running on a looped feed inside the booth, but didn’t catch anything else. Of note, I DID see a gentleman walk into the booth door, wearing a “Black Isle” backpack… but I couldn’t grab him to find out his name or more information before the tiny closed booth had swallowed him up.

That’s it for today! Hope to see more and report again tomorrow.

Goodnight from E3 ~

~ Kha’tie
: )

E3 2005 Part 2

First I need to apologize for not filing a report a lot sooner. I won’t get into the details of why I didn’t but be comforted by the fact that YOU, Dear Winterwind Readers, are getting my very NEXT report since my last – before the Myst fans, before the Ubisoft forums, before my very own blog.

Day 2 was pretty much like Day 1, with a lot of really great intentions and best laid plans… I was able to check out a few more booths but wasn’t able to get anything concrete on the list of games that you had requested info on! Evening after Day 2 was spent with really dear friends from Cyan and no time to report or send pix to Jo.

Day 3 I was able to talk to Jo from E3 from the showroom for about 30 minutes if not more. THAT was fun!! I got to ask him for the list of games I needed to sleuth out, and tease him more about meeting and running away with Josh Sawyer.

I did see the following games:

1. CAPCOM – 2D Classic Games: The Capcom Booth was massive with a very small amount of space set aside for these… I counted 3 monitors with classic games. They looked great and when I asked a Capcom dude about it, he said “uhh… duhh” and so I just left, took a look back and a picture of the booth which I’ll send to Jo to show you.

2. Bethesda Software – Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion: This looks amazing!! I got to talk to a Bethsoft guy and he was pleased to hear there were fans out there eagerly awaiting this game. He also snuck me some T-shirts for you guys! See Jo for more details on how these will be given out as prizes here. ESIV was showing on 3 monitors as were each of their other offerings. Below those trailers was a playable demo. Unfortunately the lines were so long for each I didn’t get a chance to try it myself. But it looked, and seemed to play, nicely!

*note – took a break now am back to edit in more stuff…*

3. I didn’t even look for Fallout 3 because I was so excited about ESIV, and I could not find SNK nor could I find anything by “Rare” and I had NO time to make my way over to where Nintendo had Zelda, BUT:

Nintendo – Zelda: Heard this is just AMAZING. I had a few fans come see me demo Myst V and when I asked if they had seen it they all gushed and drooled. One item of note was the graphics, in particular the water physics. This is one game that sounds like it will not disappoint!!

That’s it for now. Please post your questions (click comments) and I’ll answer all that I can when I can!!

Thanks for reading. A happy pre-release gaming season to you all, and to all a goodnight.

~ Kha’tie
: )

Note – This article was originally published on the old Winterwind Productions site in May, 2005, prior to our switch to WordPress in 2020.

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