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Marjorie Kaye is an artist residing in Salem, Massachusetts who graduated from Syracuse University in 1979 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting cum laude. She is best known for her colorful, detailed mandala drawings and has exhibited these in many galleries and shows nationally. The drawings resonate from the center and draw the energy outwards. The forms are influenced by nature, geometry, music, and are also influenced by the artwork of many ancient cultures. She is devoted to the drawings, and integrates her interest in spirituality and meditation into them, which become a vehicle for spiritual expression. She feels that the opportunity for spiritual manifestation through art is limitless. Art is life celebrated in matter.

A Time is Space


The content of the images in my drawings concerns itself with natural phenomena, which encompasses many disciplines. These include the natural world, musical harmony, astronomy, mathematics, and physics. Much of the content is focused on motion and balance. The forms are created with the refined and deliberate realization of order and its direction. The motion is unified through color, light and pattern. The work is inspired and directed in accord with natural phenomena, evolving in the same way. Thus, comparisons are derived form microcellular life, botanical form, crystalline formation, and the images of fractiles which stem from computer mathematics and the Mandlebrot equation.

Spiritual intent is inherent in the process of my work. Many of the drawings begin their energy in the center, and radiate outward. The discernment of the harmony of form and color brings forth the emergence of archetype and symbolism. This manifests in the basis of the mandala, the forms ranging from crystalline to more natural and recognizable archetypes. This is a connection to the ancient spiritual mandala forms present in diversified human experience.


In many cultures at many different times in our global history, the mandala has been used to illustrate our purpose of being. They have been used to document and exhalt the rites and attitudes of many particular groups of people. They are meditation tools for the Tibetans and American Indians, representing the life giving energies of our planet. In ancient Celtic societies, they also acted as maps of the heavens. Mandalas bring forth the union of the spiritual, temporal world and the natural world. This in turn stimulates our collective conciousness. This is relevant to our ancestors’ survival, as well as our survival as a species. In modern times, our survival depends on our increasing awareness and compassion for each other. I believe the presence of ancient and modern mandalas and art in general is an important force of evolution.

In my work, they have also emerged into the reflection of the ironies of life, employing the symbolism as a statement of conciousness and re-awakening. The metaphorical objects, such as snakes, horses, and birds act as interpretive statements, sometimes with humans as the active observers. They are meant to emit and reflect a respect and sense of wonder paid willingly to the preservation of our natural environment.

I celebrate the boundless range of elemental combinations present in the universe. From basic substances of matter emerge presences of infinite variety that take form as planets, comets, stars, trees, human-kind, and other celestial travelers. This is a manifestation of the creativity of spirit. This is present and reflected on all levels of being. It is with this observation that my drawings are made.

Note – This artist profile was originally published on the old Winterwind Productions site in May, 2004, prior to our switch to WordPress in 2020.

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