Artist Profile – Michael T. Schmidt

Fallout Fan Art by Michael T. Schmidt

First ever attempt at an outdoor scene. Trying to capture a typical situation from Fallout, where our intrepid explorers make their way across the mercilessly shimmering hot sand. Radscorpions are everywhere and a part of the local cuisine. Just remember to remove the tail (and barter it away at the nearest store). The situation ended up almost as I had intended it, Vault Dweller making a run for it, Brutus and Cassandra preparing dinner. Unfortunately, no matter what I tried, Cassandra ended up looking silly when trying to make a dodge move. Perhaps I should just have placed her further away and let her use her sawed off shotgun instead.

Trying to capture a bit of that Military Base feel here. Our travelling trio has made their way inside some underground facility, all nervous and jumpy, seeing moving shadows where none are. The light setup is deliberately on the gaudy side, to create a mixture of emergency light and yet not quite but just sinister feel. Nothing much happening really, they are just imagining things (at least at that very moment).

Inspired by a more or less spammy thread, this one was an inside joke, poking fun at peoples lack of knowledge about Canadian beer brands. The searching scavengers locates an old barrel with an antique logo. Vault Dweller is sure he remember seeing it on some Pipboy training session way back in pre-expatriate vault training programmes.

Note – This artist profile was originally published on the old Winterwind Productions site in October, 2005, prior to our switch to WordPress in 2020.

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