Winterwind Doctor Who Webcomics

Update: December, 2012

Yes, it's been quite some time since the last Winterwind Doctor Who Webcomic. These things happen. Several stories are planned. They just haven't materialised yet...

In the meantime, enjoy what's below...

Originally intended to be a one-time piece, the Series 2 parody, when I become more active in the Doctor Who online community, including writing for Whotopia, a Canadian based fan magazine, we thought it'd be fun to do more webcomics. Halloween 2008 seemed the perfect time and saw us do our first ezine special issue for the occasion.

Webcomics with action figures are an interesting artistic medium, combining writing, photography and miniature set building. (I'm proficient with the former and giving myself a crash course in the other two.)

Some of the stories will be serious while some, the April spoofs, will be mostly comedic, focusing on the jokes, which includes the cheaply, quickly cobbled together sets. Either way, we hope you enjoy them and our affection for a science fiction series that's been going since 1963.

Doctor Who - The Cybermen vs The Daleks by Joseph Avery-North - added April, 2009

Doctor Who - the Witch of Winterbourne by Joseph Avery-North - added October, 2008

Doctor Who - Series 2 Alternate Ending by Joseph Avery-North - added April, 2008

Coming Soon

Teaser Photos for Upcoming Stories - Added January 2010

Decimus Ovidius Corvus - A First Doctor Adventure

The March of the Teddy Bears - A Fourth Doctor Adventure

How Many Doctors Does It Take? - A Sixth Doctor/Multi Doctor Adventure

A Time for War - An Eighth Doctor Adventure

Peril in the Past - A Ninth Doctor/Tenth Doctor Adventure

Articles and Reviews

Doctor Who Online Stores Review - added April, 2009

Geeks, Time Lords & Toys - added January, 2008

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