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Post by Eldar » Mon Dec 22, 2003 2:43 am

Well, here I find out that I have the thankless, grim some might say, task of moderating the Writing forum! 8)

What are the rules for spinning a yarn or two here at the writers' corner? Why... nothing. No rules other than common sense. That means I won't put rules here until someone, inevitably, crosses the lines of common decency.

For the time being, however, I'd rather err to the side of leniency. Please, post. Write something here and we'll all enjoy it.

The only thing I will say is, don't ask for input if you don't want it... ;) If you just want us to read and enjoy... post and we'll read and enjoy. If you want opinions, advice, or criticism, let us know and we'll enjoy and criticize.

As for me, I'll start the ball rolling by putting in the first two episodes of something I've been writing recently (with a lot of help from Capelworth).

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Post by Spider » Thu Apr 22, 2004 5:55 am

Even though Eldar isn't a mod in this forum anymore, everything in his post still holds true in regards on general behavior.
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