I done gone published a novel...

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I done gone published a novel...

Post by choyrt » Tue Sep 10, 2013 4:16 pm

so now what? I wrote a really really good Science Fiction novel that I exhaustively researched and lo and behold, I have ZERO idea of how to market it or sell it. My bank has $97 dollars in it.

I know there is an audience for this novel. It is a hard, adult Science Fiction novel that deals with many elements of recent history. There are scenes involving the Tulsa race riots and child soldiers in West Africa, as well as a KKK march in Washington DC so it is scenic, relevant, and fairly violent in a realistic and glorified manner.

Also, my main character is a strong woman. I honestly tried my best to write a realistic woman without reducing her to her sexuality or sexual appeal. I felt that aside from Susan Calvin I had a hard time thinking of a female character in hard sci-fi that really did the story justice.

So, bullet points of my worries:

What my book has going for it:

1.) Well researched
2.) Historical accuracy (well, until the plot kicks in)
3.) When act three kicks in, heads fucking roll
4.) Distinct villian/antagonist completely unlike anything I've read
5.) Strong female main character
6.) Novel demands intelligence
7.) Sharp cover
8.) Kindle
9.) Nook
10.) Softcover on amazon.com
11.) Hardcover on lulu.com
12.) Everyone that reads it either likes it or flat out fucking loves it.

What my book has going against it:

1.) Zero financial backing
2.) Zero marketing
3.) Self published (experienced fingers can feel that when they hold the book)
4.) The biggest selling point to the book is a major spoiler (see below)
5.) I don't know how to encourage people to review it on amazon/good-reads despite my begging.
6.) Science Fiction turns some readers off
7.) Female protagonist turns some readers off
8.) Realistic violence turns some readers off

I will return to my question: what now? I wrote a great fucking book, and I am hoping you lads have ideas on how I can get it exposure or the marketing it deserves. Any ideas? I'll be checking this thread a lot so just toss ideas out there and we'll chat about me trying them.


If you think knowing spoilers would make the book more marketable, message me!

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Re: I done gone published a novel...

Post by Joseph » Tue Sep 10, 2013 4:30 pm

Well, with the new writers we have registered here I'm certain we can get you some feedback and suggestions. With a lot of our UK contingent being Doctor Who fans, there's a love of sci-fi so hopefully we can get you some willing reviews on Amazon too.

As for promoting and self-publishing, that's no doubt something we're all keen to learn for ourselves though I imagine some of our writers are more experienced there than others.

Now you know I've always wanted Winterwind to be a place where we artsy types encourage each other so... let's see what we can get going.

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Re: I done gone published a novel...

Post by John Davies » Tue Sep 10, 2013 4:54 pm

Hi. I'm really not the best to offer advice on how to get stuff out there beyond, "Network like crazy". That's what worked for me.


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