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Qui'Hamor Online Campaign Reference Thread

Post by D. Sauzi » Fri Jan 19, 2007 11:47 pm

This is the Reference thread for the online Qui'Hamor campaign played on the Winterwind forums.

Current DM: D. Sauzi
Current Players: MERLANCE, Josan, Lord Sadness and Runenklinge
Currently residing in the house in Madira: Ruathavril and Magnus' character (Ruald & Trake) (bottom of page)
Former party members: Orealis and Sooterkin (bottom of page)
There are two hirelings, Hadija, controlled by MERLANCE, and Mabon, controlled by Josan

The Qui'Hamor Handbook can be found here
The Qui'Hamor Atlas can be found here
An online version of the 3.5e Core Rules can be found here
updated map with new smaller cities pointed out on 'maps' of the party:Over here last update 22/7/07

A new site is up for the latest versions of Handbook and Atlas:
right here
It contains a newer version of the Handbook (1.00) and a smaller version of the Atlas.

The campaign plays with a combination of 3e and 3.5e rules and all accompanying compendiums from Wizards of the Coast expanded with the Qui'Hamor Handbook.

Following here is a table of contents of what happened on the pages of the actual play thread:
Page 1: layout of Ericreia and character introduction. Ruald buys a mule, Erisael and Muck meet
Page 2: Trake & Darzen meet Ruald, Muck and guard Omar have a display in the Cerveceria Dominguez
Page 3: Darzen, Trake and Ruald flatten out their first interaction, and leave for the animal pens; Erisael and Muck make ready to leave the cerveceria.
Page 4: In which the mule, Claire, gets stabled.
Page 5: In which the humans wonder aimlessly, and the gnome exercises his bardic talents [and trades].
Page 6: In which two worlds collide, and basic needs are taken care of. Entering the Cerveceria Dominguez

Anatoly laying out his quest
Page 7: Muck gathers items in his hat while Erisael listens to guards and Ruald attracts attention of a hunter.
Page 8: Ruald talks with Anatoly, who joins the group for talks, while a group of W-M soldiers is giving trouble.
Page 9: The party intervenes in the W-M soldiers search for trouble
Page 10: The party narrowly avoids combat, and Trake tries some sly moves.
Page 11: The party finishes their meals and go to meet Anatoly
Page 12: In which anatoly lays out the quest and gives advice
Page 13: the final tasks before leaving the city are taken care off and the party leaves Ericeira.

Travelling towards Madira:
Page 14: Along the road to Troccopetto the party is surprised by a worg, they defeat it and heal their wounded mule.
Page 15: The party find a magical pair of jaws on the worg, and discuss about the situation.
Page 16: The party continue their travels north toward Madira trough the jungle. Along the way they encounter a vine
Page 17: The combat with the vine continues.
Page 18: In which a group of dwarves led by one called Bracken join the party and a fight with zombie-apes ensues.
Page 19: The party and the dwarves skirmish with the apes
Page 20: The party finish off the apes and enter the city of Madira after talking a bit with the dwarves.

Page 21: The party visits the Merkato camping place and a smithy named Edrissi
Page 22: A deal is made with Edrissi about sale of the gem they found on the zombie-apes
Page 23: The party meets up with another messenger of Zalfun, Maryana, who outlines the current knowledge of the problem with wild and undead animals. Orealis joins the party.
Page 24: Muck (temporarily) leaves the party to take care of the booze in the Shepenwebet bar in Madira, Orealis and Erisael joined him to visit there.
Page 25: In which the party spends a night at the Merkato (map of Madira)
Page 26: In which the party deals with Edrissi and a Noblewoman, Semyonova about the gem they found on the apes
Page 27: At Edrissi's Trake buys a new sword and Darzen identifies the jaws.

Road to Kamenaparitsk
Page 28: The party decides to scout the village of Kamenaparitsk and encounter a trio of Zombie Crocodiles on the way
Page 29: In which the party fights the crocodiles.
Page 30: In which the party finishes the crocodiles and Orealis leaves.

The Village of Kamenaparitsk
Page 31: The party meets hirelings Hadija and Mabon and the mad Babatunde, while looking out over Kamenaparitsk.
Page 32: In which the party discusses strategy versus skeletons and advance on a trio of skeletal boars
Page 33: The boars are dispatched and Erisael gathers fiery equipment from the mad Babatunde
Page 34: Wherein the party starts battle with a huge snake lying around the village streets.
Page 35: The giant zombified snake is killed just in time, and the now safe village is scouted.
Page 36: The party rests in the bar, communicates with Anatoly and examine the eastern tower.
Page 37: In which the party uses the tower devices to open the hatchdoor on Pithekos Hill.

The Mine underneath Pithekos Hill
Page 38: The party enters trough the Hatchdoor and circle down the stairs, arriving in a room with Zombified Lions.
Page 39: Dwarven Fighter Bactar joins the scene while the party battles with the Lions.
Page 40: The party finishes the Lions, search the room and introduce themselves to Bactar and vice versa.
Page 41: In which the party enters and fights in a Skeletal Beetle infested chapel.
Page 42: The beetles are dispatched and Bactar is hidden from the undead after he retrieves his clothing.
Page 43: Where Bactar drops into a pit trap with a Zombified Centipede, and is pulled out again.
Page 44: The party investigate further and find and disarm a trapped secret door.
Page 45: Inside the dungeons armory a Zombified Monitor Lizard is slain, and treasure is found.
Page 46: Darzen experiments with the magical treasure while the party decides on retreating to camp for the night.
Page 47: The party rests at camp, identify some scrolls and divide the treasure, before going back into the dungeon.
Page 48: In which the party fights a vine from a trap.
Page 49: the party scouts a trapped room with a chalice filled with unholy water[/color]
Page 50: The secret door is opened and combat with the Necromancer of the dungeon begins.
Page 51: The combat with the Necro/Cleric Yizar and his gorillas continues
Page 52: In which the necromancer circles around the party but his move is seen trough.
Page 53: The party finishes off the necromancer and his apes.

Road and return to Madira
Page 54: Wherein the party gathers treasure from Yizar, read his journal, and finish up in Kamenaparitsk.
Page 55: Communication trough the magic book is severed, the party get an invitation for the harvest festivals at the Mansion Club Marbella and trade with Edrissi back in Madira
Page 56: The party makes plans to buy a house in the noble district of Madira and go to Maryana for information
Page 57 Maryana explains about the phenomena surrounding the graveyard and the party travels there for reconnaissance.

The Graveyard of Madira
Page 58: The party gathers info about Jonas' disappearance with Marrius, Theodore and Daggish.
Page 59: Bactar and Erisael hear Haldiks version of the tale for a bottle of booze and enter the mausoleum.
Page 60: The party passes by two crypts and cross a weak hanging bridge.
Page 61: The party uncovers seven dead bodies in the last passage hall and start combat with a mimic.
Page 62: In which the mimic is slain and the party finds a party of dwarves led by Garin.
Page 63: The party teams up with Garins and enter the Burial Vault.
Page 64: Battle continues in the burial vault, including awakening a mummy.
Page 65: The battle is won and the party continues with chasing someone invisible north of them
Page 66: The party chase and capture Vrenntiki, Lacedys' apprentice, and interrogate her.
Page 67: The interrogation continues, with a pinch of torture.
Page 68: The party prepare to leave the mausoleum but end up in a stand off with the Gravekeepers waiting for them.
Page 69: The standoff goes on for some more time, with a Darkness in place.
Page 70: Battle starts with Theodore removing the darkness
Page 71: The battle is won, Marrius surrenders and Lacedys flees
Page 72: In which Marrius is being interrogated
Page 73: The party and the dwarves scold Erisael for her interrogation method and head to church for healing

Buying a house in Madira and travelling
Page 74: The party buys their house, trades, rests and exchanges info with Maryana
Page 75: Free time: Erisael buys furniture and clothing, Darzen magic and Bactar beer.
Page 76: In which the party spends their first night at their new home
Page 77: Darzen buys a new horse, Topango, and the others buy tools against vampires
Page 78: The party sets out for Troccopetto and notices being spied upon while camping
Page 79: The spies are identified as magically enhanced worgs and a standoff ensues
Page 80: Combat with the magical worgs
Page 81: The fighting continues and is won by the party
Page 82: In which the party reacts to the battle, heals up, loots and pack up and arrive at the Mansion Club (MAP)

The Mansion Club Marbella
Page 83: Darzen, Bactar, Mabon and Maryana enter the mansion with their valet Juan and start a tour, while Erisael and Hadija scout the perimeter.
Page 84: The tour and scouting continues, and the party starts inquiring after vampires/Zalfide
Page 85: The party visits the Mansions night club and its dancers, and meet Prez, a gladiatorial orc working at the mansion.

Erisael: 32/33 hit points,
Darzen: 31/37 hit points, spells used: 0:0/6, 1:4/7, 2:1/5
Bactar: 42/53 hit points
Prez: 53/53 hit points
Hadija: 27/34 hit points
Mabon: 30/32 hit points, Turn attemps used 0/7, spells (used) 0:Read Magic, Detect Magic, Cure Minor, Cure Minor; 1: Bless, Bane, Divine Favor, 2: Hold Person, Summon 2, D1: Obs Mist, D2: Fog Cloud, I: Consecrate, Daylight

Maryana 25/34 hp, used spells: 1x1, 2x2, 3x3
Ruald: 4/4 cure minor, 3/3 cure light, 0/4 turn attempts
Darzens Mule: Mw Manacles
Claire, Rualds Mule: Rualds belongings.
Five horses:

Quick Reference:
Erisael: ac 19 , maxhp 33, spd 30
melee Rapier +7/1d6; Rapier & Dagger+1 +5/+2 for d6/d4+1
ranged Shortbow +7 for d6, Dagger +2 for d4. (60ft, 10ft increment)
stats: 10/18/12/16/11/16, saves: 3/9/1 base attack 3
skills: Tumble +10 Listen/Spot +8/6, Hide/MoveSilently +13, Search/DisableDevice +12, Open Lock +12, Bluff/Intimidate +8, EscapeArtist +6, Disguise +9, UseMagicDevice +7 (ACP 0)
feats: 2d6 Sneak, Two Weapon Defense(+1 shield ac/+2 fighting defensively), Evasion(succesful reflex = no damage), Trap Sense (+1 reflex & +1 ac vs traps), Two Weapon Fighting (-4/-4, -2/-2 if offhand weapon is light), Weapon Finesse Rapier (dex on melee attacks), Uncanny Dodge (keep dex bonus when flatfooted).

Darzen: ac 18, maxhp 37, spd 30
spells (+3 damage), level 0:6, 1:7 2:5
ranged Lt Crossbow: +4 for d8 or Ranged Touch Attack Spells +4. (80 ft increment)
stats 6/14/14/16/12/19, saves 2/2/6, base attack 2, dc 14+spell (15 for evo)
skills: Spellcraft +14, Concentration +13, KnowledgeArcana/HistoryReligion +11/11/7, Intimidate +12(ACP 0)
feats: Warmage Edge (+int damage on spells), Spell Focus Evocation (+1 dc),
spells known: Level 0----Acid Splash, Disrupt Undead, Light, Ray of Frost, Detect Magic, Level 1----Accuracy, Burning Hands, Chill Touch, Fist of Stone, Hail of Stone, Magic Missile, Lesser orb of Acid/Cold/Electricity/Fire/Sound, Shocking Grasp, True Strike. Level 2 --- Blades of Fire, Continual Flame, Fire Trap, Fireburst, Flaming Sphere, Ice Knife, Melf's acid arrow, Pyrotechnics, Scorching Ray, Shatter, Whirling Blade

Bactar: ac 20, maxhp 53 spd 20
melee: mw Greataxe +9 for d12 +3, Battleaxe +8 for d8+3, mw Trident +8 for d8+3
ranged: mw Trident +7 for d8+2 (10 ft increment)
stats: 14/12/17/9/11/6 saves 8/2/1, base attack 5
skills: Climb/Jump +5/5, Swim +4 (ACP -5)
feats: Power Attack(up to -5 attack/+5 damage), Cleave (extra attack after kill), Darkvision (30ft), Weapon Focus Battleaxe, Heavy Crossbow (+1 attack), +4 on fear saves, WF Greataxe, Fortified level 1 (25% of crits and sneaks become normal)

Prez: ac 17 (19), maxhp 53, spd 30
melee Scim +1: +11 for 1d6+5, MW Gauntlet: +10 for d3+4, MW Guisarme: +10 for 2d4+6, MW Sp Sh: +10 for d6+2
ranged: Comp Sbow +6 for d6+4
stats: 18/13/14/10/12/5, saves 6/2/2, base att +5, init +5
skills: EscArt +5, Tum +5 (ACP -2 (-1 wo shield))
feats: Dazzled (-1 att during 10:00-16:00), Darkvision(60ft), Imp Unarmed Strike (lethal dmg fists), Clever Wrestling (+2 to EscArt per size cat larger than you in grapple), Combat Reflexes (2 AoO's)
Imp Init, WF:Scimitar

Hadija: ac 17, maxhp 34, spd 20
melee Flaming Halberd +1: +8 for d10+3+1+1d6, Maul +5 for d10+3, MW Halberd, +8 for d10+3,
ranged Reptilod Bane Longbow +1: +7 for d8+1+2d6 vs reptiles (100 ft increment)
stats 15/15/14/10/11/8, saves 7/3/1, base attack 4
skills: Jump/Climb/Swim +9 (ACP -5)
feats: Combat Reflexes (up to 2 extra attacks of opportunity per round & flatfooted), Weapon Focus Halberd (+1 attack), Two Weapon Fighting (-4/-4, -2/-2 if offhand weapon is light), Spinning Halberd (extra attack on full round att of +3 for d6+1, +1 ac)

Mabon: ac 17, maxhp 32, spd 20
melee MW Flail +5 for d8+1, Battleaxe or Mace +4 for d8+1
ranged Heavy Crossbow +2 for d10 (120 ft increment)
stats: 13/8/12/10/16/14, saves 6/0/6, base attack 3, init +3
skills: Heal +5, Concentration +8, Survival +4 (ACP -5)
feats: Turn Undead (7/day, turns with +2), Magic Domain (use arcane scrolls at 1/2 cleric level (+0)), Water Domain (turn fire creatures), Spell Focus Necromancy (+1 dc), Spontanous Casting: Cure (replace spells with cure equivalents), Improved Initiative
spells: usual memorization: level 0: Cure minor wounds, Cure Minor Wounds, Detect magic, Read Magic, 1: Bless, Bane, Divine Favor, 2: Hold Person, Summon 2, Domain: 1: Obscuring mist, 2:Fog Cloud.
Wand Cure Light d8+1: 35 charges, Helmet: Consecrate, Daylight
Trake: ac 18, maxhp 19, spd 30, melee +5 for 1d8+3, ranged +6 for 1d6+4 (PBshot), saves 3/2/-1, max load 55/230

Ruald: ac 15, maxhp 14, spd 20, spells (+2 healing/lvl), melee +4 for d8+3, ranged +0 for d4, saves 4/-1/7, heal +8, conc +6, surv +7, prof herb 7, kn rel 3, 4 turns at +2; Sacred Boost as turn for full hp on healing; can turn plants. (actual spells: 0: 2x Det Mag, Read Mag, Light; 1: Bless, Doom, Sanctuary, D: Entangle). max load 81/230.
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Post by Magnus » Fri Jan 26, 2007 5:10 am

Magnus old character sheet moved down to Runenklinge's post.
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Post by Joseph » Sat Jan 27, 2007 6:55 pm


Name: Erisael
Class and Level: Rogue 5
XP - 7345/10,000
Race: Varesho Human
Alignment: :wink:
Deity: N/A
Size: medium

Age: 22
Gender: female
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 135 lbs
Eyes: Hazel with flecks of green
Hair: Blonde
Skin: fair

Ability Scores:
Strength: 10 +0
Dexterity: 18 +4
Constitution: 12 +1
Intelligence: 16 +3
Wisdom: 11 +0
Charisma: 16 +3

Hit Points: 33 (28 + CON)

Armor Class:
Armor Class: 10+4+4+1=19
Touch AC: 14 (dodge 15)
Flat Footed AC: 13

Speed: 30
Initiative: +4

Attack Bonus:
Base Attack Bonus: +3
Melee Attack Bonus: +3 (+7 rapier - finese)
Ranged Attack Bonus: +7

(Main hand - Rapier - damage (s) 1d4 (m) 1d6 (critical) 18-20/×2 (type) Piercing
Off hand - Dagger +1 (coated with contact poison) - (s) 1d3 (m)1d4 19-20/×2 (type) Piercing/Slashing)

Rapier: +7 for 1d6
Rapier & Dagger +1: +5/+2 for 1d6/1d4+1
Shortbow: +7 for 1d6

Bonus Damage:
(Dagger Coating:) Malyss Root Paste, Damage: Initial 1 dex , secondary 2d4 dex
Sneak Attack: +3d6

Saving throws:
Fortitude: +3
Reflex: +9 (+9 vs traps)
Will: +2

Bluff (Cha) +8
Disable Device (Int) +12
Disguise (Cha) +9
Escape Artist (Dex) +6
Hide (Dex) +13
Intimidate (Cha) +8
Listen (Wis) +8
Move Silently (Dex) +13
Open Lock (Dex) +12
Search (Int) +12
Spot (Wis) +6
Tumble (Dex) +10
Use Magic Device (Cha) +7

Extraordinary Ability:
Evasion -
Trap Sense +1
+1 Reflex saves to avoid traps
+1 dodge bonus to AC
Uncanny dodge

Light armour
Simple Weapons (+ hand crossbow, rapier, sap, shortbow, and short sword)
Sneak Attack +3d6
Two-Weapon Fighting
Two-Weapon Defense (+1 shield bonus, +2 when fighting defensively)
Weapon Finesse (Rapier)



Rapier (20 gp) (3lbs) 1d6 (critical) 18-20/×2 (type) Piercing
Dagger +1 (2 gp) (1 lbs) 1d4 19-20/×2 (type) Piercing/Slashing
Shortbow (30 gp) (2lbs)

20x4 10x1 arrows = 90 (15lbs)

Studded leather +1 (25 gp) (20 lbs) (AC 4, Max Dex 5, 0 ACP)

Dark Vision 60'

Cloak of Resistance +1 all saves

Backpack (2 gp) (2lbs)
Bedroll (1 sp) (5lbs... seriously? 5 lbs... wtf is it made of???)
Flint & steel (1 gp)
Lantern - hooded (7 gp) (2lbs)
Oil - 1 pint flask (1 sp) (1lbs)
Rope 50 ft (7gp) (5lbs)
Signal whistle (8 sp)
Thieves’ tools (30 gp) (1 lbs)
Waterskin (1 gp) (4lbs)
Whetstone (2sp) (1lbs)

Potions & Items

Invisibility x2
Magic Weapon x1
Mirror Image x1
Vials of poison x2 (Malyss Root Paste, 1 point dex dmg, and 2d4 secondary(after 20 rounds) dex dmg)

Amulet of Darkvision 60'
Necklace of Continual Flame (kept wrapped in bp for now)
Anatoly's Magic Book

Total encumbrance: 40 lbs

PP: 65
GP: 556
SP: 9

3 Rubies, 400 gp a piece
1 Topazes, 400 gp
1 Aquamarines, 750 gp

Personal Total: 3556.9 gp

Party Common Fund: 5 pp, 936 gp Party total: 986

Property not carried (pack animals)


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Post by MERLANCE » Mon Jan 29, 2007 8:43 pm

Name: Darzen Kor
Class and Level: War Mage 5
Race: West-Mekkeshi
Alignment: Lawful Good?
Size: Medium
XP: ?

Age: 23
Gender: male
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 204
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black

Ability Scores
Strength: 6
Dexterity: 14
Constitution: 14
Intelligence: 16
Wisdom: 12
Charisma: 19

Hit Points
Hit Points (total): 37
Hit Points: (current): 37

Armor Class
Armor Class: 10+2+6=18
(base+dex+padded mithril breastplate)
Touch AC: 12
Flat Footed AC: 16

Speed: 30 ft.
Damage Reduction:
Spell Resistance:
Initiative: +2

Saving Throws
Fortitude: 1+2= +3
Reflex: 1+2=+3
Will: 4+2=+6

Attack Bonus
Base Attack Bonus (BAB): +2
Melee Attack Bonus: 0
Ranged Attack Bonus: +4
Grapple: 0

Dagger Attack Bonus: 2-2=0
Damage: 1d4-2
Critical: 19-20/x2

Light crossbow attack bonus: 2+2=+4

Languages Known
East and West Mekeshi

Skill Focus Spellcraft
Skill Focus Concentration
Spell Focus:Evocation

Class Features
Light Armor Proficiency
Shield Proficiency
Simple Weapons Proficiency
Armored casting (light)
Warmage Edge


Spells per day--6----7---5---------------------------------

Spells Known:
Level 0---- Acid Splash, Disrupt Undead, Light, Ray of Frost, Detect Magic
Level 1----Accuracy, Burning Hands, Chill Touch, Fist of Stone, Hail of Stone, Magic Missile, Lesser orb of Acid/Cold/Electricity/Fire/Sound, Shocking Grasp, True Strike
Level 2 --- Blades of Fire, Continual Flame, Fire Trap, Fireburst, Flaming Sphere, Ice Knife, Melf's acid arrow, Pyrotechnics, Scorching Ray, Shatter, Whirling Blade

Concentration 8+2+3=+13
Spellcraft 8+3+3=14
Knowledge: Arcana:8+3= 11
Knowledge: History 8+3=11
(cc) Knowledge: Religion: 4+3=7

Mithril Breastplate +1 ---------------------------------15 lbs
Light Crossbow-------------------------------4 lbs
-----8 bolts------------------------------------1 lb
Dagger------------------------------------------1 lb
Wand of Daze Monster 19 charges-----X
Continual flame necklace-----X
Necklace of Fireballs III (1x7d6, 2x5d6, 3x3d6 fireball, 70 ft, dc 14)----X
500gp of spell components
Worg jaws:
Invis 3, 5, Touch Idio 9, CSpray 4, BurnHands 2, CFear 6, Reduce person 7, glitterdust 3, haste 4. Offensive spells require a (unproficient) touch attack, Buffs only require you to break off a tooth.

Potions -

Invisibility x1
Mirror Image x1

Total Weight----------------------------------21 lbs

Topango (light warhorse)+Saddlebags
Satchel w/heavy book ----------------------------4.5lbs
Continual flame necklace
Mwk Manacles
Padded armor -------------------------------10lbs

Light Load------------- 21 lbs
Medium load-----------40 lbs
Heavy Load------------60 lbs

Gold Pieces-------------991
Silver Pieces------------10
Copper Pieces----------0
Platinum Pieces---------53

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Post by Ruathavril » Wed Jan 31, 2007 12:43 pm

Ruathavrils old character sheet moved down to Runenklinge's post.
Ruald,Cleric(STR&Plantdomain)Stats16,9,12,12,18,13MaxHp14CurHp5 MemSp lvl0 DtMag(0/2)RdMag(1/1)Light(1/1) lvl1 Bless(0/1)Doom(0/1)Sanct(0/1) Money 24g/4s/1c

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Post by Sooterkin » Wed Feb 07, 2007 4:12 pm

Sooterkins old character sheet moved down to Runenklinge's post.
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Post by D. Sauzi » Thu Feb 22, 2007 4:07 pm

Short rule changes moved down to the last post on the page.
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Post by D. Sauzi » Thu Feb 22, 2007 4:14 pm

Interesting snippets of the discussion thread before starting the campaign have been moved down to the last post on the page
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Post by Magnus » Fri Jul 13, 2007 12:27 am

Here's a handy tool for the players.
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Post by Orealis » Wed Feb 06, 2008 5:24 am

Orealis' old character sheet moved down to Runenklinge's post.

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Post by MERLANCE » Fri Oct 10, 2008 5:17 am

Name: Hadija
Player: NPC
Class and Level: Warrior 1/Fighter 3
Race: Vareshi
Alignment: LN
Size: Medium

Age: 30
Gender: male
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 228
Eyes: Blue
Hair: None (shaved head)
Skin: Black

Ability Scores
Strength: 15
Dexterity: 15
Constitution: 14
Intelligence: 10
Wisdom: 11
Charisma: 8

Hit Points
Hit Points (total): 34
Hit Points: (current): 34

Armor Class
Armor Class: 17
Touch AC: 12
Flat Footed AC: 15

Speed: 30 ft. (20 in chainmail)
Damage Reduction:
Spell Resistance:
Initiative: +2

Saving Throws
Fortitude: 2+5= +7
Reflex: 2+1=+3
Will: 0+1=1

Attack Bonus
Base Attack Bonus (BAB): +4
Melee Attack Bonus: +6
Ranged Attack Bonus: +5
Grapple: +6
Halberd Attack

Damage: 1d10+4 +1d6 fire
Critical: x3
attack bonus: 4(base)+2(str)+1(wf)+1(+1 weapon))=+8

Spinning Halberd Style
Damage: 1d6+2 +1d6 fire
Attack Bonus: 4(base)+1(str)+1(wf)+1(+1 weapon)-5(secondary attack)=+3
+1 dodge AC when used
Maul Attack

Damage 1d10+3
Critical: x3
Attack bonus: 4(basse)+2(str)=+6
Longbow Attack:
Damage: 1d8+1 +2d6 against reptillian
Critical x3
Attack bonus: 4(base)+2(dex)+1(+1 weapon)=+7

Languages Known
East and West Mekeshi

Two Weapon Fighting
Combat Reflexes
Weapon Focus: Halberd
Spinning Halberd
Hold the Line

Class Features
Light Armor Proficiency
Medium Armor Proficiency
Shield Proficiency
Tower Shield Proficiency
Simple Weapons Proficiency
Martial Weapon Proficiency

Jump 7+2=+9
Climb 7+2=+9
Swim 7+2=+9

+1 flaming halberd--------12lb
Maul (15gp)----------------------------20lb
+1 reptillian bane longbow-----------------------3lb
20 arrows(1gp)------------------------3lb
Chain Mail (150gp)-------------------40lb

Potions & Items

Enlarge x1
False Life x1

0 pp
69 gp
0 sp
0 cp

Total - 69 gp

Light Load------------58
Medium load-----------116
Heavy Load------------175

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Post by D. Sauzi » Fri Oct 17, 2008 11:10 pm

Name: Mabon Korhg M'Ghorg
Player: Josan
Class and Level: Warrior 1 / Cleric 3
XP: 3720/6000
Race: Vareshi (Human)
Alignment: NN
Deity: Zalfun
Size: Medium

Appearance: tall somewhat broad bearded male in clerics robes with a red and gold colored banded mail and a battleaxe with similarly colored light steel shield.
Age: 27
Gender: male
Height: 1.68m
Weight: 70 kg
Eyes: brown
Hair: short curly black
Skin: black

Ability Scores
Strength: 13 (+1)
Dexterity: 8 (-1)
Constitution: 12 (+1)
Intelligence: 10
Wisdom: 16 (+3)
Charisma: 14 (+2)

Hit Points
32 (28 + Con)

Armor Class
Armor Class: 10-1+7+1=17
(base+dex+bandedmail+1 +lightsteelshield)
Touch AC: 9
Flat Footed AC: 16

Speed: 20 ft (without armor 30)
Damage Reduction: -
Spell Resistance: -
Initiative: +3

Saving Throws
Fortitude: 1 +2 +3= 6
Reflex: -1 +0 + 1 = 0
Will: 3 + 0 + 3 = 6

Attack Bonus
Base Attack Bonus (BAB): +3
Melee Attack Bonus: +3
Ranged Attack Bonus: +1

MW flail (+1 attack) 1d6 (s)1d8 (m) bludgeoning 20x2 5lb
Battleaxe 1d6 (s)1d8 (m) slashing 20x3 6lb
H Crossbow 1d10 piercing 19/20x2 120 ft 8 lb
40 bolts

Banded Mail +1(7 ac, max1dex, -5 acp, 35 lb)
Light Steel Shield (1 ac, -1 acp, 6 lb)
Helm of Daylight/Consecrate each 1x daily

Languages Known
Vareshi, West Mekkeshi

Extra Turning (2 attempts / day extra)
Improved Initiative
Spell Focus Necromancy

Class Features
Simple Weapon Prof
Martial Weapon Prof
Heavy Armor Prof
Shield Prof

Spontaneous Casting : Cure (replace memorised spells with cure spells of the same level)
Turn Undead (5 attempts per day -> feat 7) turns at +2
Water Domain ability (turn fire creatures as if undead)
Magic Domain ability (use scrolls and wand as a wizard 1/2 cleric level)

Can't use [chaotic] spells due to god's alignment.


Spells per day--4----3---2---------------------------------
Necr School-----13--14--15------------------------------

Usual Memorization:
L0c: Cure minor wounds 2x, Detect Magic, Read magic
L1c: Bane, Bless, Divine Favour
L1d: Obscuring mist (Water domain)
L1 replacement Cure: d8+3
L2c: Hold Person, Summon Monster II
L2d: Fog Cloud (Water domain)
L2 replacement Cure: 2d8+3

L0&1 adept list here
L0&1 cleric list here
Water domain list here
Magic domain list here

Skills total 10
Heal 3,2 =5
Concentration 7,1=8
Survival (cross) 2(4),2=4

(+ denotes on person, * denotes in backpack)
+ Clerics Vestments
+ Holy Symbol of Zalfun (Dragon's Horn)
+ Backpack 2lb (+total content 40,6 lb)
* Bedroll 5 lb
* Sack 0.5lb
* Waterskin 4lb
* flint and steel
* Continual Flame necklace

Potions & Scrolls:

False Life x1
Magic Weapon x1
Mirror Image x1

* 1x Remove Fear
+ 1x Sanctuary
* Prayer scroll
* Bane scroll

Restoration x3
Lesser Restoration x10
Cure light wound - 1d8+1 (35 charges)
Cure light wounds - 1d8+1 (50 charges)

Total Weight 60(armour) bp 10 lb = 70 medium load

Loads: 43-86-130

10 pp
124 gp

Total 224.5 gp
"anyway, smoke orcs if so take eyes if right points left xy."

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Post by Marcus » Fri May 15, 2009 10:44 pm

Name: Bactar Klaungtourn
Class: Fighter
XP: 6925/10000
Race: Ormenk Dwarf
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Height: 5,8
Weight: 160 lbs

Ability Scores
Str 14 (+2)
Dex 12 (+1)
Con 18 (+4)
Int 9 (-1)
Wis 11
Chr 6 (-2)

HP 53
AC 20 (10+9+1)

Base attack: Melee + 7/Ranged + 6
Melee +7
MW Greataxe: +9 for d12+3 damage, 20x3 crit, slashing
Battleaxe: +8 for d8+3 damage, 20x3, slashing
MW Trident: +8 for d8+3 damage, 20x2, piercing

Ranged +6
mw Trident: +7 for d8+2 damage, 20x2, piercing

Fortified Fplatemail: +9 armor bonus, 1 max dex penalty, -4 armor check penalty -5

Speed 30 (20 while wearing banded mail)

Init: + 1

Carrying Capacity:
light load 58, medium 116, heavy 175

Fort + 8
Ref + 2
Will + 1

Climb + 3 (+5)
Jump + 3 (+5)
Swim + 2 (+4)

West Mekkeshi

Weapon focus: Dwarven Battle Axe
Weapon focus: Heavy Crossbow
Weapon focus: Great Axe
Power Attack

I added your standard dwarven and fighter qualities here
Simple Weapon Proficiency
Martial Weapon Proficiency
Heavy Armor Proficiency
Shield Proficiency
Darkvision (30ft)
+2 Diplomacy & Sense Motive (+0, +2)
+2 on appraise checks made to estimate the value of ores, goods and large currency such as gems (+1)
+4 racial bonus on fear saves
Favorite Class: Fighter and Rogue

Battle axe
Masterwork Great Axe
Masterwork Trident
Ormenkish Welcome Doormat
8 pieces of cutlery (3 knives, 1 spoon, 4 forks, 1 stew stamper)
1 dented kettle
3 hardbookcovers with shreds of paper

Potions & Items

False Life x1
Magic Weapon x1

Continual flame necklace

Gold: 1470
Platinum: 15

This brown haired dwarf has a big nose and brown staring eyes. Muttering a lot and likes to gnaw on bark and similar. His beard grows in small ties down to his chest. Is stronger than the average human. Got some what agility but a big belly as well. He might look fat but constitution is his thing. An average, semi fat at times bitter bark gnawing dwarf.

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Re: Qui'Hamor Online Campaign Reference Thread

Post by Runenklinge » Tue Dec 29, 2009 4:43 am

New Sheet for Runey:

Name: Phrez
Class and Level: Fighter 5
XP - 7000
Race: Orc
Alignment: True Neutral
Deity: Gamathea (the standard one)
Size: medium

Ability Scores:
Strength: 18 +4
Dexterity: 13 +1
Constitution: 14 +2
Intelligence: 10 +0
Wisdom: 12 +1
Charisma: 5 -3
(base:12 13 14 7 14 13, l4 stat point to Cha, Orc has +4 str, -2 cha, int wis)

Hit Points: 53 (HP: 12, 5+2, 3+2 (3,3,1,3), 6+2 (1,6), 10+2, 7+2 = 53 hp)

Armor Class:
Armor Class: 10+1+5+1+2=19
Touch AC: 12
Flat Footed AC: 17
NOTE1: This is the Chain Shirt AC, wearing your ornate leather makes it 16
NOTE2: This is the Scim/Shield AC, if you wear the Guisarme its 17.

Speed: 30
Initiative: +5 (1 Dex + 4 Impr. Initiative)

Attack Bonus:
Base Attack Bonus: +5
Melee Attack Bonus: +9
Ranged Attack Bonus: +6

Melee Weapon:
Scimitar +1, +11 for 1d6+4, slashing, crit 18-20x3
MW Gauntlet, +10 for 1d3+4
MW Guisarme, +10 for 2d4+7, slashing, crit 20x3
MW Heavy Spiked Shield, +10 for 1d6+2, piercing, crit 20x2, -2 ac
(A shield bash is counted as an off-hand attack, which gives only 1/2 str bonus to damage, as well you lose the shields ac for that round)
Ranged Weapon: Composite[+4] Shortbow, 1d6+4, piercing
Grapple +9, dmg d4+4

Saving throws:
Fortitude: 4+2=+6
Reflex: 1+1=+2
Will: 1+1=+2

Skills (8+2+2+2+2=16, max 9/4.5):
Armor Check Penalty -2 (+1 chain shirt & MW Spiked Hvy Shield) or -1 (wo shield)
Tumble (cross): 4+1-2=3
Escape Artist (cross): 4+1-2=3
note: ACP is a penalty from wearing armor while doing dexterous skills like jumping, tumbling, swimming (x2), etc

Extraordinary Ability:
Darkvision 60ft
Dazzled (-1 attack) in bright sunlight (10.00-15.00)

Light, Medium, Heavy Armor
Simple, Martial Weapons
Clever Wrestling (When grappling with bigger than medium sized opponent you get the following bonus on escaping from a grapple or pin: Large/Huge/Gargantuan/Colossal +2/4/6/8)
Improved Unarmed Strike (lethal damage from fists)
Improved Initiative
Combat Reflexes
Weapon Focus: Scimitar


+1 Chain Shirt
+1 Scimitar
Masterwork Gauntlets
Masterwork Guisarme
Masterwork Spiked Heavy Shield
Composite[+4] Shortbow
Ring of Protection +1
2x Cure Moderate
Ornate Leather Armor
Travelers Kit
50 gp

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Re: Qui'Hamor Online Campaign Reference Thread

Post by Joseph » Tue May 11, 2010 3:19 pm


dousi deleted one a placeholder post so... had to move the maps to the start of pg2... again. ;)

{Sauzi edit, added the old reference remarks here, 2011: moved old sheets here as well}

I guess this is already obsolete :P

Class: Fighter 1 / Cleric 3
XP: 6000/10000
Race: Ugt Dwarf

Ability Scores (choose 1)
Str 16, Dex 14, Con 15, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 8

HP 36
AC 21 (10 + 2 dex + 6 armor + 3 shield), dodge 22
Speed 20
Init: +2
Carrying Capacity: (str 16)

Fortitude: 2 fig +3 cle +2 con = 7
Reflex 0 fig +1 cle +2 dex +2 ugt = 5
Will 0 fig +3 cle+2 wis = 5

Base 1+2=3, Melee 6, Ranged 5.
Mw Warhammer +7 for d8+3 (20x3 bludgeoning)

Chainmail +1, +6 armor bonus, +3 max dex bonus, -4 armor check penalty
Hvy Steel Shield +1, +3 shield bonus, -1 armor check penalty

Dodge (+1 ac)
Endurance (+4 on: Swim vs nonlethal damage; Con to continue running; Con vs forced march; Con to hold breath; Con vs starvation or thirst; Fort vs hold or cot environment; Fort vs suffocation. Sleep in light or medium armor without fatigue)
Imp Turning (+2 attempts/day)

Class/Race Abilities:
- Turn Undead 3-1+2 = 4 attempts, - 1 cha on the Turning Check, 2d6+3-1 hd dmg.
- Spontaneous Inflict Wounds
- 20 ft speed in any armor type
- Greater Darkvision of 120 ft.
- +1 attack vs Evil Outsiders
- +1 attack in confined spaces (corridor =< 5 ft, ceiling =<8 ft)
- +2 reflex saves
- fire and acid resistance 5
- -1 attack in bright sunlight (0800-1800 hrs usually)
- Domain 1:
- Domain 2:


Usual Memorization:
l0 C (4)
l1 C: (3) (Replacement Inflict d8+1), D: (1)
l2 C: (2) (Replacement Inflict 2d8+3) D: (1)

Other spells:
l0 C
l1 C: D:
l2 C: D:

Skills: 4x(2+1)=12, 3, 3, 3= 21 total with max 7 per skill, 3 for crossclass (3.5).
Craft Armor 5 + 1 int = 6
Climb 5 + 3 str - 5 acp = 3
Concentration 6 + 2 con = 8
Heal 5 + 2 wis = 7

Equipment: (5400 gp total) (+- 1800 / item max, +- 2700 usables max)
+1 Chainmail (1800gp) (40 lb)
+1 Heavy Steel Shield (1670gp) (15 lb)
Masterwork war hammer (312 gp) (5 lb)
1718 gp left
Adventuring Kit (Bedroll, Waterskin, Backpack, Flint&Steel) ~20 gp
Cure Potions (50 for d8+1, 250 for 2d8+3) 2x light 1x medium = 350
Part of the house = 500-1000
about 400 - 900 left, enough room for maybe a mw throwing or ranged weapon, or some catchy potion like invisibility.



::CB edit summary::

* Updated XP and levelled up.
* Switched shortspear to shortsword (same weight, updated gold and attack bonuses)
* Edited race and size (from baseline human to W-Mek.; buffed him up to standard W-Mek. size)
* Edited languages (again... this time Ormenk -> Vareshi)
* Added character background... Might have to edit it a little to fit with campaign opener.
we can prolly solve that by saying you let yourself be hired by the army again after the clerk spinoff. you prolly had the academy thingy at an earlier age then, being a good son and having graduated there to become one of the main guards of your family caravan ventures.


Name: Trake Monitor
Class and Level: Fighter 2
Race: Human (West-Mekkeshi)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Deity: (to be decided)
Size: medium
Experience: 1895

Age: 23
Gender: male
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 210 lbs
Eyes: greyish blue
Hair: none
Skin: tanned

Ability Scores:

Strength: 16 +3
Dexterity: 15 +2
Constitution: 13 +1
Intelligence: 13 +1
Wisdom: 9 -1
Charisma: 10 +0

Hit Points: 19 (10, 7 + Con)

Armor Class:

Armor Class: 10 + 4 + 2 + 2 = 18 (Base + Chain shirt + Shield + Dex)
Touch AC: 12
Flat Footed AC: 16

Speed: 30
Initiative: +2

Attack Bonus:

Base Attack Bonus: +2
Melee Attack Bonus: +5
Ranged Attack Bonus: +4

Shortsword attack bonus: 2 + 3 = +5 (BAB + Str)
Damage: 4 - 9 (1d6 +3 (Str))
Critical: 19-20 x2

Javelin attack bonus: 2 + 2 + 1 = +5 (BAB + Dex + WF)
Damage: 4 - 9 (1d6 +3 (Str))
Critical: x2
Range Increment: 60 ft (30 x 2)

Saving throws:
added a forgotten point of Fort save
Fortitude: +3 (3+1=4)
Reflex: +2
Will: -1


Ride (Dex): 5 ranks + 2 = 7
Handle Animal (Cha): 5 ranks + 0 = 5
Sense Motive (Wis): 2½ ranks - 1 = 1½
Diplomacy (Cha): 2½ ranks + 0 = 2½


Starting feats

Armour Proficiency: All
Shield Proficiency
Simple Weapon Proficiency: All
Martial Weapon Proficiency: All

Chosen feats

Far Shot
Point Blank Shot
Weapon Focus: Javelin
Mounted Combat (level 2 bonus feat)


West-Mekkeshi (Automatic)
East-Mekkeshi (Automatic)
Vareshi (Bonus from Int)


Shortsword (10 gp) (3 lbs)
2x Javelins (2 gp) (4 lbs) (wielded)

Chain shirt (100 gp) (25 lbs)
Large wooden shield (7 gp) (10 lbs)

Backpack (2 gp) (2 lbs)
Bedroll (1 sp) (5 lbs)
Flint and Steel (1 gp) (0 lbs)
2x Torches (2 cp) (2 lbs)
4x Trail Rations (20 sp) (4 lbs)
2x Unsigned contracts

Total encumbrance: 55 lbs
Load: Light

PP: 5
GP: 34
SP: 2
CP: 8

Total 84.2 gp

Character Background

Trake’s father was the only son of moderately successful caravaneer and his mother was the daughter of a merchant and after his death, Trake’s father took over his caravan business, and though business was acceptable in and around West Mekkeshi, the caravans coming from, and going to, East Mekkeshi very always the most profitable. Whilst Trake and family did not live a life of luxury, they were well enough off to not have to worry where the next meal would come from, and they could afford to buy the odd trinket every now and then.

As Trake grew older, he would accompany his father’s caravans, at first just travelling with his father, but as he grew older he would take up the duties of a guard along with all the other ones. He would eventually become the leader of the guards, and take up a position as the master-of-arms in his father’s caravan business. As the leader of the guards, Trake would maintain firm discipline, demanding strict observance of the rules, and would punish anyone caught breaking them. Whilst he was never the most popular of leaders, Trake’s convoys arrived without fail, and always on time.

As the years went by, his father grew more prosperous, and eventually he sold the caravan business in order to focus on other interests. With his services as his father’s master-of-arms no longer needed, Trake tried his luck as a clerk in his father’s new ventures, but he soon found out that he had no talent for this. And so he took up his arms and armour, and started hiring out his sword-arm to local caravan masters, and later to mercenary companies, when the pay from the caravans was too little in comparison to what he had earned before.

A veteran of many campaigns, Trake is now “between” wars, and is currently hiring out his services once again.

Character Mannerisms (And Others)

• As a mercenary and ex-caravan guard, Trake is used to, and demands, written contracts before agreeing to sign up with mercenary companies or adventuring parties. He always carries two (identical) unsigned contracts with him if he is not with someone or a copy of a signed contract if he is. The other copy he has sent via courier or caravan to his father’s offices in [city], where he can be sure it will not be meddled with in any form. Trake will only sign contracts in front of (at least) one impartial witness, preferably someone with law-enforcing powers, though this is not a requirement.

• The terms of his contract:
1. Trake wants an equal share of the loot if he is with an adventuring party or a pre-negotiated fee if he is with a mercenary company.
2. If Trake is with an adventuring party, he wants an equal part of the credit for any “heroics” they might perform. Conversely, he will accept an equal part of the blame, if they should happen to cause some sort of disaster.
3. If hired by a mercenary company, Trake will only agree to sign on if he is given the minimum rank of Sergeant. This also applies if an adventuring party decides to hire NPC warriors. Only under special circumstances will he drop this demand.
4. Trake reserves the right to renegotiate the terms of the contract if there should be some significant change in circumstances; this includes cancelling the contract in any of the terms should be broken. Conversely, this right also applies to the one who hires Trake.

Last edits:
02-11-07 *an 8 sided hit die + your con bonus of hit points
*a +1 base attack bonus
*a +1 to your base will and fortitude saving throws
*2 + your int bonus of skills, to spend to a maximum of 5 ranks per skill (2.5 for cross-class skills)
*an extra nillst and first level spell spot (memorize something extra from the list is easiest i think)

30-10-07 added
D. Sauzi wrote:My calculation end up 595 xp per hero.
This means you guys can also level-up (effects of level-up go in after next rest)

I give Ruald an XP bonus of 100 xp for his massive turning and reckless fighting.

10-10-07 removed the pelt and added 15 gp
09-10-07 added the pelt and jaws to the pack on the horse and edited the xp

Name: Ruald Del Vrillimere
Player: Ruathavril
Class and Level: Cleric 1
Race: Vareshi (Human)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Deity: Gamathea
Size: Medium
XP: 1195

Appearance (i suppose you can think this up, can you Ruath ;))
I suppose so... :D
Age: 38
Gender: male
Height: 6 foot 3
Weight: 102 kilograms
Eyes: brown
Hair: brown
Skin: light brown

Ability Scores
Strength: 16 (+3)
Dexterity: 9 (-1)
Constitution: 12 (+1)
Intelligence: 12 (+1)
Wisdom: 18 (+4)
Charisma: 13 (+1)

Hit Points
Hit Points (total): 14

Armor Class
Armor Class: 10-1+4+2=15
Touch AC: 9
Flat Footed AC: 15 (als not 16 ;))

Speed: 20 ft (without armor & backpack 30 ft)
Damage Reduction: -
Spell Resistance: -
Initiative: -1

Saving Throws
Fortitude: 2+1= +3 4
Reflex: 0-1= -1
Will: 2+4 = +6 7

Attack Bonus
Base Attack Bonus (BAB): +1
Melee Attack Bonus: +4
Ranged Attack Bonus: 0

Morning Star +3, 1d8+3, bludgeoning&piercing, 20x2
Sling -1, 1d4, bludgeoning, 20x2
10 sling bullets, improvised stones can be used, with -1 and 1d3 dmg
Armor Spikes (grapple-1), 1d6+3, piercing, 20x2 (unproficient)

Spiked Scale Mail (+4 ac, -4 armor check penalty, 40 lb)
Large Steel Shield (+2 ac, -2 ACP, 15 lb)

Languages Known
Vareshi, Ormenkish, West Mekkeshi

Augment Healing (+2 hp/spell lvl on healing spells)
Sacred Boost (spend a turn attempt to get maximal results on healing spells in this round and the next)

Class Features
Simple Weapon Prof
Heavy Armor Prof
Shield Prof
Spontaneous Casting : Cure (you can replace memorised spells with cure spells of the same level at any time)
Turn Undead (4 attempts per day)
Strength Domain ability (add your level to your strength as a free action for one round)
Plant Domain ability (Turn Plants as if Undead, Knowledge Nature is a class skill)


Spells per day--4---2-------------------------------------

Usual Memorization:
L0: Detect Magic, Read Magic, Light, Detect Magic
L1: Bless (+1 attack allies), Doom (target -2 on all rolls) ,Sanctuary
L1d: Entangle
L1 replacement Cure: d8+4

Some other level 1 spells you might want to memorize every now and then:
Bane(-1 attack (area)), Cause Fear (target flees), Entropic Shield (ranged attack miss 20%), Magic Stone (create three attack stones +1 att, d6+1 dmg), Magic Weapon (traget weapon +1 enhancement), Obscruing Mist (fog surrounds you, which creates miss chances), Sanctuary(can't attack or be attacked), Summon Monster 1 (summon a rat, weasel or the like)

Skills totaal +3
Heal 4+4 = +8
Concentration 5+1 = +6 (because he cast spells during combat)
Kn Religion 2+1 = +3 ?
Profession (Herbalist) 3 (+?) = ? because he searched and found herbs
Survival (cross) 3 + 4 = +7 (because he guided the party through the jungle)

Equipment & owned (other)
(+ denotes on person, - denotes in pack saddle, * denotes in backpack)
+ Explorer's outfit
+ Holy Symbol of Gamathea (an elephant fountaining water)
+ Claire, Mule, with pack saddle.
HP 22 , AC 13 , +2 on reflex saves vs slipping or falling , Speed 30 ft
Loads: 230/460/690 pounds , Dragging 3450 pounds
- Magically enhanced jaws 1 lb
- Backpack 2lb (+total content 40,6 lb)
* Bedroll 5 lb
* Hemp Rope 50 ft 10lb
* Sack 0.5lb
* Waterskin 4lb
* Grappling Hook 4lb
* Clerics Vestments 5lb
* healer's kit +1lb
* vial of ink +0,1lb
* 2 inkpen -
* 5 parchment -
* 2 paper -
* flint and steel -
* hammer +2lb
* common lamp +1lb
* 4 oil +4lb
* whetstone +1lb
* billhook +2lb
* bottle holy water +1lb
Total Weight 69 lb + 12,1lb = 81,1 (still light?)
(/\ this is now the actual weight, the rest is on the mule)

when the backpack is carried instead of on the horse load increases to 94.5 lb (medium).

Weight without Backpack & Armor: 29 lb
(equip, sp scale=40, shield=15, mstar=8, slingbullets=5)
The Backpack weighs 25.5 lb, so if thrown off it is 69 lb (light load) however, a scale mail is medium armor for speed purposes.
If armor goes off too, we get to 29 lbs and 30ft spd, the stuff has to be on a horse or something then however, and in combat you'll probably want the spiked scale.

Loads: 76/153/230

5 pp
20 gp
9 sp
1 cp

Total 70.9 gp

Finally! It had taken Ruald years longer than others to graduate. His training had not been easy despite being deemed wise before his years. Maybe because of it, who knows, though Ruald suspected Gamathea must have had a hand in it. Maybe it was a punishment for his unwillingness when he was sent to the semitary when he was ten.

Ah, his younger years, Ruald reminisced. He had been the terror of the school back then. He had made quite some pranks out of obstinacy for being sent to a school where he thought he didn’t belong. He had wanted to become a soldier, waging battle, fighting heroic fights! His grandfather had decided differently. He had deemed Ruald too clumsy to become a good soldier and selected him to become the family’s representative in the clergy. Quite an insight of the old man it turns out, strange as it may sound considering his late graduation.

Yes, Ruald had been an obstinate youth. The change had come when a new teacher had arrived. The man was sent to replace the teacher who gave West Mekkeshi. He was a young man who understood Ruald, because he had a comparable history. He befriended Ruald and succeeded in giving the young boy peace with his fate and showing him his future possibilities. He was the one to help Ruald find his path in life and remains Ruald’s friend for all time.

Yet, finding peace with one’s fate does not equal success at one’s newfound pursuits as Ruald experienced. He was restless in school and wanted to be out in nature as much as possible. The dry teachings of his faith bored the young man. The lessons he enjoyed most, were those where the novices were taken out in the fields to learn lessons about herbs and the lessons about martial arts. They were the lessons that would allow him to get out of the dusty libraries into open air.

During his frequent talks with his new found friend, Ruald was challenged to really consider the impact on a person’s life, the wounds resultant of a fight can have. Thanks to these discussions and to the growing of wisdom when he outgrew his wild puberal years, Ruald has started to adopt a more defensive approach to fighting. Sure, he still trains his martial skills as one needs to be prepared to defend against evil, but he does not see any glory in fighting anymore. It now is a means to an end.

With the waning of his appetite for war, his appetite for wandering the wilds has grown. Ruald has developed himself over the years as a caring person, who hates to see pain in others. To that end he had chosen to perfect his skills in herblore and healing over those of religion. If not for the fact that to be allowed to wander, he had to pass certain exams, he might not have completed his religion studies at all. Besides, it seemed Gamathea withheld his blessings as well, since the growth of Ruald’s powers seemed to have grown parallel with his religious knowledge, which is an unusual correlation. Normally divine powers correlate to strength of belief. And that was never in doubt, or was it…?

However, today was the day. Today Ruald would receive his holy symbol and be allowed to go out and be a wandering priest and do services in Gamathea’s name. He had it all planned. Tomorrow, Ruald would take his amassed fortune, 160 goldpieces!, and go out and buy the things he needed. He had seen a nice Morningstar at the smithy and a most exquisite spiked scale armor at the armorer. They would take most of his fortune but if he haggled enough he might have enough to buy himself a donkey or mule and still have enough left for standard tack. He had no worries about his future income. He would earn money with selling herbs he would find. If he was lucky it would earn him enough to be able to heal the poor for free!

The last year he had copied a book about brewing of potions. That would keep him occupied on the quiet moments when he took longer rests. In time Ruald hoped to be able to make potions with which people could heal themselves without his intervention. One had to look further than the here and now! Ah, today was the beginning of his new life!


Name: Muck MacArtheft
Class and Level: Bard 1 / Druid 1
Race: Gnome
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Deity: when he feels like it: Juxta
Size: small

Age: 52
Gender: male
Height: 2'9"
Weight: 40
Eyes: Black
Hair: A bird's nest of oily brown rasta's
Skin:Slightly Tanned

Ability Scores:

Str 10 +0
Dex 14 +2
Con 11 +0
Int 15 +2
Wis 16 + 3
Cha 16 +3

Hit Points: 13

Armor Class:

Armor Class: 10 + 1 + 2 = 13 (Base + Size + Dex)
Touch AC: 13

Speed: 20
Initiative: +3

Attack Bonus:

Base Attack Bonus: +0
Melee Attack Bonus: +1
Ranged Attack Bonus: +3

Fists/bite (subdual):
(1d3 +0 (Str))

Sap (subdual):
1d6 2Lb

Saving throws:

Fortitude: +2 + 0 = 2
Reflex: +2 + 2 = 4
Will: +4 + 3 = 7

VS. Poison : +4 racial

8x4=32 32-9(languages) = 23

Bluff 3 +3 =6
handle animal 4 + 3 = 7
Decipher Script 2 +2 =4
Diplomacy 5 +3 =8
Escape Artist 3 +2 =5
Jump 1 +0 =1
Knowledge History 1 +2 =3
Knowledge Nature +2
Listen 5 +3 =8
Perform 4 +3 =7
Use Magic Device 1 +3 =4
Tumble 2 +2 =4
Spellcraft 1 +2 =3


Luck (ex): This ability allows you to reroll one roll that you have just made before the DM declares whether the roll results in success or failure. You must take the result of the reroll, even if it’s worse than the original roll.

Bardic music, bardic knowledge, countersong, fascinate, inspire courage +1, Animal companion, nature sense, wild empathy

Starting feats

A Bard is proficient with all simple weapons, plus the longsword, rapier, sap, short sword, shortbow, and whip. Bards are proficient with light armor and shields (except tower shields)

Druids are proficient with the following weapons: club, dagger, dart, quarterstaff, scimitar, sickle, shortspear, sling, and spear.

Chosen feats

Lingering Song


Bard spells:
Lev 0: Flare [sneak edit], Message, Prestidigitation, Mage Hand, Read Magic, Detect Magic

Druid spells:
Lev 0: Guidance, Purify food and drink, Resistance, Cure minor wounds

Lev 1: Entangle, magic stone

9 points
East / West mekeshi, Varandell elf Hiress elf, ancient elf, gnomish, giant, Ormenk dwarvish, tree language (what's it called?)


Loin cloth
Peacock feather hunting hat
Trail Rations
1 Magic bean (Speed bean)
Bag of flour
Commoners outfit
2 keys from tavern
Dead Fly
One 6 sided Dice
Tavern Lyre

Total encumbrance: 7 lbs
Load: Light

GP: 110
SP: 2
CP: 0

A boy not brave nor lionhearted
once void of desire
purloined his dad´s lyre
to join the departed
and start a big fire

He did not ´came obsessed
busy making up own rules
gambling silver with the fools
No single string went caressed
Sleeping on the bar stools

So one day luck just left him lost
As he had done to his old´man
with no coins to spare, the cost
of gambling became an ugly dare
Lose a finger or flee if u can

Luckily there always was a new town
Where he lacked his vile renown
but with no silver to pay his dues
he plucked the snares to try a blues
but no admirer ever came down

So he had his lyre enchanted
by a man who he was in debt
He took that debt for granted
And when he had not slept
four days, his fingers still clutching
the snares, he became upset
The final curse was planted.


Name: Orealis Lavellon
Class and Level: Scout 2
XP - 1000
Race: Hiress
Alignment: CG
Deity: N/A
Size: Medium


Age: 124
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 115 lbs
Eyes: Pale blue
Hair: Black
Skin: Pale

Ability Scores:

Strength: 13 +1
Dexterity: 19 +4 (+2 Racial Bonus)
Constitution: 13 +1 (-2 Racial Bonus)
Intelligence: 16 +3
Wisdom: 14 +2
Charisma: 15 +2 (+2 Racial Bonus)

Hit Die: d8

Hit Points: 16 (14 + CON)

Armor Class: 17
Touch AC: 14
Flat Footed AC: 13


Speed: 30
Initiative: +5

Attack Bonus:
i've changed that Melee attack for you, Sauzi
Base Attack Bonus: +1
Melee Attack Bonus: +2
Ranged Attack Bonus: +5

Weapon Stats:

Sword, short - 1d6 19-20/×2 Piercing, Masterwork (+1 to attack rolls)
Shortbow - 1d6 ×3 60 ft Piercing

Armor Stats:

Studded Leather - (AC) 3 (MDB) 5 (ACP) 0 (S) 30 ft, Masterwork

Saving throws:

Fortitude: +2
Reflex: +7
Will: +2

+2 racial bonus on saving throws against spells and spell-like effects


Climb (Str): +8 (5 ranks, +2 Climber's Gear)
Escape Artist (Dex): +9 (5 ranks)
Hide (Dex): +9 (5 ranks)
Knowledge (Geography) (Int): +8 (5 ranks)
Listen (Wis): +7 (5 ranks)
Move Silently (Dex): +9 (5 ranks)
Ride (Dex): +6 (2 ranks)
Search (Int): +8 (5 ranks)
Spot (Wis): +7 (5 ranks)
Survival (Wis): +7 (5 ranks)
Tumble (Dex): +9 (5 ranks)
Use Rope (Dex): +6 (2 ranks)


Armor Proficiency (Light)
Weapon Proficiency (Hiress)
Weapon Proficiency (Scout)
Weapon Proficiency (Simple)

hmm i keep looking those up, so i edited them in
Battle Fortitude +1 (+x to intiative and fort save)
Low-Light Vision
Skirmish +1d6 (move 10 ft, enemy needs to have a discernable anatomy)
Uncanny Dodge


East Mekkesh
West Mekkesh
Vareshi (Speak Language skill)



Sword, short (Masterwork) (2 lbs)
Shortbow (2 lbs)


Arrows (20) (3 lbs)


Studded Leather (Masterwork) (20 lbs)


Backpack (2 lbs)
Caltrops (2 lbs)
Climber's Kit (5 lbs)
Explorer's Outfit (8 lbs)
Flint and Steel (- lbs)
"Visteng", Warhorse, light


GP: 80
SP: 8

Total Encumbrance: 44 lbs
Load: Light


Hit Points: 22
Armor Class: 16 (14 + Leather Barding)
Speed: 60 ft


Leather Barding (30 lbs)


Bedroll (5 lbs)
Rope, silk (10 lbs)
Saddle, riding (25 lbs)
Whetstone (1 lb)

Total Encumbrance: 71/230 lbs
Load: Light


Orealis Lavellon was born in Quilton, like all other Hiress elves. Growing up, however, was a different story. The wayward Hiress didn't like the thought of being forced to guard the Shelfinn just because his ancestors were told to. Filled with wanderlust, he wanted to explore the world, not be stuck on an island with feuding families who claim to guard some beings they won't even let anyone see. After voicing his opinions on numerous occasions, he got his wish, though not on the same terms he had wished for. The Hiress exiled him from Quilton, essentially making him the first new Varendell. Never allowed to see his family again, Orealis grew bitter, wandering the continent. Over time, the elf grew to accept his new lifestyle, occasionally helping others by working with noble adventuring groups, helping to clear a path ahead of them.

--------------------------------------RULE CHANGES AND HELPFUL TIPS FOR NEW CHARS-----------------------------

I will post rules and rule cahnges here too for reference:

Rule changes for the campaign:
- MERLANCE due to his low strength has the ability to carry 1 lb more and staying in light load (21lb)
- rules on riding mounts with pack saddles have been altered as if a pack saddled mount counts as a 'different mount' (-2 penalty)
- the skill perform is handled conform 3.0 rules when considering the instruments the performer can play
- A players con modifier is added to hp gained while resting (MERL)
- We use 4e rules for cover, which means, friends provide no cover against you, only for you, precise shot still applies.
- We use 4e rules for resting, which means, a standard rest takes 8 hours, as long as at least 50% of the party takes watch, no maths involved other than that.
- on leveling up, when gaining hp, the players can roll a dice size lower if they are not happy with the result. (ie a fighter can roll a d8 if his d10 rolls badly)
- in character creation we use 4d6-lowest with the option to burn (see below)
- The Qui'Hamor campaign setting has different races and languages (see below) and a different Pantheon and Planes (see the handbook)
- Players that are not around but hopefully return soon will travel with the party in a special way, avoiding all possible pressure (read below)
- in combat i do not allow ending movement in each others squares. Squares are holy.
- Considering spells: if the border of the spell range is between two characters, both are either in or out. You decide.

I ahve just wandered trough the discussion thread (formerly new campaign thread) and pick out all the stuff that gives information on the campaign setting and rules that i have posted there, this is a very long post and will only become longer probably.
It is however a good source of reference when you might want to join this camapign, create a new character or something like that.

-------On players that are temporarily absent, and their characters--------
both Trake and Ruald are around physically and normally (thats why i used the term party), but with two exceptions 1) They will not join in any risks taken, so no combat, no stealthiness, no healing when running back to camp, etcetera. 2) Should they encounter danger still, (because the camp is attacked for instance) I will play them, and they will cheat a little, in the sense that when they flee they usually stay in front of the chase-givers or can climb up trees with no risk of falling, things like that only when the party dies, they die as well. Furthermore they are around as normal, so you can use them for their knowledge skills, let them carry things (which does alter their travel speed of course), et cetera, just as long as there is no pressure involved.

---On 3e vs 3.5e---

As for differences between 3 and 3.5, there are few, and few really important ones. As such we play a sort of mixture of the two i suggest. What i mean with that is that for most of the rules you can refer to both types of books since they are mostly the same, if not i will probably follow the 3.5 version, since it usually allows for less ambiguity. The two instances i am thinking of are Damage Reduction and Swift Actions, those two things have bene changed quite drastically from 3e, the latter is a whole new thing, every round everyone ahs a swift action, which is quite akin to a free action, but limited to once per round, the books then come up with a number of things you can do as a swift action, like the Quicken Spell feat.
Apart from that there is another important change in skills, a number of skills have been cut out and replaced by Survival (If i'm correct, Wilderness Lore, Handle Animal and Read Lips or something) While Innuendo has changed into a combination of Bluff and Sense Motive.
As for what i said about using the versions trough each other, that is meant mostly for spells and item descriptions. Just choose one of the versions when you pick/buy the spell and stick with it. (for instance stuff like Entangle, Haste and Otiluke Resilient Sphere have been changed to more or lesser amount).

---A note on what are allowed books---

Ah yes, as far as i know you are allowed to pick anything from 3E and 3.5E rulebooks from WotC (which as such includes stuff like the Complete books, the 3e Compendiums, Arms & Equipment Guide etc. For tstuff from Mongoose and such, i have no real qualms about it, apart from it being heavily debalanced, but if you like some kind of idea written out by them, just mail it to me, and we'll find a way to get it into our campaign, probably with a change or two) I and my flatmate have all these books scattered around, so that should be no problem

---Some thoughts on Alignments---

Ah yes, i also have no problems with any alignment, apart from the official 2E explanations of CE and CN. (CN is no problem at all, as long as you're no blabbering fool, crazy is no problem, but a total loony? thank you. Same goes for CE, you can be as chaotic and evil as you like, Just don't start attacking your superior as soon as you think you can, in that sense, Do not start any rampages whatsoever, or i WILL hunt you down , keep it fun for yourselves, evil is no problem, but do keep the game somewhat coherent, dont start fighting, raping and stealing everything you come across, and do not demand or threaten your party (too much) into your way of thought. (However a beautiful Assassin, Spy, Blackguard, Gangster, Receiver, Dealer or Vermin Lord can be great)
On alignment btw, you can write one down as a guideline/starting idea/way to invoke opinions, but i'll be watching your alignments from the first post and build my view of your alignment anyway.
(so to say, after we're on page 4 or so of the campaign, your starting alignment wont state anything anymore, if you didnt pick/say one you'll start out as NG, it being the objective mean of humanoids)

---links to CBs intended PrC and info---
I will add in links to the scans of the PrC here too

That Ashworm Dragoon seems quite OK to me, do keep these things in mind:
1) as far as i can see level 6 will be the earliest level you can enter the PC, that will take quite some time. (the same counts even more for MERLANCEs aspirations of becoming an archmage)
2) You must get this Ashworm from somewhere, so make sure you get close to deserts or find a very exotic zoo or animal merchant, i'll make those options, but don't think them readily available.
3) These Ashworms aren't part of the usual local ecosystem, so expect a LOT of gaping looks in the city (as said in the description) In some communities this might be curiosity, in others paranoia. Take this into account !
4) You do need a bit of training with the Ashworms and such to enter, The stuff stated there are a bit overdone, you dont need to wander around with a herd for a year or so, but you will need some relations with a herd to both obtain the special type of Ashworm as to learn to ride it as a Dragoon (this shouldnt take too much time (about half a week or so?, will depend of course), but the relation has to be made, and a bit of teaching has to occur)
The book it comes from, Sandstorm, what is the full name of that, then i can see where i can get it and maybe work out those desert environments a bit better. I'd usually put them on Camels and Mules, but of course there's more to High Fantasy deserts. [Fata Morganas! Hallucinatory Mirage Arcanae! hum..]

--on character creation--

4d6 - lowest, then choose, with cumulative alteration

what this basically means, roll 4 six-sided die and subtract the lowest, you do this 6 times, and you have 6 numbers.
These numbers you can put in the stat you want them.
If your total bonus (that is, 12 for a +1 etc) is +2 or lower, or you have no score of 15 or higher you may roll again.
You can, if you want alter your stats afterwards via the following rule: +1 to a stat -2 to another stat, the second alteration costs you -4 on a stat, the next -8 (you don't want -8), THis way you can make sure you have that 17 or 18 you want so badly, if you want it so badly.
Afterwards your race picked might alter some of this too, (like the dwarf's +2 con and -2 cha)

---information on the races and languages of Q'H---

I think i will take the race distinctions, which are mainly as follows:
Humans: divided in 4 subraces: Enoshi, West-Mekkeshi, East-Mekkeshi and Vareshi
Elves: divided into 2 subraces: Varendell and Hiress
Dwarves: divided into 2 subraces: Ormenk and Ugt
Gnomes and Halflings stay roughly the same, although Gnomes have a more cynical view than normally. Half-elves are usually Varendell, though can be of both elven types (and all four human types), this doesnt alter their ingame use however.
Main Rules ideas:

Ugt Dwarf: fav class; Fighter, +2 con, -2 cha, 20ft speed, 120ft darkvision, +1 attack vs evil outsiders, +2 reflex save, +1 to melee in small corridors, Fire and acid resistance 5, -1 to all rolls made in bright sunlight. (Ugt dwarves are the dwarven protectors of the inner earth, they also seldomly leave their cave systems)

Ormenk Dwarf: fav class: both fighter and rogue; +2 wis, -2 Int, speed 30 ft, darkvision 30 ft, +2 to diplomacy and sense motive, +2 to appraise related to currency and ores, +4 bonus to save vs fear. (Ormenk dwarves are the more civilized counterparts of the Ugt, often engrossed in trading, like ore.)

Hiress Elf: +2 dex, +2 cha, -2 con. speed 30, lowlight vision, +2 saves vs spells, weapon profs halfspear, longspear, shortbow and longbow; fav class Fighter (The Hiress elf can be called the arrogant version of the elf, they also guard the Shellfinn, the creator race of QH, living on the SW island)

Varendell Elf: favclass: Wizard +2 Int, -2 cha, speed 30, +2 to survival and swim, +2 to any profession, Improved Toughness (free feat), (the more artistic version of the Elf, which has been exiled from their original land (now mainly living on Leveland, and spread troughout the human continents) Varendell elves mix much better with other races and are also the main cause of half-elves.)

Gnomes (changed a bit, here's the package) : favclass Bard, +2 con, -2 str, Small, speed 20, +4 save vs poison, +2 Listen and Spot +10 on listen whilst sleeping. +1 initiative, Luck (reroll 1/day),

Hiress Half-elf: favclass Any, speed 30, +1 save vs spells, WP: halfspear, longspear, shortbow, longbow
Varendell Half-elf: favclass: Any, speed 30, profession, survival and swim become class skills, 4 extra skill points at 1st lvl and 1 every level thereafter.

Halflings: as per SRD

Enoshi: favorite class Monk, +2 wis, -2 cha, speed 30, +1 to AC, lowlight vision, extra feat at 1st level, 4 skill points extra at 1st level, 1 every level thereafter. (shortly said Enoshi are the Monk-like version of Humans)

West-Mekkeshi: favclass; Any, speed 30, extra feat, extra 4 skill points at l1, 1 every level thereafter. (West Mekkeshi are probably the most civilized race in the world, say the americans of QH, which also leads them to be good traders and warmongers, though nowadays only with East Mekkeshi.)

East-Mekkeshi: favclass Ranger; +2 con, -2 Int, speed 30, extra feat, extra skill (4+1/lvl), Endurance, Fire resistance 4. (East Mekkeshi are best said the Nomadic version of humans)

Vareshi: favclass Any, speed 30, extra feat, bonus skills (4+1/lvl) (These are the more tribal version of humans, however in the south of Varesh there are more Latin medieval influences (think from Nigerian to Portuguese)

This division has two main effects, there is more to choose from, and there exist some more languages. Languages work quite the same as normal, apart from every race having his own language, furthermore there is a kind of closeness system that makes certain languages easier to learn. As such a Varendell/West Mekkeshi Halfelf would get both Varendell and W-Mekkeshi for free, in that case the Hiress, E-Mekkeshi and Enoshi languages cost only 1 skill point, while the Dwarven and Vareshi languages still cost 2 (Gnome and Halfling too), and for instance far away languages like Infernal would cost 3, I'll upload the scheme sometime soon, but i think it quite expalains itself (take a look at the map).

--Q-H prologue from the handbook---

Qui’hamor is a world of the common races. The gods were separated from the world and
located not according to their own choice, but according to decisions of mortals in ages
past. Qui’hamor lay right in between the heavens and hells, and formed a shortcut and
thus a battleground for the gods. The leaders of the world decided in secret that this
fighting on their lands had to stop. So the common races pulled together to seal the
heavens and hells from Qui’hamor. Ever since the gods have been stuck either on
Qui’hamor or on the Outer Planes.
When the sealing of the planes was done, several important things happened. Arguably
most important, some gods got stuck on the material plane. Further, around this time of
sealing, more and more mystery and riddles sprung into place. Some say these mysteries
and riddles form the key to freeing the banished gods, others think they are signs of a
power different from the divine.
In any case, during the past ages Qui’hamor slowly became the world it’s now: a
flourishing place of the common races. Politics, arts, religion, adventuring, magic and
mystery form the everyday routine of many people on Qui'hamor. A character in this
world should not have a problem finding a trace of just about anything imaginable in a
medieval world of fantasy. Whether a character is able to follow this trace, is up to the
player and the evilness of his DM…

---character creation 9 steps plan---

Creating a Character in nine easy steps:
1) roll your dice and get your stats
2) pick a race and class (size, speed, saves and hit points follow from that)
3) pick the skills you want
4) pick the feats you want
5) determine your starting gold
6) buy your equipment (and note the amount of gold left)
7) find/create your final stat stuff,
(height and weight, a name, an alignment, your carrying capacities, your initiative (dex+feats), attack bonuses (BAB, MEL and RAN), your languages (own + int bonus, or spend skill points))
(spells, domains, racial enemies, animal companions, familiars, etc if applicable. )
8) prepare for your first day (your AC, memorizing spells, your speed altered by your load)
9) description time

---some info on unfinished parts of the handbook---

I got the call to give you guys both the Atlas and the Handbook beta 0.8, there is some dutch left here and there, but those parts arent finished yet anyway.
Also we are in doubt what to do with the Protector class, and at this time it is definitely yet unfinished, so for the time being it doesnt exist, and the races that list it as favourite use Fighter instead.

of course this is mostly flavour, no must-read. It does however list the said races in better detail, and lists the Pantheon and Planes usage. There's also descriptions of all the countries/states, in case you'd want to look for a heritage or something. The Language graph is in there too, and the Atlas includes a large number of zoomable maps.

---info on mundane items in the campaign---

On mundane goods btw, i want you guys to take care of your living creature, i don't pay much attention to it, but i do advice you guys to take the standard stuff, which means a bedroll (without you'll get fatigued if you miss your Fort saves while sleeping), a flint&steel (else your sword will get worn), and a bit of food and drink, a waterskin is needed for the latter, for the first i suggest you guys just make sure you either have some rations with you, or you have the ability to hunt some game.
I wont pay much attention to this, your bedroll won't get destroyed, and i won't be giving you penalties if you miss a days food or something, just keep the things in mind yourselves.
To solve this stuff i suggest you guys buy a backpack (or a sack, for the real cheapos) and stuff in a Bedroll, Waterskin, Flint&Steel and if you want, rations for the first day (that isnt needed, you'll start in a town). I can also advice to add a light source (torch, lantern) and a rope. Some people consider potions under the same group, don't forget them.
I won't be hard on anyone's backpack, i suppose you guys just clip it to your horse or drop it if you enter combat. For this purpose, as long as there is movement involved, you can undo your backpack as a free action (during movement, as per unsheathing your sword during movement if you have BA +1).
(Of course in the case of MERLANCE, it might still be preferable to have someone else carry the backpack)

---info on mounts saddles and the ride skill---

The pack saddle states its used for keeping gear, up to the horse's carrying maximum, while there's also saddlebags, whcih have no description anywhere (in both 3 and 3.5). I guess my ruling will be as follows:
Riding Saddle: Used for Riding a horse without penalties
RidingSaddle+bags: Ride the horse and let it hold gear
Pack Saddle: holds gear, saddlebags are obsolete, a rider can sit on it but gets a -2 penalty to Ride checks. (As if the mount isn't the one you're specialized in)
No saddle: the horse is quite unsuable for anything, You can attempt to ride it bareback, which gives -5 to your Ride checks.
No Saddle + bags: same as above, but it can hold gear.

For your info (especially CB btw)
Ride works as follows:
When putting ranks in ride, you pick a mount you specialize in, for which your full Ride bonus will count. (Horse for instance), if you then want to use your Ride skill for a different mount (different creature), you get a -2 penalty, if a mount is grossly different this penalty is -5.
(if chosen horse, a Giant Lizard will count as -2, a Griffon as -5. In our case both the horse with a pack saddle or the Ashworm would fall into the -2 category).

---notes on hirelings---

I found some notes on it in the DMG 2.0 but it seems rather cheap to hire l1-3 characters..: DMG 2.0 wrote:

Typically, an adventurer’s daily fee in gold pieces equals
her character level squared, plus a split of any treasure
gained—usually a half share of the total loot. However, she
charges ten times her normal asking price and demands
a full share of treasure if her character level is equal to or
greater than the average party character level.

so that wopuld be 10 gp a day for a l1 cleric. + a full share of treasure, and depending on the adventure maybe some hazard money, of course there can be haggled, he might be friendly, or you might hire him/her only for healing services. But i think the 10 gold is an ok albeit cheap guideline, i might up it to about 25 or so, considering he would be cheaper than a casting (however, he does get a share of treasure and such)
An Adept would probably be a bit cheaper, say 3/4 of the price of a standard class npc.

---ways to be a herbalist---

(skill) Alchemy (for making smaller potions and herbs from ingredients)
(skill) Craft Poison (for making poisons from herbs) (i believe there's also a craft skill related to Drugs in the Book of Evil Darkness)
(feat) Create Potion (for as it says, creating potions, made from spells you can cast)
iirc there's also some stuff in either the Complete Adventurer or Complete Arcane that adds a number of herb like thingies.
on the Herbalist thingy, you are right there most of the profession are more like cooking and thus have the idea of when you're in town you can earn money with your cooking actions, with Herbs this might indeed work a little different, i propose indeed gathering outside (w check) and cashing in at a village or so later (with time spent divided between the two).
As for ingredients most of it we can emulate as being 'found', especially in the case of CLW (cure light wounds, you'll see those abbrevation more often) potions and such (even replacing the raw material cost for working skill checks)
The usual way of going about it is either buying the raw materials in town, or in case of less important materials, just writing of the gold. A Viper's poison made from his beak is something important, a cure light isnt. In your special case the buying of raw materials can often be replaced with finding them, albeit probably at the same price (or treasure, or proportional to your herbalist check), though especially at this low a level (but also stuff like season, climate, rarity and ecology) there are still enough ingredients your cleric will not be able to find, until we reach the better levels there will be quite some buying at the bazaar too.
more info on this is in the discussion thread on page 6

---more info on languages in qH---

the subject 'speak language' is described in the handbook as follows:
There are three rings of inner languages in the figure. First there are the human languagesin the inner ring. Second there are the middle languages, hard to learn humanoid tongues.
Third there are the obscure languages specific to certain races. A good rule of thumb isthat the closer two languages are, the more they are alike.
The outer languages are somewhat different. Everyone can understand each other on the outer planes more or less: if you speak the sounds are automatically transformed in some emotion-conveying words. The way this sounds depends on your alignment. Depending on the type of sounds you produce corresponding to alignment) there’s a different name for the language. Telepathy and shared visions are other ways of standard communication that many members of the sentient outer races share. You can’t learn these: you are born with or without the ability to use them.
The changed rules for speak language are as follows. Starting languages are chosen just as mentioned in the SRD. From then on, skill points can be used on languages. Speak language is considered a class skill for every class. Refer to Table 5 for the cost in skill points to learn a language.
Finally, there are two more changes to speak language. First, the bard gets a bonus: at 1st, 5th, 10th, and 15th level he can choose a bonus language (only from the racial bonus languages list or a language he has access to in the campaign). Second, if you speak any of the four human languages, you can have very basic communication with speakers of the other human languages. This is limited to simple subjects and takes much more time and requires many gestures.

There is a chart of how languages rank as inner, middle or outer in the handbook, as is the table that lists how much one would cost in skill points. (1 inner, 2 middle, 3 obscure; -1 for paired languages; no choice for alignment related languages)
as such, as you notice, there are no languages like celestial or abyssal, the new languages are listed in the chart.

-----A houseule on recovering HP by MERLANCE-----
You can add your Constitution bonus to hit points regained when resting.

-----on moving and casting spells on combat grids---------

1) On moving around, there can be no standing in the same square as another character (unless you're tiny or something). You can of course move past allies, moving past enemies requires Tumble skill checks.
Moving trough an area only threatened by an enemy (it is standing next to squares you pass) can be done by either catching an attack of opportunity or making a slightly easier Tumble check.

2) Spells and other things with ranges cannot be pinpointed between characters that are in melee combat. Both of the creatures are either outside or inside the spell range; you can choose. If you say nothing i will take both in automatically


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