Sauzis adventures in the Sword Coast on picturesque display!

From the late, great studio that brought us together
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Sauzis adventures in the Sword Coast on picturesque display!

Post by D. Sauzi » Mon May 26, 2008 1:44 pm

Welcome to the screenshot compendium of my adventures which can be read about in the AAR thread, here i will show thee how i fared in my quests of the Baldurs Gate games in colourful ways, with no further ado, have fun and start clicking!
Ah yes, a warning, some pictures have strange fog of war or green water, due to my TuTu install in the beginning not properly communicating with my graphics card.
As well, here is my 'itemlisttoget' version 0.7, it is a handy checklist of all 'useful' items in BG1 and 2 for the parties used below, it as well includes spells and npcs, and some other stuff. You can use the checklist alongside your solo, hardcore, summoning or whatever you like games, i would advise to print it.

Version edits:
7-6-08: added chapter titles for a little extra readability
18-6-08: added session 5 of incarnation 7 and sessions 1-3 of the 8th incarnation.
16-10-08: added incarnations 8-12 and a bit of layout
17-10-08: added the rest of the 8-12 pics and added small read buttons that link to the corresponding posts in the AAR thread, so you can read along with the pictures. Added 'itemlisttoget'
18/10-6/11-08: added pics of 13 and 14 which is by now halfway BG2 and a new itemlisttoget (0.7)
10/11: added more pics of 14, nearing the end of BG2
18/11: added pictures of number 15, who has new rules: no raising, no protection from magic scrolls, and some uber items in bg2
24/1/09: added some pics for no 15.
24/10/09: Hendrika Fifteenth finished BG Tutu without raising!

| Baldurs Gate Hardcore (no loading) No Raising Incarnations: |
Hendrika the Sixteenth:
Session 1, Candlekeep->Bandit Campread
Xzars demise trough gibberlings and wolves
Sheet of Wizard Slayer Hendrika XVI
Garick dying in the spider house in Beregost
Jaheira following in Garricks steps
Kagain going down in a tough fight with some bears
The fight with Bassilus 1
The fight with Bassilus 2, pulling back
The fight with Bassilus 3, his backfiring entangle.
Montaron going down after resting
Melicamp the chicken humor
More Melicamp humor
Khalid going on a killing spree while confused
The havoc caused by Khalid on display
A perfect sleep on the kobold commando group in the mines
Harwilliger Neen facing his natural enemy
Branwen going down to Neens Mustard Jellies
Khalid & Imoen finding their end confronting Nimbul back in Nashkel
Another perfect sleep, on the Gnoll troupe in the stronghold
Minsc falling in the fight with Tazok
Kivan meeting his maker battling Taugosz Khosann in the Bandit Camp
Session 2: Lighthouse - Cloakwood - Cloakwood Mines - Farmlands - Basilisks - Baldurs Gate pre-candlekeep-cats.
Dynaheir being surrounded by Flinds and Gnolls
A strange quirk, the Neried quest actually casts a mass raise dead.. quickly executed Kivan again.
One of the most tight moments, the first webtrap in cloakwood holding all but one
That one dispels all the danger.
Xan going down of a poison arrow in the fight with Hareishan
Ajantis dying there next to lightning bolts
Somewhat tough fight with the Ogre Mage on CWM lvl 3
A rather crowded situation after resting on the stairs in CWM 3
Safana finds her end there, surrounded by guards and taking a big crit.
I wonder if i can actually press this button from Eltan without going game over..
Ramaziths tower, second of five very close battles, with his Ghasts on the 2nd lvl, holding my main and Skie a lvl below, diseased to boot
Coran keeping the ghasts upstairs
Skie goes down held and diseased
My main getting into trouble as the first dispel fails
the second dispel works, just in time
Coran going invisible as Yeslick takes over the role of bait
Yeslicks last sanctuary being interrupted
But i got him outside in the end as well.
Session 3: Werewolf Isleread
A dire charm connecting with Yeslick from the sirines i hadnt used the Greenstone Amy against in time
Edwin looking for Amnish Amorous Affliction
Yeslick is three and plays with dolls
Yeslick trampling Lahls garden
The Greenstone Amu working wonders against the Sirine Queen
Third tight battle, Eldoth getting held in Baldurans Ship
Yeslick being pulled out heavily injured
My main had to flee to safety while now Viccy and Coran take the hits for a future
Edwin going down from resting afterwards
Session 4: Mage Isle - Candlekeep Cats - Durlags Towerread
Andris on the mage isle causing some havoc as the first wizard
Strange, this room in Durlags Tower (up two or three) is exactly the same as Mekraths Lab in BG2 where HaerDalis is held captured.
Shar Teel catching some ricochets from a lightning bolt
Session 5: Durlags Towerread
fourth tight 'battle' where fireball traps show Durlag is serious
Faldorn dead from the first blast
Second volley of traps send Eldoth away in fear
Eldoth dying due to two Mustard Jellies in the room below
Another fireball flying towards the party
A scattering manoevre showing how to end ironman runs (nicest picture i think)
And the following blast
Viconia getting killed in the explosions
And finally Yeslick dies too, waiting in fear for a mustard jelly crit.
Session 6: Duchal Palace - Thieves Maze - Undercity
Tiax's Ghast killing a big ass Ogre in the Iron Throne
Rahvins Cloudkill party starting the final tough battle, opened by two fireball arrows
Tiax being shot down on the run
Coran exchanging a last arrow with Rahvin
The cloudkill coming up in the end, without danger
Preparation for the battle with Sarevok, alas this was screenshot 100, so no future shots were saved. Let me suffice saying a round or 10 of two bolts of lightning per round took him down.

Hendrika the Fifteenth:read
Sheet of Hendrika the Fifteenth
Chapter 1: Friendly Arm Inn
Fight with Tarnesh, Montaron
Fight with Tarnesh, Xzar
Six Kobolds on the Crossroads, Ajantis
Jaheira enjoying a level up from murder
Ogrillions panicking Khalid
Winter Wolves panicking Kagain
Chapter 2: Nashkel Mines
I already thought those potions tasted a bit awry
Neira causing some trouble
some great rolls helping out
Chapter 3: The Bandits
Bassilus casting some impeding spells
Bassilus killing Jaheira
Khalid killing his partner on the front-line
Melicamp the Chicken quest fails
A double sleep salvo for Raiken
The Token Tactic for Taugosz
Chapter 4: Cloakwood read
Garrick has to take the front for a second
More Ankhegs taking down Kivan
Some random bandits in a tough formation
Shar-Teel being a bit overconfident
Lucky preparation against Mutamin
Garrick can actually pickpocket pretty well
The battle with Centeols Spiders going quite controlled
The fight with Drasus starts with Confusion
Next, a Fireball, which kills Viconia as well
Second page of the Fireball...
Followed by a Horror spell
New positions cost Faldorn her life
Drasus finally falls
Kysus has a trick up his sleeve left though, for Khalid
Some bears sending Garrick into panic
Who are blocking him a moment later
My main not exactly coming to the rescue
Decided to flee after this, damn bears. Quite stupid though, didnt pick up his loot.
New party, Minsc going after his witch
Ulcaster Dungeon Fireball trap 1
Ulcaster Fireball trap 2 (those were mirror images)
The encounter with Sil, forgot to berserk
Minsc getting charmed
and Eldoth being charmed as well
no invisibility for Imoen
Dynaheir poisoned on the way out
ready to run around the map
By now everyones heavily injured, and wolves and Tasloi are chasing the pack as well
Finally my main is turned over to me again
though in the chaos another partykill happens a moment later.
Nice idea to flee the cave that way Sauzi
ah, there appears to be a web trap here
yay! fireball xp!
Davaeorn preparations 1
Davaeorn preparations 2
Davaeorn preparations 3
Davaeorn combat round 1
Chapter 5: Baldurs Gate read
Safana's pickpocket spree starting
Larze lashing out at Safana
Alora meets the rules of the law
Safana's pickpocket spree continued
Safana's second pickpocket spree
Branwen getting held in Ramaziths Tower
Branwen getting held in Ramaziths Tower 2
Iron Throne Battle 1
Iron Throne Battle 2
Iron Throne Battle 3
Chapter 6: Return to Candlekeep read
Imoen with phase spiders 1
Imoen with phase spiders 2
Imoen with phase spiders 3
chapter 7: the final confrontationread read
A double Otilukes Resilient Sphere for the dukes
A heavy hit from Sarevok
A nice dialog on time in the Blade & Stars inn
Tiax actually disarming some traps invisible and percepted in the Maze
The Skeleton Warriors in the Maze getting off some hits
Cloudkill revenge! opening
Cloudkill revenge! aftermath
Final Battle: Summoning Blockade preparation
Final Battle: Semaj coming in
Final Battle: Two Resilient Spheres
Final Battle: Three Resilient Spheres
And the final image for Hendrika the Fifteenth onto BG2!
Baldurs Gate 2read
Quayle nearly dying on a trap in Irenicus' dungeon
Mopping up the party in the Seven Vales
Chapter 2: Earning some gold
Power Word Stun on Dynaheir in the opening battle of the Planar Prison
Confusion on the main in stringed battle 3
The Wyvern coming in while the Sphere goes off, for battle 4
The Master of Thralls' Doom Gaze paralyzing three of mine while the day goes on
Hendrika XV rushing in and getting held
Remove Paralysis to little avail
Last gasp Invisibility while Minsc goes down
Tiax being destroyed
And the Final Image, after my main received an area slam from the Elementals

| Baldurs Gate 1 Hardcore (no loading) Incarnations: |
Hendrika the Third:read
his sheet, a longbow/longsword Fighter
Montaron is the first to die
The party, after visiting the FAI meets an Ogre
The Third Incarnation finds a premature end.

Hendrika the Fourth:read
Who is another Fighter, this time solely longbow proficiency
and meets some Gibberlings

Hendrika the Fifth:read
Is a copy of the fourth Incarnation, though with a dwarven face.
He meets a fellow called Oogie Wisham
Chapter 2: Nashkel
And a while later meets a Kobold Commando.

Hendrika the Sixth:read
This female incarnation came to life as an Archer
But soon has to start running
Some more organisms join the pursue
She makes it to Beregost where Imoen gives a small masterclass in obtaining a Wand of Lightning
And runs into some bandits in the second stage, Beregost-Nashkel

Hendrika the Seventh:read
This time a triple class tries his hands at the Coast of Swords
He has a hard time finding Ajantis
But finally does succeed
In finding a sacrifice for the bounty hunter at the FAI
Chapter 2: Nashkelread
His party, now adorned with Edwin and Branwen entertains a Mountain Bear
A while later they visit a trio of sleeping Hobgoblins
This Sirine causes a lot of dancing around
Which leads to Edwin doing things invisible
Chapter 3: Bandit Campread
The Bandit Camp party is being crashed
As are the fellows taking a peek out of their tent
Sendai is greeted with some effects in her area.
Kagain and Korax clear a garden
The Seventh Incarnation has gained some levels by now
Chapter 4: Cloakwoodread
Ajantis accidentally gives a tell on his education
Branwen in one of her close escapes to Ettercaps
The protagonist in grave danger as an Ettercap sneaks up his back while being webbed
And how he escapes luckily
The fight continues a bit more
Here's is what happens to Irenicus' spouses
And how her underlings go down
Good use of a Nashkel Potion
I wish i could ask similar payment for my autograph
Using the other Nashkel Potion
Branwen escapes another bit of poison
The guards at the Cloakwood Mine are treated to some fireworks
Branwen is a bit overexcited
Hareishan puts up a good fight when i enter trough the wrong corridor
Retreat is in order
Hareishan is down, but so is half the party
Hiding Full Plates in the closet
Montaron finding some traps
Chapter 5: Baldurs Gateread
Larze is a man of his word and starts turning heroes into paste
Which includes wiping Edwin from the face of the Sword Coast, after which Sanctuary is needed again
Here's how a hasted Alora races trough the city of Baldurs Gate
The Halruaan insists on confusing Imoen, which leads to some rather unfriendly thieves
Which i 'handled' like this.
And here's how Alora's thieving spree ends.
And how the Gods punish her a while later
The party heads for Skie as a replacement
The guard asks after my intentions
Rabid Chickens in the streets!
We want a tour
We said we want a tour
Preparing for the Iron Throne
the countdown
and the win
Chapter 6: Return to Candlekeepread
Is she talking to Ajantis?
Tiax is finding some traps
Tiax finds some more traps
Kagain finds them too.
That is a great cloak Ajantis..
Branwen displays some tanking
Prat is causing a tad of trouble
Ajantis has a hard time there too
So it will be hiding in the corner.
And running away
After which i went to Baldurs Gate quickly, and there got myself imprisoned for a second, defeated Shar Teels dead, and went straight for the Ducal Palace, where i perfectly used up all of the dukes for tanking purposes.

Hendrika the Eighth:read
Number eight, a female Skald will try her hands at the Sword Coast with her great song
Heres a little map pic to show how one should go about getting that Tymora Bowl Quest for the early level
The customary fleeing to Beregost part
A couple of not-so-nice Flinds at the High Hedge
Who join me inside uninvited
Chapter 2: Nashkel Minesread
I should be very happy gaining those two levels from the bowl quest
The central trap on level 2 causes another casualty
Shar Teel shows her true talent
Mulahey goes fine enough even though he gets a spell out
Monty wanting the wand of monster summoning
Monty was carrying Mulaheys symbol, so going for his loot i activate Harwilliger Neen..
Who immediately shoots down Shar-Teel
A little running later Kivan als makes a misstep, soon followed by Xan
At this point i went back to Nashkel to raise my party, due to Mulaheys symbol being gone, i wasnt allowed to rest by the game,
Which results in me not even capable of taking on a few skeletons
So i had to lure the whole bunch away to get to my stuff
Montaron also leading a pack
Montaron was the one having to lure away the left half of the map, while ST did the right half, then they should meet up, ST leading the whole area somewhere safe, while Monty slips in to also lure out the ghasts from the coffin cave, when he leads them away my main can finally come in to pick up the symbol.
Shar Teel having picked up Montys pack
And Monty luring out the ghasts
Of course that went too well, Monty dies at the southern edge of the map, at least having led away the enemy
Shar-Teel joins him there, but again now all the creatures are there.
However, when going into the now empty tomb it appeared the game did delete mulaheys symbol, due to travelling time i suppose. I allowed myself to shadowkeeper it in, i mean, i rescued the item, and its questspecific, so it shouldt get deleted in the first place. This allowed me also to finally rest up, and raise from the rewards.
Chapter 3: The Banditsread
Okay, I should have thought of this solution earlier. There was quite some magical stuff left btw
Taking a peek at the lured monsters
And the other group
Nimbul being a bit more tight this time
Hey, this isn't a dormitory
Malkax taking another nap
A good start in fighting Bassilus
A bad end to fighting Bassilus
*latest additions*
Some carrion crawlers doing a nice dance in the sirenes area
chapter 4: cloakwood minesread
Some dead spiders at the start of Cloakwood area 2
Here's the good way to take on Hareishans party
The fireball flies into them
mopping up the rest of them
For a change i didnt cheese my way trough Davaeorn and attacked him buffed and all, first the horrors, blocked by invisible chars
alas, no dispel magic...
Shar-Teel down as well
Aganazzars almost takes down Coran
Finally, the protection goes down
He has one last trick up his sleeve however
Davaeorn goes down at last
Coran still goes down afterwards though
Before the protagonists' Horror is very useful for a change
Some relationship advice before the mines are flooded
On my way back to the dead party loot i decide to take out Natasha while going there (notice the potion btw)
And think it is a nice and cosy place to sleep
Which was a rather painful waking up
I did manage though.
chapter 5: Baldur's Gateread
The fight with the party in the Helm & Cloak inn
Am I interrupting something?
Let's see you interrupt this one!
The usual chaotics with the Iron Throne Leaders
Chapter 6: Return to Candlekeepread
With Shar-Teel dead in the Candlekeep library, it was down to Coran to steal the stuff, without any trapsearching ability, i gave him some immunity-buffs
Which worked out nicely
As is also customary, i picked the wrong fight with Prat
Yeslick and Kivan notice this quickly enough
Dynaheir notices this as well
Luckily though, albeit confused, Coran saves the day, while i was ready to flee the place
This time over i couldnt let the xp from the basilisks lie around
chapter 7: the final confrontationread
In case you never read it, Angelo frees his daughter
Charging the Flaming Fist Headquarters
I'm not really sure why anymore, but Ned and Joss aren't my biggest fans
Hmm, i don't like cloudkillers.
Some better luck this time over at the Duchal Palace as i protected the dukes for a change
Here's a little handy tip against Green Slimes.
A little fight i forgot about, some geezers awaited me in the city of the dead
And of course, they too, come with cloudkills
After which i decide to flee, turning invisible, i wanted to wait for the cloud to disappear and take some equipment back to town, alas, a second cloudkill was cast towards Kivan, and i was there in the area as well.

Hendrika the Ninth:read
no pictures from this Inquisitor, he already died at the FAI Bounty, where i though to pick him off with Imoen, but he cast a magic missile at me..

Hendrika the Tenthread
The Tenth installment, a female Cavalier
She has a bit more luck at the FAI Bounty
Imoen tries to gain some antidotes, but it appears a bit too much
I decided on giving her a cleric party, which does a great job commanding
Close moments in the Nashkell Inn
The fight with Mulahey works out well
And i am getting a hang of retrieving the Summoning Wand
Getting ready to fight Nimbul
Something went a bit wrong there though, i hid my main in the shop, hoping to finish Nimbul with the remainder of my party, but he followed me inside..

Hendrika the Eleventhread
On to number 11, a Totemic Druid.
Who didnt last past running trough the crossroads

Hendrika the Twelfthread
Another Totemic, because i didnt cast a single spirit animal
which turns out a too powerful summon, considering Silke here, though it will fade away quickly enough when enemies start having magical weapons
Here's how she can easily solo the first part of the game
Telling Garrick the truth
Sirens... quite stupid though, i was already fifth level, and this was the first time i wasnt sanctuaried...

Hendrika the Thirteenth read
Fear this roaring barbarian orc-man
Chapter 1: Friendly Arm Inn
Do not go back to the farm with a party, i tell you
Chapter 2: Nashkel Mines
mulahey's a nasty trickster
waiting things out

Hendrika the Fourteenthread
A sorcerer is up next
Chapter 2: Nashkel Mines
A tight fight with Greywolf
Had to call in some reinforcements because i had no money
mulahey was frozen, which meant another shadowkeeper trick for his symbol...
a xvart slumber party
some more sleepy folks
here i got the sanctuary off just in time to get her away, after having created the room
an easy encounter with Silke
Chapter 3: The Bandits
No worries over Taugosz and his bandits
Chapter 4: Cloakwoodread
the near-death spider trap
the finale from the fight with Centeol
trouble with the wyverns
end of trouble with the wyverns
how high must the pile of bodies be to be left alone at night?
confusion and hold make for a tight fight with drasus
the lovely invisible potion is needed
some very irritating worgs have been summoned
coran can't keep them off any longer
fleeing to the border of the map
and finally the unsummon saves the day
zal the very fast dart-thrower
Kirian in the basilisk area, the sleep did wonders to turn the tide
i was surprised by this party hoping to sleep here, they had to first though
Chapter 5: Baldurs Gateread
Fighting Vay-ya and Desreta for the Gauntlets of Ogre Power
Gorpel Hinds party in the Helm & Cloak
Gorpel Hinds party, some triangle holding
the iron throne battle, somewhat controlled this time
Chapter 6: Return to Candlekeepread
a spidertrap in the catacombs killing Coran
chapter 7: the final confrontationread
picking a fight with Lendarn in the Firewine Ruins, to get his Cloudkill scroll
Lendarns Lightning Continued
Raising is slow when Flaming Fists are around in the temple
Duchal Palace preparation, i though i laid out the defense nicely
But those two nobles of course run straight into battle, and i have to walk around casting invisibility again
Sarevok managed to kill some, but not enough
The Shadow Thieves Maze, always a nice place to fudge things up
Rahvins Party, done the more easy way
The battle with Sarevok, you can see most of the initial summon spree has worked out, and Semajs threat has just been dealt with
And here's the final arrow of BG1, onto the next game :D
follow the story of Hendrika 14 in BG2 further below, under the BG2 hardcore incarnations, i converted the whole party into a multiplayer game with Shadowkeeper, which i then continued single player.

Continued in the next post, below

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Post by Magnus » Mon May 26, 2008 10:13 pm

[Edit]Hmm, sorry Magnus, but it seems the post size has become too long, already my Multiplayer and Other images disappeared, not that they're too important, but i am going to invade your post with more screenshots..]

Damn, that's actually a lot of screenshots. But then again, your thread has been running for one or two pages by now ;)

[Edit] Picturesque Displays Continued:

| Baldurs Gate 2 Hardcore (non-loading) Incarnations |
Hendrika the First:read
This incarnation, a cleric was my first go at ironmanning BG, the first picture is from her freeing Glaicas from his charm
Chapter 2: Earn Some Goldread
Jaheira's Woodland Being useful
Jan giving some information about his marvellous career
Anomen compliments me on choosing my friends
Aerie could use some more chaos
A small course on using Cloudkill
Jan finds a trap
The Unseeing Eye causes some trouble
Raising a sorely needed Jaheira
Who casts a useful swarm of insects
followed by an even more effective Woodland Being
Garrick being yawn-struck
Chapter 3: Attacking the Guildsread
the vampiress Tanova puts up a fight
Nalia flees into the spike pit
Nalia being raised to flee away
Jaheira being raised for a final stand
And summoning some help to take her down
Chapter 4: Spellholdread
The party accidentally rushing into the Umber Hulk trap in Spellhold
The party being thinned out
The Efreeti securing my escape
Aerie delaying the escape
At that moment i decided i could pinch in a Smite Evil before Aerie died, but i managed to forget me being a cleric of Talos.
Kornelis the Second:
didnt last past the poisonous painting, better said the first goblin afterwards. Note this was also a solo try
Hendrika the Fourteenth:read
Chapter 2: Earn Some Goldread
The second Shadow Druids group in the Grove with an Insect Cloud
Glaicas slaughtering my party
Hiding from the Golems when all else fails
Killing Barl, the one responsible for poisoning Mazzy's sister
Chapter 3: Attacking the Guildsread
The Planar Sphere was not a wise choice, here's the story's debut 'Maze'
Followed by a Silence, and the second haste wearing off
Next was the campaigns debut for the 'Disintegrate' spell
The tide slowly turns but i know i shouldnt have gone here this early again
Kagain even finally returns to tilt the scales
It was time for my first protection from magic scroll against Lazok, and here Tolgerias.
It kept on lasting, even trough these Cold Salamanders
And also after these hot ones, although they were sharp against my archers
this one's just for the fireworks
This lightning in the streets is probably actually my most tight encounter up to now
Getting Valygars brand new katana, the demons fight when they see no prime material
The big battle upstairs went pretty controlled
Another one from that fight, more near the end
Okay okay, i'll move over a few meters
Killing Aran Linvail
Chapter 4: Spellholdread
A backstab by Valygar on Perth the Adept in Brynnlaw
The Irenicus battle, after i suffered some deaths at Lonk the Sane
Spawning some Fire Elementals to keep the clones off
Horrid Wiltings while a clone takes down an original
A ricocheted lightning bolt coming to my aid
And the Sneak Attacks spent on Valygar afterwards
The Spectator in the Sahuagin city, just because he deserves the fame
Chapter 5: The Underdark
A giant misclick in the Underdark
Chapter 6: Return to Athkatlaread
Another misclick on the first part of Kangaxx the lich
Not that it mattered much
The Blind Priests in the Unseeing Eyes' Lair causing trouble
With one of the more seldom seen results when running around in fear trough a Beholder Lair
A nice Kobold surround in the Old Gods caves
An inventory shot, since i've been around so long
Kangaxx the lich taken out with immunities
Lord Jierdan Firkraag causing a bit of trouble
The Mind Flayers Temple Sewers, not too easy as well
More Inventory shots:KagainAnomenKhalidCoran Valygar
Lich in the city gates Time stops just as i hop in and out for a Remove Magic
Lich has superb tactics, mazes his own summon that i was protected from
Quintuple Cloudkill in the Sigil Room
Dimension Doored Shangalar Timestops
Chapter 7: Suldannesselarread
Raamilat in Suldannesselar. casting Maze
Hoping my Limited Wish scroll will dispel his protection
The Black Dragons dangerous entangle
Two rakshasan fears hit my party
Coran going down to an Iron Golem
Here is the responsible baddie
Jan apparently impossible as replacement
I suggest these elves not to move.
Jon Irenicus casts a time stop
Something gets trough his Absolute Immunity and opens up opportunities
The Elder Orbs from the Cloak of Bravery 1, main gets spotted
Elder Orbs 2, Kagain imprisoned
Elder Orbs 3, Imoen dies
Elder Orbs 4, spotted again
Elder Orbs 5, final scroll against Magic
Elder Orbs 6, winning
The Demon Pride's dragon in the 9 Hells, sending away my people in fear
Khalid being gibbed by it
Kagain and Valygar going down
Me, myself and i going down

| Baldurs Gate 2 Pure Summoner Party |
I tried finishing BG2 with a party solely consisting of summoners, removing the summoning cap with the d0ttweak pack, note that MERLANCE actually did this too and finished it, about which you can also read in the AAR thread. read
The party consisted of four created characters, a cleric, totemic druid, wild mage and sorcerer, plus Edwin for his spell arsenal, and Valygar to use the Moon Dog from the Ranger stronghold. (I allowed buffing my summons)
Chapter 2: Earn some goldreadread2read3read4
acquiring the ring of invisibility from the Den of Seven Vales with some Phase Spiders
Of course this is the first thing to happen to your Wild Mage
Things get a bit crowded in the spider-pit, especially after my summons decide to attack me
A Hobgoblin Elite finishes off the battle in the Tanner's cellar
My Wild Mage doing something difficult
Rayic Gethras meeting some Mountain Bears
Dealing with Mae'Var
Preparing for the Myconids near the druid grove who are extremely troublesome with summons
A strange bug with the multiple strongholds minimod, works fine however
A very nice front for my Efreetis lightning bolt
A Brown Bear being unnecessarily violent
Edwin being clever with his elementals
The strange eye in the Imnesvale dungeon
Defeating Thaxll'ssillyia
Cerebus the Moon Dog takes down the halflings in the Planar Sphere
A Myconid Spawner being in fear
and fleeing southward
Summons taking down the Tanar'ri in the Planar Sphere
Teos excusing himself
A more severe bug in the multiple strongholds mod, i had to clua in Reyna to fix this quest and get out
Of course I am!
A token tactic for advancing on enemies with a summoner party
The always hard part of entering the Astral Prison
The protaganist makes the situation even more dire
And indeed doesnt make it
The second try went better, though this time the front was a bit overstretched
Winning the final battle in the Astral Prison
Chapter 3: Attacking the Guildsread
Haz manages to reach the second level of the vampire dungeon
And is a bit too helpful when encountering an undead
Chapter 4: Spellholdread
A reference to the tanner in Brynnlaw
Managed to take down a regenerating Greater Wolfwere
One of the few ways to kill a troll
A Wyvern can do this too, while i perform some more bird magic
My Elemental is bigger
I have my own kobolds
A Pit Fiend crashing trough the Sahuagin City
This zombie keep on making me happy, after it dropped Tensers for my solo bard, this time it is the much awaited Mordenkainens Sword
My Woodland Being brings Prince Villynaty to my side
Chapter 5: The Underdarkread
Kitthix and the Berserker from Valhalla performing lead roles
An Aerial Servant finishing off Alchra Diagott
A trio of Invisible Stalkers taking care of an army of Myconids
I am being ripped off here
Taking care of a group of Mind Flayers
Vithal fleeing the scene after all my hard work
A rather strange use for King Duthka's Thief
Mordenkainen's Sword defeating the Demon Knights
Some for me new content from Adalon
A summoning contest with the drow party encountered when leaving the drow city
Breaking trough
Edwin placing a very useful Earth Elemental
And finally a colorful display while trying to take down Adalon

| Baldurs Gate 2 Solo Incarnation |
A while back i played trough BG2 as a solo Jester, it started out as a lowest xp possible char, something i thought up as experiment, a gauntlet which Cam took up and finished marvellously. I wasnt able to do such, and eventually picked it up as a solo char, which advanced into ToB where I, as usual, got bored with the linearity.
I apparently have no screenies from chapter 7, but i did write a bit about it, some snippets from the thread deom that part: readread2
Chapter 2: Earn some goldread(on)
One of my handy methods of outliving becoming immobilized
One of the best npcs in the game, Tiana and Ruhar in the Copper Coronet, though of course best with sound.
A present for the temple of Helm from the mansion with Celestial Fury
Chapter 4: Spellholdread
A picture of my Inventory from around Spellhold
And the character sheet from around there
Another picture from a well-spent contingency
Chapter 5: The Underdarkread
The Duergar in the Underdark approaching in geese-stride
I take great pride in my ability
Tenser's Transformation helping out in House Jael'lat
Chapter 6: Return to Athkatlaread
Of course the chickens from Imnesvale deserve a picture
My Hakeashar diverting attention
Taking down Thaxll'ssillyia
Me and my copy meteoring the Unseeing Eye who is busy with the Hakeashar
The Triple Henkie (project image & simulacrum) taking care of the demons in the Planar Sphere
Fooling the Golems in the d'Arnise Hold
A drunk guard in the Bridge District
A Copper Coronet Thug outliving a Finger of Death
Of course also the Troll Cook deserves mention
My final try on taking down a Wolfwere
Which succeeds
ToB Chapter 8: Yaga Shura
The final Inventory picture from Henkie, with explanations, from level 3 of the Watchers Keep, i believe i did ToB up until Yaga-Shura

| Baldurs Gate 1 Solo Incarnation |
After i finished BG2 solo i thought to do the same for BG1, and pretty much succeeded in that. I didnt make pictures of every session, but if memory serves me i lasted until escaping the Candlekeep Catacombs after which i entered Durlags Tower and stopped somewhere halfway. iirc It was at the trapdoor where you need to beat the four dwarves, which bugged up in such a way that the door didnt open anymore. (I believe due to gibbing the last one, or maybe he was charmed or disintegrated or something else that fopped it up), I also have no pics of the starting session. read(chapter1)read(durlag)
Chapter 2: Nashkelread
My Fighter/Mage from when the second session started, being level 4/3 already
My inventory at the start of the second session, as you can see just past Greywolf
King Dutka's Thief works in in TuTu, albeit a bit buggy
Hiding in a corner in Mulaheys lair to outlast the Hold Persons
I agree with Nimbul on that last sentence
Chapter 3: Bandit Campread
Another lovely npc worth of picturesque displays, the scryer Pallonia
Two Ogre Berserkers falling asleep
Taking down Hakt and his companions
Chapter 4: Cloakwoodread
The Ogre Mage Kahrk putting up an interestingly tough fight
Picking up the Wand of Fire from the Ankheg Cave
Mutamins Rock Garden
The Red Wizards falling asleep
A Lightning Bolt hits something far far away
Sleeping some spiders in the Cloakwood
Here's how to tackle Hareishan the easy way
Chapter 5: Baldurs Gate: read
Killing the Iron Throne members with Skull Trap and Dimension Door
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Post by Joseph » Mon May 26, 2008 11:47 pm

Almost makes me wish that I could reinstall BG2... but it keeps asking for non-existent disks and I really can't see myself enjoying the game again after beating it about a dozen times in a couple years.

Maybe in a few years... if there even is a comp to run it then.

Still, I do like this thread... though I was expecting to see at least selected images, highlights in this thread, not just the links. :wink:

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Post by John Arkham » Tue May 27, 2008 9:55 am

Damn, I wish Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 would work on my PC.
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Post by Joseph » Tue Jun 17, 2008 4:55 pm

BG work on mine. BG2 won't install anymore.

I've got dousi's last image folder up now. Whenever he gets around to linking them all.

And dousi, you really should use the image tags for some"highlights". It would add a much needed visual appeal to this thread. :wink:

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Post by D. Sauzi » Tue Jun 17, 2008 5:55 pm

Hmmm, i could, but all images are 1024x768 so that would destroy the spacing and heavily increase scrolling. Or can i add size to the images, like 25% of original?

Oh, and btw, if i were you i'd download a pirate version of the game, you bought it didnt you? The fact that you didnt back up your own copy, but someone else's shouldnt be a viable reason to say you're doing illegal things. If your connection speed or knowledge of the black market is insufficient to do so yourself i could help out by providing the files via internet or even by mail.
In that sense, what is it that doesnt work? because if its merely a few reading errors in specific areas you can just replace those files, if the installer cannot communicate with Vista or something, i wouldnt know the reason (Apart from manual uninstall in the registry).
My new system has things working perfectly, under XP that is. Both of my BG disc collections had reading problems which i fixed with replacing the areas from my roommate's copy and a third one. I also decided after going trough that hassle to allow myself to pirateer it. I use Tutu for BG1 though, mostly for getting it in higher resolution and having the series connect better should i ever leave bg1 for the second installment.
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Post by Joseph » Tue Jun 17, 2008 6:07 pm

It's no biggie. It's scratched and yes, I suppose I could DL it but like I mentioned before, I've no real desire to replay it. Beat it often enough. It's just every now and then I get a wave of nostalgia. :)

And, iirc, 800x600 works just fine for forum images.

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Post by D. Sauzi » Tue Jun 17, 2008 11:47 pm

okay there you go then, i might alter some stuff if it turns out okay, but i'd say for such layout i would require percentages:

as i said, they are 1024x768, which is because of tutu and me wanting a bigger workspace.

[edit] hmmm, a picture highlight of the week might be an idea, though i'd still like them toned down to at least 75% size because of the width of the images as they are[/edit]

[edit2]ow, and i edited in the pack, thanks for uploading, it is under *latest additions*[/]
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Post by Joseph » Thu Jun 26, 2008 11:18 am

Damn you dousi.

Between this thread and the time on my hands I decided to at least replay BG:TotSC.

Looking and your screen shots tells me Tutu supports a higher resolution. That would be nice.

And my party composition sucks. I've never tried all the NPCs but now, having done most of the lower map, with my party all around 5th level... I feel stuck, like it's too late to ditch some NPCs in favour of others. :(

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Post by D. Sauzi » Thu Jun 26, 2008 3:00 pm

you can easily get a new one up to 4 or something, just take him or her along when you kill some basilisks, ankhegs, mountain bears and stuff. Which lower map are you talking about however? the werewolf isle? or did you just mean BG1, with the expansion installed.
Also, loads of chars have l5 or something as their starting level, iirc Coran and onwards. And im not 100% sure but i also thought there were different starting levels, so if you havent spoken to your target yet he might turn out higher than 1st or 2nd level.
Oh and yes, Tutu allows 1024x768 because it is incoporated into the BG2 engine. (still not officially supported, but i have no troubles), on top of that it alllows you to use the bg2 kits and containers. I'm not sure how it links to 2 yet, have to play it trough to be sure, but my guess is it also allows you to take bg1 npcs into bg2, and shadowkeeper works for bg1 in this way. (though there is also a bg1 keeper)

[edit] wow, too many spelling errors to play the language evolution card there. [/edit]
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Post by D. Sauzi » Thu Jun 26, 2008 11:55 pm

Keeping up my pic of the week until i get a better idea for it or the layout of it,
here's Haz going toe-to-toe with a summon of mine for no particular reason.

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Post by Joseph » Thu Jun 26, 2008 11:58 pm

Hey... how are you taking your screen shots?

I tried something for fun earlier (Minsc got chunked) so I just used the Print Screen key and pasted it into MS Paint but... the image was so frickin' small and there was no way to enlarge it or change the size... but I've never had that problem doing a print screen with anything else, ie; a webpage.

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Post by D. Sauzi » Fri Jun 27, 2008 12:02 am

Hmm, whenever i press printscreen BG saves a .bmp file in the 'Scrnshot' dir in your install folder.
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Post by Joseph » Fri Jun 27, 2008 12:20 am

Yeah... strange.

I'll look into that. I'm still puzzled why it's such a small size when I paste it into paint. :?

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Post by Gorth » Fri Jun 27, 2008 2:04 am

Josan wrote:Hey... how are you taking your screen shots?

I tried something for fun earlier (Minsc got chunked) so I just used the Print Screen key and pasted it into MS Paint but... the image was so frickin' small and there was no way to enlarge it or change the size... but I've never had that problem doing a print screen with anything else, ie; a webpage.
Maybe he is using a higher resolution (tutu), i.e. 1024x768 instead of the normal 650x480?
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