His days were all about getting the rich tax evader off the hook, drawing up million dollar contracts, eating out, dropping off the laundry, buying groceries, watching TV and the occasional jerking off to some cheap internet porn. It was a good life, all in all. Many people worked hard to get to a position in life where he was right now, and so had he, more than most actually.

Christian knew he was bright, not a genius, but bright. He held good reason, had common sense and had not believed in Santa Claus since the age of three. So when the first tapping started, he thought it to be someone playing a joke on him. Right there in the café, a slight tapping on his shoulder that day in October. Just a slight tap.

When he turned to see who it was, there was no one there. In his mind, he still hoped it had been a joke, even when he sat down in his car about an hour later and there was someone tapping him on his shoulder again. Well, to be honest, he wasn't hoping anymore by then. That was when he realized it was no joke. That was when he got scared.

The next day he went to visit a doctor, just to make sure there were not any nerves twitching in his shoulder, or something the like. There weren't. The doctor declared him healthy.

As three days passed, with that invisible someone tapping his shoulder, Christian asked himself the question if there could not possibly be ghosts, or at least spirits of some kind? Any reasoning than did not include him being insane had an intense appeal to it.

Thus, as the thirteenth day came and Christian stood looking at his pale and hollow face in the fogged bathroom mirror, he decided to seek out a psychic. With a last bloodshot look at the reflection of his desperate face, he left his home with the hopes of answers. But, there were none.

The crazy woman had seen nothing in her crystal ball. The old man with his cards, that Christian visited the day after, said the same thing; he saw nothing. Even the young woman with her healing stones had agreed: there was nothing wrong with the spirituality in Christian's life. Yet, the tapping continued, day and night.