Hot Karl is Coming!

Hot Karl is Coming!

Country music legend, Hot Karl, the famed frontman of country music’s biggest and best loved band, Hot Karl & The Alabama Donkey Punchers, is finally on his way to Winterwind Productions!

Winterwind signed Hot Karl in the summer of 2020 (after his record label dropped him) and we’ve been waiting for him to get here. Let’s be honest – there was no altruism in our signing him. We didn’t do it as an act of charity. (Ha! You should see the terms of the contract!) We did it simply hoping to cash in on his former level of fame.

Hot Karl has been stuck at the Canada/USA border for almost a year but he’s finally coming. While we don’t condone what he’s done to cross it a contract is a contract is a contract.

As you can see folks, Hot Karl is on his way to bring his classic pickin’ and grinnin’ to Winterwind Productions. So bookmark the Winterwind website and subscribe to the Winterwind YouTube channel because you don’t want to miss a thing!

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