Welcome to the Humour section of Winterwind.

The content here is a variety of the absurd and (perhaps) slightly insane. We're extremely funny. Brilliantly so. It's just not well known because we've hid in our own little corner of the internet. Until now. And yes, America, and those in Canada who don't know that Canada is part of the British Commonwealth, there is indeed a "u" in "humour".

Submissions are welcome and encouraged as always. As long as someone thinks it's funny.

Contact us if you'd like to contribute.

An Interview With Stan Q. Berrick by Nathan Frederick Garden - added November, 2013

An Interview With Alexander F. Rikka by Nathan Frederick Garden - added September, 2013

A Protest Vote by Michael S. Collins - added July, 2013

The Gospels of Fish

Arising from the ashes of the terrifying war between Zombie Communism and the Sea Creatures comes a message of Love, of Total Brotherhood, of sharing the Sacred Feces of Fish with thine neighbour. Just be sure you remember to listen to Octopus's Garden thrice daily.

The Mysteries of Fish by Brother Magnus added July, 2008

A Testament of Fish's Love by Brother Joseph and Brother Magnus added May, 2006

The 13 Commandments of Fish by Brother Joseph and Brother Magnus added April, 2006

The Gospels of Fish Chpt. I by Brother Joseph, Brother Magnus and Mattias the Non-believer added February, 2006

the Latrine

Satire, sarcasm and sometimes, a sincere message. The writer makes no apologies... well, maybe some... Some of these are filler. A good idea with a bad execution. A funny thought with not enough follow up. There isn't a piece here that couldn't do with a re-write...

Well, except for "Pong - Good!". It is, quite simply, the most brilliant piece you will ever read.

Irrational Fears - added October, 2009

Impotent Rage - added July, 2009

Untitled Resolutions #9 - added December, 2008

Then Let Them Die - added December, 2008

The Bi Vibe? - added October, 2008

Journal of a Job Seeker - added October, 2008

Nothing Important Happened Today - added July, 2007

Reasons Not To Trust Women # 826 - added March, 2007

Born Again in Budapest - added December, 2006

Merry Humbug, Bah Christmas - added December, 2006

The Art of Celibacy - added October, 2006

The Messiah Complex and Judas' Kiss - added July, 2006

Retro Gaming Review: Pong - Good! - added March, 2006

If You Could Change the Past - added July, 2005

Horn honkers, their friends, voices in their heads and weed - added May, 2005

The Good Old Days - added February, 20055

Romance Writers: Lowest of the Low - added January, 2005

the Official "I Hate Christmas Party" - added December, 2004

Written Warning

by apoxuponme

apoxuponme has struggled with the demon of sarcasm since childhood. Years ago, with his discovery of the Internet in a dark sacred cave on an Indian burial ground, a way to release these demons to the world was found. And so comes Written Warning, where we can see the true casualty of overextended internet use.

The One Weakness of the Witch - added August, 2005

Hangovers and Hate: an Easter story - added April, 2005

Sit On the Pews (and Be Filled With God From the Bum Upwards) - April, 2005

I Hate Monkeys - added March, 2005

The Smiting of My Insert Key: A Photo Essay of Smiting - added February, 2005

The History of Mustard - added January, 2005

M. Night Shyamalan, you suck! - December, 2004

apoxuponme's Guide to Working in a Call Center - added November, 2004

Bitch sticks: a rant of epic stupidity - added November, 2004

The job of a tech support dude - added November, 2004

Live Customer Service Reps - added November, 2004