Welcome to "You´ve been Puuk´d!";, a column in this fine ezine that will express my political insights, thoughts, subjective wisdoms and mostly angry rants. Because by God, what´s the internet without angry rants?

Oh, and who the hell am I to spout my political opinion in an age where opinions are scorned if they fall anywhere to the left? I´m Damien Foletto; game designer, father, husband, United States citizen, Independent, credit score of over 800, and a big-old-man according to my three-year-old daughter. But on top of that, I try to stay politically aware with what´s going on in the world. I don´t pay attention to the news media on the local U.S. stations since according

to them, nothing happens outside city limits and the U.S. government is working just peachy. I get my information by reading Reuters, International News agencies, a fine site that takes many of the top headlines from around the world and from different publications and posts links TomPain.com, CNN and for pure comedy relief I´ll even check out FOX News (That Bill O´Reilly, he´s such a man´s man, especially when loofahs are involved). So yeah, I´m a voting American citizen with an opinion, so there are my qualifications for writing this column deal with it.

So let´s get started with my first rant of the season: How the hell can some people still support GW Bush and his cronies?

First, let´s look at some of GW´s finer accomplishments as Pres´dent:

  • Took a $250 billion surplus in 2000 and turned it into a $319 billion deficit at the end of 2005.
  • Gave a hefty tax break to people who make $1 million+ annually during a time of war (the latest Iraqi bed-shitting, for those of you keeping score at home).
  • Our current national debt is


    That is record setting. In fact, that number is so high that Congress has increased the debt ceiling to $9 trillion.

    "Spend as much as you want, we´ll make more!" To emphasize how big that number is, the National Debt Ticker had to be taken down and rebuilt to compensate for that "unpredictably high number." Good going, George!
  • Forced an illegal invasion of Iraq based on fabricated intelligence. Do I really need to give you links to the mounting evidence?
  • After "relieving" Saddam of his self appointed office, Iraq is now a full fledged Muslim Extremist State, complete with morality police who search the couples they see on the street to make sure they´re married should they show any public