My name is Melinda Takács. I'm from the Hungarian village of Mosonszentmiklos. I'm 33 and have a three year old daughter. I became interested in the art of painting when I was 10 years old, when I painted for the first time with oil on canvas. For a long time, I only painted with oil but now I've also tried my hand at water colour and sketching with pencil, coal and chalk.

Before my daughter was born, I worked for four years as a decorative painter. From my co-workers, I learned new techniques that I've started to use in my own art and I am influenced and inspired by everyday things.

Love & Life

My thoughts about love and life...
with bad things - thorns, dry branches
and good things - leaves, flowers, fruits, silver & gold

I am not a classical painter-artist with beautiful and marvellous paintings that look like photographs although I used to paint that way. My art is to create an interesting, strange, individual, nice surface almost everywhere.

My favourite places, where I love to create, are walls, tables and furniture. I usually use plaster to create a rough, three dimensional surface that I paint with water-colours.

Nowadays I like to paint with gold and silver! It's very interesting using them, separately or together. They give a strange, elegant surface to the objects.

Please, allow me to show some of my favourite works! Thank you very much. - Melinda Takács