"You don't want to go!?" He said into the microphone of his slimmed black mobile. He was really surprised.

"No," she sighed on the other end. "I wasn't sold on the idea the first time either."

"But, you said yes! Why…" he continued.

"No. No, I said I'd think about it," she sighed again.

"But, it would be the perfect place to celebrate. It'd make me so happy if we went to the cabin for Christmas, honey."

She went silent for a few moments, and he knew he had won. She could never say no if he played the happy-card on her.

"Fine. I'll go," she sighed reluctantly.

"Perfect!" he said and hung up.

Oh, he wanted this Christmas to be perfect! He had planned it since June. God knew he loved Christmas, and he wanted this one to be just perfect. They were to spend it in the perfect place: his parents' cozy cabin in the

mountains. He had bought the perfect gift for his perfect Emilie: a pair of diamond earrings in the shape of two droplets. She had to be happy about them. And they would have the perfect Christmas tree. He had gone up to the forest by the cabin to find the finest one himself back in September.

Perfect. Yes, perfect.

The only thing was, he was still a bit unsure if Emilie had managed to get him the perfect Christmas present. He really wasn't sure.

He drove down the snow covered street lined with white and pale blue houses, all glistening with Christmas lights in the early evening. As he made the last left turn, he went through the execution of his ingenious plan in his head once more. He had left folders on the kitchen table by "mistake" at least four times the last two months. He had hinted at it in conversation upon conversation, and when she hadn't shown any signs of getting it, he had hinted at it again.

Well, in all fairness, she wasn't supposed to actually tell him what she was to buy him for Christmas. But he