I saw nothing,
not even darkness.
I was blind.


His smell reached me. Soft seductive tendrils of a spicy, warm scent rolled in over me. He was standing next to me, by my bed, and even though he was only one man, it was as if his breath filled the whole of my big bedroom. I did not need eyes to know desires were making themselves known on his face by now.

"Jocelyn," he whispered in his softest of voices. "Are you awake?"

I could feel the sun shining in through the window, heating the covers and my skin. It must already be noon, and yet he was careful not to wake me if I would be sleeping. How thoughtful.

"Yes…" I whispered as my first word of the day. "I'm awake…almost." I added with a hidden smile.

With a loving laugh, he sat down at the edge of my bed and caressed my cheek with his all but soft hands. They were full of fresh nicks and tiny little

scars. The roughness of them always made a chill play down my spine. But none the less, I loved them.

Then, the creaking of the bed and a shift in the mattress told me he moved. His scent drew closer as he leaned in. With those lovely scarred fingers, he removed some of my tangled hair at the side of my face.

With three tingling kisses at my neck he then whispered:

"Do you want to dream again, Jocelyn? Shall I make you dream?"

"Yes Jacob, please make me dream again…" I whispered to him, feeling excitement awakening on my skin, in my muscles and in my heart.

And with that, without hesitation, the thunder in him was rising and his hands, lips and the weight of his body soon found their way to cover me. Pleasure welled up and I did nothing but drink it in. I became seduced by his massive physical form and desires. It was always like this, a dream, my very own dream of lust.

Jacob was like no man I had ever met.