I'm angry. Right bloody angry.

And that anger, unchanneled, is an insidious cancer, eating away at me.

So, what am I angry about? Well... Globalisation. Global recession. Global warming. There's a good start.

People who deny our effect on climate change, for example, really boil my blood. You don't need a degree in rocket science, or in this case environmental science, to know that 2 + 2 = 4 and that pollution is bad.

And then there's humanity's collective abbreviated intellect, bigotry, idiocy, intolerance, religious zealotry, misplaced ethics and priorities. It goes on and on.

Self-serving political agendas. Corporate welfare. Wars fought with the most transparent of motives under the guise of noble crusades while the real noble causes are ignored because there's no money in altruism.

But I'd best be careful with what I say. Peaceful protest and conscientious objection gets you labelled as a terrorist in this day and age.

As for our collective priorities...

With a billion people starving in the world Hollywood releases garbage, with multi-million dollar budgets, marketed at the lowest common denominator (sorry folks but Will Ferrell and Jack Black are not funny), while celebrities elevated to deity status collect multi-million dollar paycheques.

How about professional sports? Athletes earning multi-million dollar salaries for playing games the rest of us play for fun and exercise.

Do they need them? Do they deserve them? No. And they know it. So they attempt to assuage their guilt by donating ten thousand to charity and we call them wonderful humanitarians.

I've never been materialistic but more and more these days, I'm becoming an anti-capitalist. (Thank the god I don't believe in that McCarthyism is over.) With the resources and wealth in this world, there is no reason for anyone to be homeless or hungry. Other than greed.

But hey, I can't solve the world's problems so let's look closer to home.