I've been wondering a lot. I'd say lately, but it's something of a hobby of mine, so you can pretty much assume that I'm always wondering about something. But these wonderings weren't quite like the usual ones. They had some hallmarks of my archetypical musings, such as the world, religion, and how those things interact. But these musings were more specific. I had an Idea.

Many of those who know me know that I've started more than my fair share of cooky cults and religions. Some of them more popular than others, but they've all been parodies. If you couldn't tell, you've had a deficient brain gland. Either that, or you owe me tithes. But this special idea is something different. It's not the regular kind of Magnusesque madness, though most will agree that it's not all that sane. But before I spill the beans, let me present some background evidence.

Follow my example, and consider the world, religion, and how these interact.

No reason to go into specifics, no reason to think particularly deep thoughts - just think for a moment. As an aid to guide you a little over onto my path, consider this: In the spiritual world at the moment, we have some big movers and shakers. As an example, we have christianity in its many, many forms. It has some two billion adherents, and I'll bet that many people will claim that it has had a profound impact on humanity. Some will say it has been positive, some negative. That doesn't really matter for us right now. All that we have to consider, is the notion that it has had an impact.

You'll probably think that this is true. Just think of the cultural effect it has had. There are beautiful churches and cathedrals all around the globe - countless hours of awe inspiring music has been written in the christian god's honour. This is all true; christianity has certainly left it's mark on the world's society, one that I doubt will be erased anytime soon. But I am going to tell you, that despite the cultural

and societal footprint of christianity, and, in fact, all the abrahamic religions put together, religion has not changed humanity.

Despite all the changes that have happened to us since the first Cro Magnon man (or woman) popped out of his mother's womb, we as humans haven't changed one bit. We are still enslaved to our "base" urges and needs. These aren't anything to be particularly ashamed of, since they brought us to the top of the foodchain, but considering how we're supposed to be civilised and cultured, they do mar the picture somewhat.

And this is where religion comes in. At any religion's core lies the will to change humanity through the power of ethics, morals and law. Quite honestly, it sounds like a good idea, and though I disagree with just about every religion out there, I can't really say that I don't agree with the basic premise. But in my eyes, this grand experiment, initiated thousands of times over thousands of years, hasn't produced any results. Cultural ideas have exploded around the globe, and you may thank your deity for that, but humans remain humans. We still eat,

fuck and kill like we used to, except now we sometimes do it for whichever god we pay homage to. Not really a success story.

So here's where my idea (finally) comes in. I'm gonna turn the entire religion thing on it's head. I'm starting my own, exclusive religion. In order to try and succeed where other religions have failed, I'm turning the entire concept on it's head. No longer will the masses adhere to the many esoteric precepts of a supreme being. No, this is a new beginning. This is where I, Magnus, will have faith in everyone else on this planet, and I will follow one commandment only: Don't be a jackass. I will not believe in some omniscient, omnipresent or omnipotent being - I will believe in ordinary, frail and failing humans. I will believe that you are trying to the best of your ability. I will also acknowledge that there are others who are also trying their best, and that they might have different goals than you; so you might not always succeed. But I still believe in you.

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