Alluring smile. Snap.
Slim waist. Sparkling eyes. Snap.
White teeth. Waterfall of jet-black hair. Beauty! Snap.

Anna was down on one knee, bending her back in a painful angle while shooting the model in yet another striking editorial pose. The model, accustomed to the staccato sound of the camera, twisted, turned and pouted her lips right on cue; basking in the glory of her own beauty.

Indeed, she was ever so beautiful this one. The black hair and eyes enchanted men and women on the set alike. Even though they had seen countless models in front of Anna's camera, this one stood out, that was for sure.

The model's intense eyes shifted expression in rapid sequence: passion, anger, innocence, lust… They pierced the lens and looked deep into the darkness of the camera, finding Anna hiding on the other side.

As Anna snapped the last frame, a quiet sigh of release lifted the studio and Anna was satisfied. The model and session held promise of perfect