The sky was dark, flowing above the high buildings like a blanket of soft black cinder. The city was glowing with streetlights, neon signs and goldenly lit windows all around. The electrical light illuminated the streets, casting shadows and efficiently shrouding the faintly glistening stars from view.

At a glance, nothing seemed to exist beyond the boundaries of this glowing world. But both Sam and Rob knew all too well that it did. There was indeed a world out there, outside this comforting sphere of light, hiding the starry sky away. They both silently looked at it all from behind a window on the fifth floor - watching a glowing world harbouring darkness as black as the night sky above.

They stood there still, side by side, ties undone over their shoulders, bare feet with toes digging in to the thick carpet, staring out the window, vaguely registering their own reflections in the glass. Their eyes trailed the paths of a few lonely snowflakes in the air as a car roared by in the street below.

"It will never be the same again, will it?" Sam said in a soft but sad voice, breaking the long silence.

"I'm afraid not," was Rob's short reply.

Sam sighed sadly and turned his head to look at his brother's familiar face. It was an almost perfect reflection of his own. But Rob's features held a strength Sam's did not. It was all in the eyes, Sam thought. Rob always held such confidence in his eyes. He always knew what to do. Just like now.

Rob, noticing his brother's eyes falling upon him, also turned his head. As he saw the uncertainty and sadness in his twin brother's eyes he gave Sam a comforting smile.

"It doesn't matter Sam. You've known this for years now, right? You know the truth now, don't you?" Rob asked softly.

"I do." Sam sighed again, and turned his attention back to what was outside the window.

On the other side of the glass, a rough 150 meters away, a building made of shining glass and black steel, housing the city's largest department store dominated the view. Christmas lights outlined the building itself, and similar lights cascaded in an array of bright colours down the lush Christmas